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Welcome to our product page of threaded adaptors, in which you can find detailed information of threaded adaptors.We have rich experience in manufacturing threaded adaptors. Equipped with advanced testing machine, we use statistical technical research analysis to ensure the precise quality of the product.
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the use of vise

the use of vise
Vise, also known vices, is clamp body, base, turn the nut, screw, jaw body and other components. Universal fixture for holding the workpiece. Device on the table to securely clamped workpiece, an essential tool for the locksmith shop. Rotary clamp body can be rotated, so that the workpiece is rotated to the right working position.

(1) clamp the workpiece when elastic quick couplings appropriate, only hand tight grip plate not using other tools afterburner.

      (2) strong operations, should try to make the force toward the fixed clamp body.

   (3) are not allowed in the active clamp body and a smooth flat surface percussion work.

       (4) the screw, nuts and other activities pipe clamp of the surface should be regularly cleaned and lubricated to prevent rusting.

manifold and valves combine research with
According to incomplete statistics, in 2011 China's fluid sealing industry above designated size industrial output value of 77.271 billion yuan enterprises, an increase of 21%, of which the hydraulic industry completed 43.62 billion yuan, an increase of 18.47%; pneumatic industry completed 15.046 billion yuan, an increase of 29.60%; sealing industry completed 18.605 billion yuan, an increase of 23.95%. fluid airtight industry 125 key enterprises in 64 hydraulic industry, hydraulic industry 6, pneumatic industry 40, 15 hydraulic hose sealing industry, economic efficiency index was 233.56, 226.44 over the same period last year. these key enterprises of the industrial output value of 33.424 billion yuan, an increase of 12.94 percent, of which the output value of 14.171 billion yuan hydraulic enterprises, an increase of 7.72%; hydraulic enterprise value of 533 million yuan, down 4.77%; pneumatic enterprise value of 8.639 billion yuan, an increase of 25.12%; sealing enterprise value of 7.32 billion yuan, an increase of 11.14% of the good prospects for development, but also attracted a lot of foreign investment in the industry. According to incomplete statistics, nearly two years fluid sealing industry to invest no less than 30 billion yuan, including tube fitting construction machinery and other hydraulic hosting industry investment funds accounted for approximately 50% of total investment. Sany, Liugong, Long Engineering , Zoomlion, Shandong Changlin construction machinery and a number of well-known enterprises have invested or hydraulic corporate mergers and reorganizations. China is currently seeking high-end break more than 20 tons of hydraulic excavators used for basic control in the hands of an enterprise that Kawasaki company. Each discussed the matter, sand Bossen are solemnly. Domestic high-end hydraulic manifold block the kinds of hydraulic quick coupling  situation, has attracted national attention. October 2011, after six months of planning, engineering machinery with high-pressure hydraulic manifold system industrialization and application of the preparatory body established collaborative work platform. Under the guidance of government departments in the industry, driven by the working platform focused on the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and the China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association, two associations of superior forces to HMB as a breakthrough, taking manifold and accessories production Gakken a combined form, increased industry consolidation, the establishment of effective docking platform, and strive in the next 3 to 5 years to break China's construction machinery industry hydraulic and other accessories on foreign dependence.
hydraulic equipment manufacturing exhibition
Earlier this month, the second session of China (Fuxin) hydraulic equipment manufacturing exhibition in Fuxin, Liaoning closed. The exhibition of 344 booths, attracting more than 500 national exhibitors related to international and domestic host equipment manufacturing, Hydraulic Hose Fittings and supporting enterprises and scientific research institutes and efficient new products, new technologies provide a platform to display the results.
Fuxin is the first trial to transform a resource-exhausted cities, was a coal of all, ten years ago and a single industry, because coal and Xing, but also because of the decline of coal. Transformation ten years, Fuxin City to nurture hydraulic equipment manufacturing as a new growth point, has become a pillar industry in Fuxin, China Fuxin Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Expo gradually establish a brand in the industry. It is reported that the national Fuxin Hydraulic industrial base listing the past three years, the cumulative contracted projects 397, 889 industrial base total enterprises, including 436 industrial enterprises above designated size industrial enterprises 119.
According to the Fuxin Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Manifold Block Deputy Minister Sun Yupeng introduced, compared with the previous session, the exhibition presents many highlights. Especially in the booth design, booth layout will research university institutes in the most prominent position. This Fuxin Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Expo highlights the meaning of technology to lead and guide enterprises in the next step of the investment process, the formation of the production from the parts to the system, the whole of a complete industrial chain, hydraulic testing equipment and some financial and service also included in the exhibition, for the whole industry transformation and upgrading services.
PTFE tube

1 Product description: PTFE commonly known as "plastic" is the world's best engineering plastics, it has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, self lubrication viscosity, electrical insulation and anti-aging ability. In -60 ℃ ~ +250 ℃ temperature long-term use in chemical, mechanical, electronic, electrical, military, aerospace and other fields has been widely used. Products are F4 products, jacking pipes, extrusion tubes, rods, steel liner F4 equipment, pipes, elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, compensators, chlorine pipe, fluorine plastic containers, fluorine plastic pumps.

2 PTFE hydraulic hose end fittings assembly PTFE tube is made of stainless steel woven wire withhold joints composition, commonly known as Teflon (PTFE tube).

PTFE tube covered with stainless steel wire:
First, the corrugated tube (HF01)

The tube through special processing methods, changes the pipe can not be bent around the features, it can be used to connect a low mechanical graphite, ceramic glass pipes, can be used as tankers, tanks, containers, or to the reactor, the discharge pipe , can be used to balance the pipe connections or misalignment due to weather or other causes displacement from the pipe, size change, or to eliminate high-frequency mechanical vibrations. On special occasions but also for tubular reactor or a heat exchanger and so on.

  HF01-1 common type bellows

Available DN10-150mm, length 20-20000mm of F4, PVDF bellows

Standard 1.5mm-2.2mm thickness

Fatigue cycles> = 10000
1 user requirements and connectors according to the characteristics of rational use of quick connector models. (Including the working pressure, the nature of the medium used and the flow rate, temperature, corrosive and ambient temperature, quantity and form of connection piping, etc.)
(2) For users connected to one end of the rigid pipe welded directly should pay attention to the following points:
(1) with special hooks will be inserted rubber seals kit removed after soldering joints until completely cooled, then the seal into the plug kit.
(2) If there is no special hooks, also can be filled with a damp cloth or cotton plug seals the inner diameter of jacket to prevent damage to the sealing temperature soldering.
(3) rapid non-conductive material such as a metal plate on the inside in order to avoid breaking current burn affect seal performance and fitting accuracy.
3 spherical ball joints (male) and cone (female) in the use and transport should be protected, not scratches or collision, so as not to affect even the closure of the connection.
4 Select the correct type and reasonably quick connector to install, is to improve the life of two extremely important factors.