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jic hydraulic fittings: We carry a wide range of styles in jic hydraulic Fittings with leak roof and full flow connections in hydraulic systems. Both male and female fittings are provided. You can check the details in the picture below. If you have interest, please contract us.
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26711D: double hexgon JIC 74 degree cone fitting.
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Desktop engraving machine cutting

various types of cutting machine features?
Desktop engraving machine cutting machine consists evolved shape resembling the work bench fitted with a miniature gantry cutting machines, sheet cutting in areas such equipment has a great advantage,

Is widely used in advertising and automotive sheet metal industries.

Gantry CNC cutting machine that is the traditional double bottom frame beams hydraulic fittings suppliers and medium-sized machine tool holder vertical structure, span and vertical walking distance, suitable for large sheet metal processing.

Cantilever CNC Cutting Machine is a classic mechanical structure, a single base at one end connected with the beam, the beam torch lateral movement, such devices suitable for

Small sheet metal processing.

Robot cutting machine is developed abroad in recent years, a new type of cutting machine, its installation in a robotic arm torch, there are operations to achieve multi-axis CNC system can process three-dimensional

Shaped workpiece, to achieve 3D cutting, such equipment technical complexity, high cost, domestic equipment mainly from imports.

CNC intersection Cutting belongs to special cutting machine, its special structure hydraulic coupling dedicated to cutting pipes and cylindrical shapes, the current domestic production factory itself is not much, nor demand


Portable cutting machine is a semi-automatic cutting machine car evolved, in the car on the installation of cutting machine CNC system and transmission, the basic shape and Trolley

Semi-automatic cutting machine similar to such models, low cost, lightweight structure, particularly suitable for small and medium sized sheet metal processing.

Laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine, laser metal cutting machine, british fittingsstainless steel laser cutting machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine manufacturers, laser cutting

Machine price, laser cutting machine offer.

analyze future CNC laser cutting machine industry focus direction

analyze future CNC laser cutting machine industry focus direction
At present, the international representative of the laser cutting manufacturer mainly German Trumpf, Bystronic, Italy Prima, etc., domestic Shenzhen Han, Wuhan Chutian

, Shanghai Unity Prima, etc., the market demand for laser reusable hose fittings cutting increasing year by year.

CNC laser cutting machine industry's future development, from the application of industry and enterprise point of view, focusing on the development of CNC laser cutting machine range will focus on the following aspects:

1, high-speed, precision CNC lathes, turning centers class and four-axis machine tool linked above. Mainly to meet the aerospace, aviation, instruments, meters, electronic letter

Information and biological engineering industry needs.

2, high-speed, high-precision CNC milling and boring machine and high-speed, high-precision horizontal machining center. Mainly to meet the automotive engine cylinder head and aerospace, high-tech

Other industries large and complex structural support, housing, cabinet, light metals parts and precision parts machining requirements.

3, heavy, super heavy-duty CNC machine tools: CNC Boring and Milling Machine, Heavy Duty CNC gantry milling machine and machining center, CNC horizontal lathes and vertical heavy-duty vehicles

Bed, CNC hobbing and other heavy-duty, these products meet energy, aerospace, military, ship master manufacturing, heavy machinery manufacturing, large mold machining, turbine cylinder

Body parts processing industry needs.

4, CNC grinding machines: CNC ultra-precision grinding machines, double hose connector high-speed precision grinding crankshaft and camshaft grinding machines, all kinds of high-precision high-speed dedicated grinder, etc., to meet the precision ultra-precision

Processing needs.

5, CNC metal forming machine tools (forging equipment): High-speed precision CNC sheet metal stamping equipment, laser cutting complex machine, CNC power spinning machines, mainly full

Foot automobile, motorcycle, electronic information industry, household appliances and other industries demand for efficient production batch sheet metal and automotive wheels and a variety of military industry walled, high-strength, high-precision back

Transition parts processing requirements. 6 CNC EDM categories: large-scale precision CNC EDM, CNC EDM wire cutting machine to go slow, precise holes electricity plus

Working machine tools, mainly to meet the large-scale and precision tooling, hose assembly precision machining parts, cone-shaped holes or hole machining and aerospace, aviation and other industries special needs.

7, CNC machine tools and production lines: flexible manufacturing automatic production line FMS / FMC) and a variety of special machine tools, such production lines for the automotive, appliance and other lines

Processing industry block, cylinder heads, gearbox housing, etc., and many varieties of variable volume housing box parts processing requirements.

Bed makers are most concerned than the accuracy

cutter rail classification Daquan
Bed makers are most concerned than the accuracy of machine tools, rigidity and service life, little attention to the rail system. But the realization of rail laying machine functions as a reliable

Foundation. The working parts of the machine types are specified by the control shaft moving on rails, the machine tool of the designer to select the various types and uses

In the form of rail systems, are used more widely the following three; namely flat rails, linear motion guides and recirculating roller guide with a combination of flat rolling posed


First, the rail functions
Although the rail system in the form of varied, reusable hose fittings but the nature of work is the same, the machine working parts move in the specified rail system, just like the train along the rail

Track traveling in the specified direction. Mainly the following three basic functions:
(A) the movement of the guide for the carrier;
(2) for the carrier to provide a smooth moving surface;
(3) the tool cutting force generated spread foundation or bed body, to reduce the impact of processing of parts of the passive. Movement along the rail system, most

Number of linear motion, there are a small number of arc movement. Many linear guide technology can be applied directly curved rails.

Second, the classification of rail
Machine-tool factory in the utmost effort to ensure that rail mounting accuracy. Guide is processed before the working parts are rails and after aging treatment, to remove

Internal stress. To ensure accuracy and extend the life of the rail, is a common scraping process method.
    1, linear guides
The new rail system so that the machine get fast feed rate, spindle speed is the same in the case of rapid traverse is linear guide features. Linear guide rail and plane

Rails, will have two basic components; as a guide for a fixed element, the other is moving element. In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, bed, or a small amount of column

Scraping is essential, in general, the installation is relatively simple.
Linear guide between the moving element and the fixed element without intermediate medium, but with rolling balls. Because rolling balls adapted to high-speed movement, low friction, and spirit

High sensitivity to meet the work requirements of the moving parts, such as the machine tool turret, carriage and so on.
Long working hours, the ball begins to wear, the role of preload on the ball began to weaken, causing the machine working parts of the motion accuracy decreases. If you want to maintain the initial

Precision, rail brackets must be replaced, or even replace rails. If the rail system is already pre-load effect. System accuracy has been lost, the only way is to replace the rolling elements

   @@ 2, linear roller guide
Linear roller guide system is planar and linear roller guide rail combination with a roller mounted on parallel rails with ball bearing rollers on behalf of the moving parts of the machine

. Advantage is that contact area, large load, and high sensitivity. See from the end of the bed, the roller holder on a flat top surface and the side guide, in order to obtain high-precision

, On the machine frame member and the inner surface is disposed between a wedge, the pre-load acting on the bracket side. Wedge works with wedges similar work department

Weight of the role of the top surface of the stent. Acting on the rail system, the pre-load is adjustable, for compensation for the loss of wedge, this feature is widely used

In the medium or large bed, because it CNC instruction quick coupling responsive to withstand load, linear roller guide system performance than traditional flat guide to withstand high-speed operation,

Improve the performance of the machine.
    3, inlaid steel rails
The most commonly used on the machine is fitted with steel guide rails form, its use has a long history. Inlaid steel guide rail system is a fixed element rectangular cross-section.

It can be horizontally mounted on the machine bed body, but also can be molded integrally with the bed, are called inlaid steel or integral. Inlaid steel rails are made of steel, hardened and

Grinding. Rockwell hardness of 60 degrees or more, the inlaid steel rails with screws or adhesive (epoxy) attached to the machine bed or by scraping the surface of the column with, indeed

Paul rails for optimum flatness. This form, maintenance and replacement easy, simple and very popular with maintenance workers welcome.
    4, slide rail
Traditional development of rail, first in the form of the sliding element and the rail, characterized by the slide rail between the rail and the slider of the medium used, the different forms of

Is to choose a different media.
Hydraulic systems are widely used in many rail. Hydrostatic guide is one of them, hydraulic oil under pressure into the groove sliding element, the guide rails and slide

The oil film between the elements, the spaced rails and the moving element, which reduces the friction of the moving element. Hydrostatic guideway for large loads are extremely effective for eccentric

Load a compensation effect. For example: a large sand box in the processing, the machine just went to the end of the trip, the load can be increased hydraulic rail, the rail accurately

To maintain the level of the load state. Some horizontal boring and milling machining using this technique, the spindle speed compensation deep decline.
The use of oil as a medium in the form of another guide rail is the dynamic pressure, dynamic pressure and static pressure guide rail is the difference: the pressure oil is not functioning, it uses

The viscosity of the oil to avoid the moving element and direct contact between the rails, the advantage of saving hydraulic pump.
The air moving elements can also be used between the media and the guide rail, it also has two forms, pneumatic and pneumatic dynamic pressure hydrostatic guide rail, the working principle of the hydraulic rail

    5, other forms of rails
Another commonly used on the machine guide Dovetail form, generally used for positioning the moving parts of the machine. For example: tailstock turning centers, rail system

The tailstock moves above or to the requested position to the supporting parts to be processed, and then quickly clamped. Many machine tool accessories, such as positioning table, rotary table or

Rotating shaft, also used as a positioning element Dovetail. Then clamped in the required position. If the machine reciprocating stroke is longer, then use a soft V-shaped guide, such as flat

Surface grinder and planer. Advantage is V-shaped guide rail system-oriented, able to withstand gravity cutting. Some use of V-shaped guide rail and plane combined form, V-rail

As a guide, a flat rail as a support body.

To ensure the rail system life. Maintenance is critical. Rail is one of the hydraulic fittings suppliers components of precision machine tools, it is impossible to protect 100% of dust, dust pollution. Because

Here, users should regularly check and maintain. Linear guides and linear roller guide posts require periodic lubrication, a lot of the ball linear guide systems and roller parts are installed grease

Connector is connected to the bracket. No matter what form of guide rail system, maintaining good lubrication of rolling elements, can reduce the rail system wear and prolong machine precision

Hold time.

the valve block works

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Hydraulic station, also known as pump stations, is independent of the hydraulic device, which by drive means (hosts) requires oil, and controls the direction of the oil flow, pressure and flow for the host and hydraulic devices detachable Under the various hydraulic machinery .

After purchase as long as the user on the host hydraulic actuator (cylinder and motor oil) connected with tubing, hydraulic machinery can achieve various provisions of the action, the work cycle.

Motor driven rotary pump, the pump oil from the tank after the Dayou, the mechanical energy is converted to pressure energy of the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil through the manifold (or a valve combination) is the hydraulic valve to achieve the direction of pressure and flow regulation after the external transmission line to the hydraulic cylinder or motor oil machinery, thereby controlling the direction of the fluid transformation motivation, strength and speed of the size, and promote all kinds of hydraulic mechanical work.

Component parts

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Hydraulic pump station is operated by means manifold or valve combination, fuel tank, electrical box combination, the components function as follows:

Pump device - is equipped with a motor and pump, it is the hydraulic power source, the mechanical energy into hydraulic fluid power energy.

Manifold - by jic hydraulic fittings valves and passage body combination. It implemented direction of hydraulic oil, the pressure, flow regulation.

Valve combination - is mounted on the vertical plate valve plate, rear pipe connection, with the same manifold functions.

Tank - is semi-enclosed container welded steel plate, is also equipped with oil filter, air filter, etc., it is used oil, oil cooling and filtration.

Electrical boxes - divided into two forms: one set of external lead terminal board; One is equipped with a full control of electrical appliances.

Hydraulic station's structure, mainly in the pump device structure, the installation location and cooling method to distinguish.