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As an experienced manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic products, we also can offer hydraulic components which are unparalleled in the market with respect to size, function and flexibility. Here superior quality hydraulic components and pneumatic components, systems design and integration, and a full-service department to suite your needs. 
90011: double connector for swaged hose fitting,carbon steel material hose fitting.
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One wire Ferrule Description: material is Q235 carbon steel. P00110 is most ordered hydraulic ferrule.00110: ferrule used for 1 wire braid, it is used for skived hose.
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Two wire Ferrule Description: the material is Q235 steel. P03310 is used for 2 wires braid hose, our hydraulic ferrule is with high quality.03310: this ferrule is used for 1wire and 2 wire braid non-skived hose, it is most common ordered ferrule.
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Two wire Ferrule Description: the material is Q235 steel. P00200 is used for 2 wires braid hose, our hydraulic ferrule is with high quality.00200: it is used for 2 wire braid skived hose, if you need non-skived, pls order 00210.
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20011: it is water washer, we can do brass nut or AL nut according to customer's need, also can do customized type based on customer's drawing.
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buy laser cutting machine laser tube need to pay attention to what issues

buy laser cutting machine laser tube need to pay attention to what issues?
Generally, laser cutting machine manufacturers in the hydraulic hose adapters procurement of the laser tube, pay attention to the following questions:

1, the laser tube life: laser tube laser cutting machine as consumables, life is the most important indicator of the user when purchasing. Differences in life are caused by processing station

Art and design techniques on two factors.
2, the laser energy: different properties of the laser tube, there are differences between the maximum light intensity.

3, the beam quality: The quality of the spot of laser cutting machine affects the performance.

4 Stability: poor performance of the laser tube products, double hose connector prone to leakage, non-security issues such as external burst.

In addition, the laser tube must be in good condition with circulating water, while supporting the required reliability of the laser power to achieve reliable attention wiring insulation.

Production of copper alloy socket head

the purpose of the sleeve
Production of copper alloy socket head and 45 # steel two kinds of product specifications and models up to thousands, to meet people of different places under the various requirements.
    Sleeve is constituted hinge pin vice tubular hose adapters element, simply said that his main purpose is to:

     1 do wrench, socket wrench is to tighten loose screws or unloading of a special tool. hydraulic hose and fittings It has several inner hexagonal shaped sleeve and a sleeve or a few months on the handle structure, internal hexagonal socket bolts according to the model in order of priority, you can choose according to need. And with a handle, extension bar and other annexes, especially for very narrow twist or turn position is very deep depression, bolt or nut
     (2) can be used as connectors for connecting ribbed reinforced mechanical connection of a special product, divided into cold extrusion sleeve, tapered threaded sleeve and straight thread sleeve.

hydraulic valve block O P A B how to distinguish
the hydraulic valve block O P A B how to distinguish
A, B, P, T certainly valve
Typically in a diamond distributed in four vertices, P, and T relative to a, A and B relative to,
Judgment, the valve manifold has an external seal or cast identified, corresponding to the mouth is close to, just find the P, A, which is opposite the hole T & B,
1, the usual if faced mounting contact surface, if you know the above is P, then the following is T, the left is A, right is B.
2, see the solenoid identification: A solenoid side is the A-hole, B is the B side solenoid hole
Samples can also be checked;
Servo valves and some proportional valve block, V-shaped distribution hole, and the directional valve type
pneumatic solenoid valve works and maintenance.

Pneumatic solenoid valve principle:

      Pneumatic solenoid valve has closed chamber, hydraulic hose and fittings at different locations with holes, each hole pneumatic solenoid valve leads to a different tubing, the middle valve chamber, two sides of the electromagnet, which faces the magnetic coil is energized which side will be attracted to the valve body;

      Pneumatic solenoid valve by controlling the movement of files live or leaked oil discharge hole, and into the hole is normally open, the hydraulic oil will enter a hydraulic hose sleeve different discharge pipe, and then through the solenoid valve of the pneumatic pressure of the oil Just push the piston oil, so by controlling the pneumatic solenoid valve solenoid current solenoid valve on the control of the mechanical movement.

      Pneumatic solenoid valve is used to control the flow of automation hydraulic couplings components, belong to the actuator; pneumatic solenoid valve is not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic; pneumatic solenoid valve for controlling the hydraulic flow direction, the plant generally consists of a mechanical device or a hydraulic cylinder solenoid valves control.