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npt pipe fittings: HEPEl provide various kinds of npt pipe fittings with high quality. We can produce the fittings according to the requirements of customers. If you have any interest, lease contract us.
15613: NPTF 15613 is NPT thread, male thread, used in 6 wire tail.
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after decades of development

the development of cutting machine
1, after decades of development, CNC cutting machine and CNC cutting energy control systems has made two significant development, flame cutting energy from a single energy

Cutting the development of a variety of energy sources (flame, plasma, laser, hydraulic hose assembly water jet) cutting mode; CNC cutting machine control system from the original simple function, complex programming

And input methods, developed to a high degree of automation has not fully functional, intelligent, graphical, networked control; drive system from the stepper drive,

Analog servo drive to today's all-digital servo drives;

CNC cutting machine main varieties include the following:

CNC flame cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC laser cutting machine

CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

Other special special cutting equipment (such as CNC pipe cutting machine, CNC profile cutting machine, other non-metallic special cutting equipment, etc.)

{}2, various types of CNC cutting machine features and their applications

CNC flame cutting machine, cutting carbon steel having a large thickness cutting capacity, cutting costs low, but there is large deformation cutting, cutting accuracy is not high, and the cutting speed

Low, warm-up time cutting, piercing a long time, more difficult to adapt to the need for fully automated operation. Its major applications are limited to carbon steel, large thickness of the sheet metal cutting, in

, A thin steel plate cutting will be gradually replaced plasma cutting.

CNC plasma cutting machines, plasma cutting with a cutting width of the field, all the sheet metal can be cut, cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speeds up to

10m/min or more. Plasma cutting underwater cutting to eliminate the noise generated, dust, harmful gases and arc pollution effectively improve the workplace environment

. The precise plasma cutting has made close to the laser cutting cutting quality level, metric hose fittings with the high-power plasma cutting technology matures, cutting thickness exceeds 100mm, Extension

Wide CNC plasma cutting machine cutting range.

CNC laser cutting machine, with cutting speed, high precision, laser cutting machine is expensive, cutting the high cost, only suitable for sheet metal cutting, precision to

Requirements of the occasion,

CNC Waterjet cutting machine for cutting any material (metal, nonmetal, composite materials), high precision cutting, no thermal deformation, environmentally friendly

The cutting mode. Its disadvantage is that cutting speed is slow, inefficient and high cost cutting.

Other CNC cutting machine: including CNC pipe cutting machine, CNC steel cutting machine, CNC bevel cutting machine, CNC woodworking cutting machine, cutting equipment master these dedicated

Special profiles to be used in a variety of CNC cutting, small manufacturers on the market.

With modern machinery industry development, the quality of the cut, the accuracy requirements continue to increase, to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, with high intelligence

Automatic cutting function requirements are also improved. CNC cutting machine development must be adapted to the modern machinery industry development.

1, the development of CNC cutting machine. CNC cutting machine from several common application point of view, CNC flame cutting machine function and performance have been more perfect, the material cutting

Limitations (only cut steel plate), the cutting speed is slow, the production efficiency is low, gradually narrowing the scope of its application, there can be a large increase in the market.

Plasma cutting machine with cutting a wide range (can be cut all metal materials), cutting speed, high working efficiency, the future direction of development lies in plasma

Sub power technology improved, CNC plasma cutting system with problems, such as electrical power upgrade can be cut thicker plates; precision plasma technology improved and mention

High cutting speeds can be increased, cut quality and cutting accuracy; CNC system to adapt to improve and enhance plasma cutting, which can effectively improve work efficiency and cutting quality


Laser cutting machine with cutting speed, precision and cutting quality is good. Laser cutting technology has been supported by the state and promote the application of a high-tech

Surgery, especially the government stressed the need to revitalize the manufacturing sector, which is applied to the laser cutting technology development opportunities. In the countries to develop medium to long term development plans, turn the laser

Cutting as a key enabling technology, because it involves national security, national defense construction, high-tech industry and the development of cutting-edge science and technology, which raised to the laser cutting

A high degree of attention, and are bound to laser cutting machine manufacturing and upgrading bring great opportunities. A few years ago, the domestic sales of laser cutting machine mostly abroad for

Imported products, a very small share of domestic products. As users of laser cutting technology features the gradual deepening of understanding and demonstration use, led to the development of domestic enterprises, raw

Production laser cutting machine.

2, the development of dedicated CNC cutting machine. CNC pipe cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of pipe on the cutting cylinder orthogonal, oblique, eccentric intercourse, etc. relative inertia line hole, square hole, oval

Hole, and can be cut with the pipe end portion with intersecting lines used. This type of equipment is widely used in the production of metal structural parts, electrical equipment, boilers, oil,

Chemical and other industrial sectors. CNC bevel cutting machine is a relatively high-end product line, one of this type of equipment, rotary bevel cutting features to meet different welding processes

Plate opening groove different angles requirements. With the development of China's shipbuilding industry, the shipyard is the first in the introduction and use of CNC plasma cutting machines. With the development of technology

Domestic and foreign shipyards have been equipped with a rotary bevel cutting function of CNC plasma cutting machines to meet the high-tech, high value-added ship construction requirements.

From a variety of CNC cutting machine application point of view, the domestic production of CNC cutting machine technical level, the overall level of overall performance, etc. have made gratifying progress, by

Steps to catch up with the international advanced level, to meet the needs of users, to further improve the market competitiveness. CNC plasma cutting some domestic products has formed itself in many ways

Unique characteristics, to achieve the "automation, versatility and high reliability." In some respects, the technical performance even more than foreign products.

From the development trend, CNC cutting machine CNC flame cutting machines on the market will maintain its basic market, water jet cutting market will have increased to some extent, while the number of

Controlled plasma cutting machines, CNC laser cutting sheet metal cutting machine will become the mainstream of the market forces, special profiles CNC cutting equipment, contact and non-contact non-metallic

Special CNC cutting equipment will also have a larger space for development, the whole CNC cutting machine market will continue to expand. CNC cutting machine to improve productivity and cut quality,

Reduce the cost of production and use, improve machine automation and system stability, improve the system functions as its technological development.

1, the arbitrarily set the length of the dicing tape

2, automatically sent to tape and cutting

3, LED display frequency

4, mainly weak adhesive tape is cut objects

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Cutting round machine is made of high strength aluminum alloy, hydraulic adaptors light and portable, widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other areas of cutting pipe.

Cutting machine is particularly suitable for cutting round round parts, such as: hole, flange, especially for parts with different shapes batch cutting.

CG2-600 Max cutting diameter: 600mm, CG2-1000 Max cutting diameter: 1000mm, CG2-600A and CG2-1000A can be cut simultaneously inside and outside the circle

Model: CG2-600

with the tensioner bolt preload key reasons

We all know that can replace hydraulic adapters  wrench to tighten the large diameter of human vital bolts,hydraulic nut bolt tensioners actually allowed in space can also be at play the same role. Hydraulic bolt tensioners (abbreviated stretching device), also known as hydraulic bolt tightening device or hydraulic bolt tensioners, in the early introduction of urea plant along with the imported equipment sold to China, now this tool is gradually being received. Compared with hydraulic wrenches, bolt tensioners supplied along the axial preload, so the bolt preload process in almost no torsional stress, so after tightening the bolts equipment into working condition, the bolt may suffer greater stress, for sentences words, bolt safety factor, so, nuclear pressure vessels, mainly based on chemical containers are applied tensioner bolt preload. Of course, the application is not just the interests of pretension stretcher these.

How quickly and accurately identify pipe fittings thread
The thread gauge gages, test tube fittings, this is the most accurate.
2 can also use special tools to tap (for the mother pipe fittings), pull teeth (for male npt pipe fittings) This is a tool for making pipe joints. Try on, see if easily screwed. If the easily screwed on the basis of known Taps, pull teeth marked sizing and unknown pipe joint thread specifications.
Can also known threaded pipe joints, if you want to identify the public tube fittings Anemarrhena pipe joints; If you want to identify the mother pipe joints with a known male pipe joints, try on and see whether it can easily connect. The premise is to have some practical experience. Known male and female pipe fittings specifications to determine the the unknown hydraulic pipe fittings threaded specifications.
4 view drawings and assembly drawings, production drawings to determine and unknown pipe joint thread specifications.
Quick connector daily use problems

In the cable connection, quick connector end is for different style of plug interface, the other side of the connection also want to install the corresponding plug, which can well realize rapid insertion function. Quick connector is not suitable to the large current cable, because the current skin effect, most of the current in the cable surface circulation, if quick connector make two root cable in the contact surface is not allowed, will be in a cable surface caused great resistance, large current through the, according to the joule's law will have a great quantity of heat and burned the danger of cable.
In the pipeline connection, it has two kinds of structure forms: open closed and open ends at both ends. Both ends open closed, two joint body each have a check valve, two joint separation, check valve closed and hydraulic hose fitting, line of the liquid can't outflow, two joint connection, check valve open, line connected. Both ends open, there is no check valve, two joint apart can't closed line.

Fittings can be classified into two categories: standard accessories and optional accessories. Standard fittings is refers to the random equipped with auxiliary parts. Although each type of standard configuration is different, common standard configuration parts have memory and for carton and stainless steel flange. Of course for different type, memory size and capacity for carton is different. The standard configuration can by looking at the product description to understand. If lack of standard configuration of words, in a certain extent affect the use of the products and performance.
Optional accessories refers to the standard configuration, but can enhance product function, improve the performance of the product components, is the need to buy another. And the standard configuration is different, do not use optional accessories will not affect the use of basic product functions. Optional accessories is a lot of more phyletic, different product support optional product also is different, so in the choose and buy optional accessories should be prior refer to product descriptions, lest bought can't use.