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hydraulic swivel fittings
Our expertise allows us to offer high quality hydraulic swivel fittings to our clients. These fittings find their applications in various construction Industries and other similar fields. All our fittings are available in variety of sizes and specifications to cope up the distinguish needs of the clients.
SAE Flang H.T. Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P87641 is our 6000PSI hydraulic flange part no .
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SAE Flang H.T. Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P87691 is our 6000PSI hydraulic flange part no .
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JIS Flange Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P88111 is JIS hydraulic flange type.
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JIS Flange Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P88141 is JIS hydraulic flange type.
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JIS Flange Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P88191 is JIS hydraulic flange type.
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the hydraulic power unit Introduction
the hydraulic power unit Introduction
Hydraulic power unit is an integrated design of ultra-miniature hydraulic pump hydraulic hose and fittings station. It is designed to coupling valve block as the center, one end of the motor, pump station and the other end of the cylindrical tank, side-mounted valves and other accessories. Vertical, horizontal two installation methods, manipulation and maintenance, can be used for small-scale hydraulic machines, handling, sanitation trucks, dump trucks, mini lifts and so on.
UP Series hydraulic power units maximum rated pressure of 21MPa; system flow range of 0.22 ~ 22L/min; has AC single phase 220V, three phase 380V, DC 24V and 12V four power specifications of the motor; There are six kinds of standard circuits and can expansion of freedom in a variety of circuits; has hydraulic hose cutting machine horizontal, vertical, hanging three methods of installation; Fuel tank capacity 3 ~ 30L; supercharger maximum output pressure 200Mpa.
new energy and the development of hydraulic products
Workers At present, China's new energy vehicles in operation just over 4,000 vehicles, the overall in its infancy. With the "planning" the implementation of the 2020, with pure electric drive our new energy automotive industry will make significant progress in the scale of the world. Speed ​​up hydraulic fittings manufacturers the cultivation and development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, is effectively alleviate China's energy and environmental pressures, and promote sustainable development of the automobile industry's urgent task is to speed up transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry, to cultivate new economic growth point, the development of strategic emerging industries and energy reduction of major initiatives. After nearly 10 years of development, China's new energy automotive industry development foundation basically have, batteries, motors, electronic control and other key technologies made significant progress. But overall, China's new energy vehicles not yet fully mastered the core technology, technological innovation system is not perfect, the market is not perfect nurturing and supporting measures, tax incentives to promote the role to be strengthened. To clear pure electric drive for the new energy vehicle development and transformation of the main strategic orientation of the automotive industry, the current focus on promoting the pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle industry, popularizing non-plug-in hybrid vehicles, hydraulic power machinery, energy internal combustion engine vehicles, the automobile industry to enhance the overall level hydraulic ferrule fittings of technology. As of the end of 2011, China's 25 cities in total public service to promote energy-saving and new energy vehicles 16834. Su Bo believes that promotion rate from the current perspective, to achieve the "Plan" put forward to the 2015 pure electric and plug-in hybrid and strive to reach 500,000 cumulative sales target, there is a certain degree of difficulty, face greater challenges. This goal despite relatively high, but with the development of industry leading, motivating and some quick coupling fittings challenges, through our joint efforts, this goal "jump jump" can be achieved. Some enterprises blindly launched a low level of investment in battery power, some of the local protectionism hinder advanced electric cars to enter the local market. These practices are not conducive to the development of new energy vehicles.
hydraulic valves - directional control valve
Use is divided into one-way valve and valve. Check valve: allows only unidirectional flow in a pipe connected, the reverse is cut off. Valve: change to a different line relationship between the pass ﹑ ﹑ off the spool in the valve body according to the working position of the number of two ﹑ three, etc.; according to the number of channels controlled by a two-way communication ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ Tee Five-way, etc.; according spool drive motor sub-manual ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ electric hydraulic adaptors etc.. Figure 2 is a three way valve works. P is the supply port, O is the oil return port, A ﹑ B is a leading actuator output. When the spool is in the neutral position, all ports cut off, the actuator does not move; when the spool is moved to the right position, P-and A-pass, B, and O-pass; when the spool is moved to the left position, P and B Tong, A and O pass. Thus, the actuators can be positive ﹑ reverse movement.
The late 1960s, in the several hydraulic control valve developed on the basis of electro-hydraulic tube fittings proportional control valve. Its output (pressure ﹑ flow) with the input signal can be continuously changed. Electro-hydraulic proportional control valve according to different functions, accordingly divided into electro-hydraulic proportional pressure control valve ﹑ electro-hydraulic hose sleeve proportional flow control valve and electro-hydraulic proportional directional control valve.
pressure hose and fittings

pressure hose and fittings Pressure Hose Description:
    Hose connector assembly nominal diameter of 2-3mm, working pressure of 40-64mpa, for testing at various points in the hydraulic couplings  system pressure, can also spread to the fluid medium as a system of pipes, with a reasonable structure, sealing reliable, easy to use features, and provide articulated, quick change, conical seals and other connection forms.
High pressure quick connector features:
Material: hardened steel galvanized, the safety factor are more than two times;
Quick connect male and female come with one-way valve;
Maximum working pressure: 3000bar;
There are a variety of threaded connection (1/4npt, 1/4bsp, 3/8bsp, 3/8npt, 1/2npt etc.)