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braided hose fittings
braided hose fittings PEHEL is experienced in producing the braided hose fittings with high quality but low price. If you have any interest, please contract us.
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hydraulic hose protection sleeve overview

Hydraulic hose protection sleeve is an alternative to traditional metal protection hose protection spring of new products. Hydraulic hose protection sleeve commonly used material made of nylon or polypropylene. Corresponding hydraulic hose protection sleeve with traditional metal retaining spring products have good wear resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance can be strong; more potent anti-aging on the outer surface of the hose and anti-friction protection. sae hydraulic fittings  hose protection sleeve relative to the hose retaining spring jacket products and other products with superior convenience and environmentally friendly energy-saving effect. Hydraulic protective pouches generally planar surface, the outer surface of plane and cambered two kinds.

Production equipment: hydraulic bolt  hose protection sets of production equipment including plastic extruder, sheath wrapping machine, autoclave and so on.

pressure pipe hose fittings Features

Piezometer hose connector performance? Pressure hose fittings are modern industrial piping in a high quality flexible pipe. It mainly consists of bellows, nets and joint components.

    Piezometer hose connector Features:

1, the work can reduce structure-borne noise, vibration absorption ability.

2, small size, light weight, good flexibility, easy installation and maintenance.

3, the installation can produce lateral, axial, angular displacement, from the heart barrier pipe, flanges are not parallel to the limit.

    Use high water pressure pipe hydraulic fittings , the pipe must have a fixed or fixed support bracket, otherwise the product should install anti-pull-off device. A fixed support or bracket must be greater than the force of the axial force, or should install anti-pull-off device. Depending on the material can be made of acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, heat and other species to adapt to a variety of media and the environment.

hydraulic bolt tensioners
hydraulic couplings bolt tensioners
  With the bolt tension industrial installation requirements increase, calculated by the torque tension has been unable to meet the accuracy requirements, the use ofhydraulic couplers bolt tensioners manual or electric high-pressure pump generates tension bolt action, so that the bolt in the elastic region is curved elongated bolt diameter micro smaller nut can be easily screwed in the end, after the completion of unloading stretcher fastening work, otherwise you can easily remove the nut and bolt threads from damage deputy, pulling accurate, is a kind of safe, efficient and convenient fastening bolts deputy, demolition tools. Bolt tensioners are widely used in different types of equipment industries split lock bolts, bolts for the customers to solve the many puzzles split lock aspect, proved my company's bolt tension to meet customer demand for different working conditions.
ring stiffness test machine

ring stiffness test machine
 Ring stiffness testing hose cutting machine , for having an annular cross-section of thermoplastic pipe ring stiffness determination. Also applies to flat test, ring flexibility tests. Meet PE double wave

Bellows, Pipe and various plastic pipe testing requirements of the standard is that all research institutes, quality inspection departments and pipe manufacturer the necessary testing equipment, in addition to support

Extended creep ratio test function for the determination of large diameter plastic pipe buried simulate its long buried case, the ring stiffness attenuation over time. Users can

Need for additional pipe creep ratio tests.
    This series of ring stiffness test hydraulic machines  has passed the European CE certification.
    Instrument features:
    ◇ gantry type high rigidity frame structure, wide speed control range, sealed vertical axis bracket, super rigid, without gaps ball bearings, high precision of the instrument

Good stability.
    ◇ advanced maintenance-free AC servo loop control system, high precision, high reliability; imported reducer and ball screws and improve the control precision and stability

. Using high-speed high-resolution AD sampling circuit to ensure peak test data is not lost, using piecewise linear correction method to ensure force value detecting section high-precision, high stability

    ◇ multi-sensor bridge structure only force value, enhanced anti-bias for large pipe, reducing the chance of damage to the sensor.
    ◇ unique cable-diameter measuring system, without any intermediate links, sample installation more convenient, more direct and accurate measurement can accurately measure the diameter of the pipe changes

    ◇ PC control software for easy operation to achieve the creep ratio test curve drawing, test process control, test monitoring, sample data analysis, test report

Printing and other functions; using non-equidistant cutting standard regression algorithm automatically loading process, load a high success rate, greatly reducing the test difficulty; long-term exploration of the static

Force algorithm ensures constant load and constant load quickly loaded stable.
    ◇ with overload, overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection, with mechanical, electrical, software and other security features safe and reliable operation of the test.