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orfs hydraulic fittings
An O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) is a fitting designed to eliminate leakage in hydraulic applications. In an ORFS fitting, a rubber o-ring is inserted into a circular machined groove in the fitting body. A tight seal is formed when the o-ring in the fitting is compressed against the flat face of a component. We developed ORFS hydraulic fittings with an aim to meet customers the diverse needs of products.
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In the machining process

cutter Overview
In the machining process, sheet cutting methods are commonly used in hand-cut, hose adapters semi-automatic cutting machine and CNC cutting machine. Hand-cut flexible and convenient, but hand-cut

Cut quality is poor, dimension error, material waste and subsequent processing workload, while poor working conditions, low production efficiency. Semi-automatic contour cutting machine cutting machine

, Better quality cutting the workpiece, the cutting tool due to its use, is not suitable for single, small and large quantities of cutting the workpiece. Other types of semi-automatic cutting machine while lowering

Labor intensity, but its function is simple, only for some of the more regular shape cutting parts. CNC cutting manual and semi-automatic cutting mode relatively speaking, to be effective

To improve the efficiency of sheet metal cutting, cutting quality, double hose connector reduce labor intensity of the operator places. Some small and medium enterprises in our country and even in some large enterprises using hand-cut and

Semi-automatic cutting mode is also relatively common.

China's machinery industry steel usage has reached more than 300 million tons of steel cutting very large; With modern machinery industry, for cutting sheet metal work

For efficiency and product quality requirements also increased. CNC hydraulic ferrule cutting machine which is still very large market potential, market prospects more optimistic.

must be carefully checked before using the device's performance

cutting machine operating procedures
A cutting preparation

(A), must be carefully checked before using the device's performance, to ensure the integrity of the various components.

(Two), power knife switch, saw the tightness of the blade american fittings guard or safety baffles detailed examination, console must be stable, night work should be sufficient


(Three), before use, first open the master switch, load test turn laps, to be confirmed safe and correct before allowed to start.

(Four), the operator must check before power is conventional with the power tool matches the voltage rating 220VA, 380VA received in order to avoid the wrong power source.

Second, cutting considerations

(A), cutting machines are doing and not only to keep a clear head, but also to rational operating a power tool. Prohibited tired, drunk or taking excitement

, Drugs operate after cutting.

(Two), the power supply lines must be safe and reliable, is strictly prohibited without permission Luanla, carefully place the power cord, do not be cut off. Must be carefully checked before using the equipment performance, indeed

Paul parts intact.

(Three), wear appropriate clothing, do not wear loose clothing, not wearing jewelry or long hair, is strictly prohibited without wearing gloves and cuff buckle and operation.

(Four), the processing of the workpiece must be clamped firmly prohibited workpiece clamping is not tight to start cutting.

(Five), is prohibited in the wheel plane workpiece grinding burr grinding wheel to prevent fragmentation.

(Six), the operator must deviate cutting grinding wheel front and goggles.

(Seven), prohibited the use of already crippled grinding wheel, cutting should be to prevent Mars scattered and away from flammable materials.

(Eight), clamping the workpiece should be hose assembly stable and secure clamping, shields must be installed correctly, after clamping air operation should start checking, without vibration and abnormal noise.

(Nine), halfway replaced with new cutting disc or grinding wheel piece, do not tighten the nut with excessive force, preventing blade or grinding wheel crack accidents.

(Ten), must be stable grip cutter handle evenly vertical incision, and the fixed end to be solid and reliable.

(Eleven), shall not attempt to cut saws unclamped small workpiece or with a serious edge profiles.

(Twelve), in order to improve work efficiency. Together for single or multi-branch sawing, be sure to do a good job supporting fixture positioning.

(Thirteen), shall not carry powerful sawing operation, before cutting to reach full speed until the motor speed can be.

(Fourteen), allow anyone to stand behind saws, power failure, rest or leave the work place, immediately turn off the power.

(Fifteen), the blade may not stop on the workpiece from a saw or a hand or loosen any lift arm.

(Sixteen), shall not be operated when the guard is not in place, can not put your hands away from the blade 15 cm or less. Not lean over or bypassing saw, when operating body 45 degrees Xiece


(Seventeen), appear to have unusual sounds, immediately stop checking; repair or replacement of parts must be cut off before the power and other blade has completely stopped.

(Eighteen), the use of cutting machine, such as metric hydraulic fittings when working in wet places, must stand on dry insulating mats or on the board. Ascend or explosion and other hazardous areas must

Should take the safety precautions.

(Nineteen), shakes and other equipment failures, should immediately stop repair, prohibited ill and taking stimulants and drink operations, operations are forbidden to wear gloves.

If during operation will cause dust, wear a mask or face shield.

(Twenty) process should be finished off, and make cleaning equipment and surrounding venues.

Electronic universal testing machine
the universal testing machine
Electronic universal testing machine is used for various thermosetting, thermoplastic tensile modulus, flexural modulus, compression modulus, yield strength, tensile strength, breaking strength, elongation, compression stress, compression strain, shear cut, peel, hold the mouth, tearing, hydraulic flange and other mechanical properties through the determination of the instrument function far more than ordinary tensile testing machine for plastic, reinforced nylon, modified plastics, plastic profiles, plastic pipes, plastic sheets and thin film materials industries such analysis and inspection.
     Electronic universal testing machine transmission parts fully equipped with imported all-digital AC servo system, high stiffness frame structure, and the use of piecewise linear correction method to ensure force value detection section precision, high stability, optional large deformation biaxial extensometer and bi-directional servo chuck, can accurately measure the sample standard line spacing within the specimen deformation. The universal testing machine beautiful shape, high precision, low noise, Hydraulic Adapters easy operation, accurate to 1, offers a variety of fixtures for users to choose, has passed the European CE certification.
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the valve block works

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Hydraulic station, also known as pump stations, is independent of the hydraulic device, which by drive means (hosts) requires oil, and controls the direction of the oil flow, pressure and flow for the host and hydraulic devices detachable Under the various hydraulic machinery .

After purchase as long as the user on the host hydraulic actuator threaded adaptors (cylinder and motor oil) connected with tubing, hydraulic machinery can achieve various provisions of the action, the work cycle.

Motor driven rotary pump, the pump oil from the tank after the Dayou, the mechanical energy is converted to pressure energy of the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil through the manifold (or a valve combination) is the hydraulic valve to achieve the direction of pressure and flow regulation after the external transmission line to the hydraulic cylinder or motor oil machinery, thereby controlling the direction of the fluid transformation motivation, strength and speed of the size, and promote all kinds of hydraulic mechanical work.

Component parts

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Hydraulic pump station is operated by means manifold or valve combination, fuel tank, electrical box combination, the components function as follows:

Pump device - is equipped with a motor and pump, it is the hydraulic testing machine power source, the mechanical energy into hydraulic fluid power energy.

Manifold - by hydraulic valves and passage body combination. It implemented direction of hydraulic oil, the pressure, flow regulation.

Valve combination - is mounted on the vertical plate valve plate, rear pipe connection, with the same manifold functions.

Tank - is semi-enclosed container welded steel plate, is also equipped with oil filter, air filter, etc., it is used oil, oil cooling and filtration.

Electrical boxes - divided into two forms: one set of external lead terminal board; One is equipped with a full control of electrical appliances.

Hydraulic station's structure, mainly in the pump orfs hydraulic fittings device structure, the installation location and cooling method to distinguish.