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1 pc fitting
1 pc fitting: Our 1 pc fitting are all produced with PARKER standard, have been used in AUSTRALIA market. We can produce both cartbon steel or stainless steel material. We also can produce the 1-pc fittings hose assembly for our customers.
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rubber balloon, rubber spring

Rubber balloon for my company's leading products, the introduction of advanced equipment, sophisticated analytical instruments and a series of tools for the development of hose adapters balloon made quality and stability. Since

Please show your industry and enterprise standards technical parameters or samples. The products are widely used in: metallurgy, petroleum, shipping, water conservancy, bridge, textile, printing and dyeing, construction machinery

, Water treatment equipment, environmental equipment, damping system, ports, oil depots, pipelines, paper chemicals, coal, mining machinery and other industries, has won the praise of many manufacturers
hydraulic ferrule  Spring: is a polymer elastomer damping effect of the product is high, the resonance field, long life, low cost, and good cold resistance, excellent gas

Adhesion, water resistance, electrical insulation, is the best choice for vibration.

the fiber-reinforced hydraulic hose SAE J517 TYPE 100 R6 Standard

Product structure and performance:Tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber
Reinforcement: one high tensile steel fiber braid (1T / B)
Cover: corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant synthetic rubber
Temperature range: -40 ℃ to +100 ℃
Such ::::: without stripping the outer rubber china hydraulic hose  crimping

DN Hose ID hose nipples  OD Working Pressure Burst Pressure Minimum Bend Radius Weight finished length
inch mm mm MPa Psi MPa Psi mm kg / m metres
53/16 4.8 11.1 3.4 500 13.8 200 050 0.11 20/30/50/100
61/4 6.4 12.7 2.8 400 11.0 160 065 0.15 20/30/50/100
85/16 7.9 14.3 2.8 400 11.0 160 075 0.16 20/30/50/100
10 3/8 9.5 15.9 2.8 400 11.0 160 075 0.18 20/30/50/100
13 1/2 12.7 19.8 2.8 400 11.0 1,600,100 0.26 20/30/50/100
16 5/8 15.9 23.0 2.4 350 9.7 1,400,125 0.29 20/30/50/100
19 3/4 19.0 26.6 2.1 300 8.3 1,200,150 0.4 20/30/50/100

The rubber hose connector pipe applications

Rubber hose Application:
Advanced food grade conveyorbanjo hose fittings, odorless, tasteless, for 96 ° alcohol and alcohol delivery, especially for breweries and wineries
Applicable standards:
Rubberhydraulic hose adapters: FDA title 21, item 177.2600 (for liquid foods)
Rubber hose: BgVV XXI cat.2 (for liquid and oily food)
Rubber hose: DM 21/03/73 (for liquid foods)
Rubber hose: DM 28/10/94 and 26/04/93 (for alcohol and food)
Temperature range: -40 ℃ to +120 ℃
Rubber tube structure:
Tube: bright white, smooth, odorless food grade synthetic rubber IIR
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord, with intermediate layers of plastic woven structure
Cover: red, smooth (wrapped finish), odorless and tasteless, anti-aging food grade synthetic rubber IIR

The cost of the cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is the most expensive, is the highest accuracy and efficiency of a high-tech cutting equipment, waterjet cutting machine, followed by flame

Relatively bottom again, the cost of cutting machine, plasma cutting machine to use the lowest cost (each)!
Edit this paragraph metal cutting machine prospect of cutting machine, CNC flame plasma cutting machine holds a large part ofmanifold block

User, and later fine plasma, laser cutting will replace the former, become mainstream cutter, because they are environmentally friendly,1 pc fitting

Cutting speed and cutting quality is good!