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hydraulic hose clamps:We offer a wide variety of Hydraulic hose fittings within china and throughout the country. As Hydraulic hose fitting suppliers we ensure to make prompt supplies within agreed time-frame. Our provided Hydraulic hose fitting is available in carbon steel and stainless steel materials. If you have any interest, please contract us.

Structure: assembly including cover plate, rail nut, clamp body,hexagon bolts.

clamp body: PP/PA/AL
matel parts: carbon steel with zinc coated

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twin tube clamp: material: Bolts: Carbon steel;  Cover plate: Carbon steel
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small tube clamp 1and : smaller size clamp from small to big size, 3 material can be choosed for clamp body
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heavy tube clamp; DIN3015 standard, from small to big size, 2 welding plate model for choice
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flat steel tube clamp: 4 models for choice
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With the economic development and civil aviation
With the economic development and civil aviation Wuhan Flights to increase oil supply, refueling apron pipeline has become the main mode of refueling aircraft. To ensure proper lubrication, hydraulic manifold normal use and quick maintenance depot device management has become a top priority task.
The use of pipeline pump points:
1) test work: Check for loose connections; hand plate number of revolutions of the rotor dynamic coupling ring, watch crew rotation is flexible, whether there was a noise, and the severity of uneven feeling, to determine whether there is any foreign matter or the pump shaft is bending, seals installation is not correct, etc.; inspection seal cavity clean the 20th lubricants are filling 1/2 cavity space; pump unit surface is clean; steering unit load tests.
2) Manually start: irrigation pump (first time), slightly open the outlet valve, hydraulic valve manifold start the motor, pump pressure rises and recognized as smooth involute when the outlet valve to working conditions.
3) Run tests: the pump frequency (frequency) during normal operation, you should regularly check and record the pump ammeter, voltmeter, import vacuum gauge, pressure gauges and flow meters, such as hydraulic valve block instrument readings. Unit vibration, noise, temperature, etc. are normal. Shaft seal should not have significant fuel leak.
4) Normal Parking: close the discharge valve, the pump light load, stalling the motor.
5) Emergency stop status:
⑴ pump motor operates ammeter indicates abnormal (too large or become scarce); pump system is making an unusual sound.
⑵ pump inlet vacuum gauge, outlet pressure gauge anomaly, and issued a larger pump different sound vibrations, severe performance degradation.
⑶ pump motor odors, aviation fuel leaking shaft seal and bearing temperature exceeds 75 threaded adaptors degrees and so on.
Pipeline pump quick maintenance points:
1) every 500 hours of operation, loosen the seal seat plug, use a syringe hydraulic circuit block oil residues; qualified to seal cavity filling machine oil to the chamber 20, half the volume (plus the right amount of oil inspection methods: Run pump, oil can not emerge out); plug tightened to prevent leakage phenomenon.
2) that the motor mechanical noise increased and abnormal temperature rise of the bearings, check motor bearing lubrication. Such as grease discoloration, dirty should be replaced.
3) When they find there is leakage sealing seat, you can release the seal seat plug, run the pump with oil smoke outside and have a taste of aviation fuel when you can determine: mechanical seal failure. Stop using the pipeline pump mechanical seal for quick replacement manifold.
4) Replace the mechanical seal failure approach:
(1) Place pump parts ready workbench (ground) and disassembly tool, do not mess with any of misplacing avoid damage the pump components.
(2) Confirm the motor is removed overhaul state; unscrew the oil drain plug, use a straw to suck oil seal seat cavity out.
(3) remove the split couplings: first fixed coupling Unscrew the socket head cap screws, then gently push the coupling half from the shaft slowly down (be careful not to fall off). Unscrew the shaft with a wrench fasten bolt and block, so slowly sink to the pump impeller, remove the other half of the coupling, scored shaft rings.
(4) split seal seat: Unscrew the sealing seat clamp nut, gently remove the manifold sealing seat (Note: Do not break the seat rubber seal) and clean.
(5) Remove and clean the bearing: to gently loosen the bearing bolts after removal from the top with a bearing, and put up along the shaft and remove; using jet fuel, cleaning bearings and pedestal, dried and mounted ago Lightly No. 20 machine oil lubrication protection.
(6) Remove the mechanical seal: Seize the seal spring put up along the shaft, teflon hose can be demolished.
(7) Mechanical seal assembly: In the dynamic and static ring mirror coated with clean oil, No. 20; guide bearing cast lubricants, first locate the stationary ring gently into the guide bearing; longer on the pump shaft cast lubricants, the part of the mechanical seal ring gently into the shaft by hand should be able to push the seal ring retractable (Note that static and dynamic part of the anti-rotation ring parts to be fitted in place).
(8) mounted seal seat: seal seat into the rubber seal first, then seal seat into the pump cover and the pressure in the bearing housing, tighten the nut.
(9) fitted couplings: first head mounted on the motor shaft ring, and put on half of the coupling, and then in the end and the coupling shaft stopper fitted tank and tighten the bolts with a wrench (lift shaft 3 ~ 5 mm and provides mechanical seal prestressed); then fitted screw on the other half of the coupling socket head cap screws must be tightened. Install the coupling proper inspection requirements: the split coupling gap down evenly; hand inspection plate moving rotating flexible couplings few laps.
(10) by the use of point commissioning check and replace the mechanical seal is correct pump is operating correctly.
Practice has proved that we are on the proper use of the above methods, rapid maintenance pipeline pumps, pipelines to guarantee that the airfield refueling system as the core equipment in normal operating state; through frequency control, you can try to play it smooth, energy efficient, long-term durability advantages for Miles voyage continuous supply high-quality aviation fuel.
to achieve domestically driven hydraulic valve block
The development of hydraulic valves, according to Chinese nuclear power plant development of the excellent situation and status of the development of nuclear power valve to achieve rapid development of nuclear power, hydraulic manifold localization, Shenyang Saatchi high pressure valves Ltd. hydraulic fittings manufacturers Chief Engineer at Guoliang believes that China's valve business, industry and the state should take measures to address the impact of hydraulic manifold block localization issues:
One as soon as possible complements the hydraulic valve block of the technical standards and specifications. The existing EJ, GB, according to ASME, RCC-M standard complements, in line with national conditions, improve the operability to facilitate domestic nuclear power valve in the design, material selection fabrication, inspection and other aspects can be achieved on the localization.
(2) integration of Chinese valve industry nuclear power valve experiments, detection and identification of the equipment and capabilities, sharing resources, avoid duplication of investment redundant construction, speed up the development of nuclear power valve speed.
3. Strengthen personnel training and the introduction of nuclear power hydraulic hose assemblies technology absorption manifold to improve nuclear power valve design capability and level.
4 increase investment in software and hardware to ensure that the design, manufacture advanced means, spare parts processing and machine assembly and reliable quality.
5. Strengthen welding, non-destructive testing, heat treatment and other special craft personnel training assessment. Research and the use of advanced technology, the parts manufacturing quality standards to meet the design drawings and specifications.
6 nuclear security awareness education and training of workers, strengthen the manifold quick coupling fittings block design, manufacture whole process of quality management, improve management level.
water use grout plugs series

First, use
1, connecting all piping systems, tighten all threaded, connected to the gas source (or hydraulic pump), the grout plug on the orifice (or closed-end steel pipe) pressure test, check connections for leaks, put hole spare.
2, opening the cylinder valve or hydraulic pump, so gradually filling the expansion plug, attention must be greater than the filling pressure of air pressure to 2/3, to a predetermined pressure to grouting.
3, grouting begins, there is a lot to be back to the pulp slurry benefit out of the mouth, and then fractionated slowly pressurized to a predetermined pressure grouting, or easily form a large pressure differential. Grout should always check the gas cylinder valve pressure gauge, such as the reduction should immediately add fill.
4, filling a long time, you must check whether the channeling pulp, around the plug back plasma phenomena, if any, should stop filling, release the pressure, loosen the upper and lower inflatable plugs, inflatable plugs is to prevent the consolidation and difficult to remove.
5, the end of the grout, you must first let go of grouting pressure, inflation pressure and then let go, do not let go of the first inflation pressure to prevent grout plug injection, resulting in accidents.
6, after filling, simply plug into the filling tube closed at one end, the inflatable around 0.5Mpa, rinse cycle can be carried out.
7, grout plug after removing the hydraulic hose clamps into the plasma tube, respectively, back to the slurry pipe connection rinse.
8, together with the porous grout, all piping must be parallel to the line, and not twist and tangle together, to prevent a Fasheng security incidents affecting the other hole.
9, after prolonged use, you should plug the bottom apart for cleaning grout, on the butter.
10, drilling discovered over a longer cracks or broken, it may happen channeling pulp, around the plug, return pulp, shall also put an upper end of the trachea to the grout plug, if channeling pulp, around the plug, return pulp, washed with high-pressure gas discharge, can prevent jams.

Tube clamp material properties and the installer
tube clamp material properties
Density, bending strength, impact toughness, compressive strength, elastic modulus, tensile strength, heat resistance, color
Pipe clamp installer
Assembly welding board before assembly to determine the direction of the clip, it is recommended to first in fixed at marked after welding on welding, embedded on the tube clip the lower half of the body, put the tube to be fixed. And put on the other half hose clamp body and cover with screws tightened. Should not be soldered directly mounted the good pipe clamp base plate.
Installed ground rail, rail welding based on, or attached with screws, followed by rail nut pushed orbit and turn 90 degrees to the lower half of the pipe clamp body embedded nut, put the tube to be fixed, and put folder on the half pipe on the body and cover with screws.
Stacked assembly, the rails can be welded to the foundation, or screws first installed the upper and lower half pipe clamp body, put the required fixed tube sprinkle on half pipe clamp body, fixed with screws, locking cover to prevent it from rotating. Folder and then install the second pipe, as above.
The elbow assembly, the assembly bends should be directly in front and rear portions of the elbow with Insein pipe folder fixed. Suggest such a support point for a fixed position.