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Welcome to our product page of split flanges, in which you can find detailed information of split flanges.We have rich experience in manufacturing split flanges. Equipped with advanced testing machine, we use statistical technical research analysis to ensure the precise quality of the product.
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SAE Flange L.T Description: the marerial is 45 carbon steel. PFL is supplied as our 3000PSI hydraulic flanges.
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SAE Flang H.T. Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. PFS is our 6000PSI hydraulic flange part no .
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Retaled "split flanges" Keywords
Insulating flange at the time of delivery to the acceptance of the following
(1) flange material factory quality certificate;
(2) of insulating material factory quality certificate;
(3) steel material factory quality certificate;
(4) weld NDT reports;
(5) flange manufacturing, the quality of the anti-corrosion inspection reports;
⑹ the insulation test report;
(7) installation instructions.
The insulating flange socketless fitting products for the petroleum, chemical and other industries. Insulating flange hose adapters has the following advantages:
1 in the the pipeline media requires the temperature, pressure-term reliable operation, has sufficient strength and sealing performance.
Buried pipeline power law corrosion protection works required electrical insulation properties.
Reasonable structure, assembly, disassembly, easy replacement parts.
Flange sealing surface generally in the form of the following
Raised face flanges (RF), the convex surface of the flange (M / FM), ring joint face flange (RTJ).
Toxic media, as long as it is not extremely hazardous level, pressure rating less than or equal to 1.6MPa, the flange raised face RF 2.5MPa generally requires the use of the convex surface of the flange. For extreme hazards medium, requires the use of the convex surface of the flange.
Convex surface of the flange is usually used in the German standard and national standard PN4.0 level PN6.4MPa mainly determined by the pressure level, the convex surface of the flange sealing the ordinary convex flange (RF) better, but not easy to replace gasket. The use of the tongue and groove face hose adapters flange with the convex surface of basically the same.
Ring joint face flange (RTJ) is mainly used in high temperature, high pressure, or both conditions. American Standard flange, commonly used in Class 600Lb (part), 900Lb, 1500Lb, 2500Lb Pressure Level. Commonly used in the German standard flange and GB flange in PNl0.0, PN16.0, PN25.0, PN32.0, PN42.0MPa sae hydraulic fittings flange. Gasket with stainless steel ring.
General toxic and harmful media, not recommended a common plane flange and raised face flanges should be used in the convex surface of the flange or better than its sealing performance.
Flange knowledge Daquan

Flange gaskets, fasteners are collectively referred to as the flange joint. Flange joint is very common to use engineering design, covers a very wide range of parts. It is piping design, pipe valves essential parts, but also equipment, equipment parts (such as manhole, sight glass level gauge) as an essential component. In addition, other professionals, such as industrial furnaces, thermal, water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation, automatic control, often using split flanges joint.

Material: Forged steel, WCB carbon steel, stainless steel 316L, 316,304 L, 304,321, chrome-molybdenum steel, chromium molybdenum vanadium steel, molybdenum, titanium, rubber lined, lined material.

Varieties: flat welding hydraulic flanges, with neck flange, welded flange, vessel flange, ring joint flange, socket flange, blind plate.

Implementation of the standards GB series (national standards), JB Series (Ministry of Machinery), HG series (Ministry of Chemical Industry), ASME B16.5 (ANSI), BS4504 (British Standard), DIN (German standard), JIS (day standard) .

International pipe flanges standard system: the international standard pipe flanges have two main system, that is, on behalf of the European pipe flange system and the U.S. ANSI pipe flanges Americas tube flange to the German DIN (including the former Soviet Union) systems. In addition, there are Japanese JIS pipe flanges in petrochemical installations generally used only for public works, but little influence in the international arena.

How to identify the the flange metal pad is good or bad

Filled with a variety of products in the market then it is your son everywhere, and a wide variety of metal the flange gasket abound price is uneven. How many metal hydraulic flanges gasket identify which product priorities? How to identify the metal split flanges gasket?

Metal pad is generally the most concise way of material made of 304 stainless steel and graphite powder is the magnet. Without any shrink would magnetic doping strong and other material and simply not making magnetic stainless steel plus graphite powder will be a lot of difference, or do not produce magnetic material, the pros and cons of the material in this case see at a glance .

Observation of material generally excellent material product surface is smooth but shiny, uneven the poor material surface gloss. Carefully observe the concave and the edge is not very beautiful there burr.