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Bsp connector Welcome to our product page of bsp connector, in which you can find detailed information about it. We have rich experience in manufacturing bsp connector. Equipped with advanced testing machine, we use statistical technical research analysis to ensure the precise quality of the product. If you have any interest, please contract us.
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sections used in the sample type

hydraulic universal testing machine for test standards

"GB228-2002 tube fitting metallic materials Tensile test method" [3]
[3] GB / T 228-2002
Table of Contents
Foreword Ⅲ
Foreword ISO Ⅳ
1 Scope 1
2 Normative references 1
3 Principle 1
4 defines a
5 Symbols and 5
6 Sample 6
7 original cross-sectional area (S0) Determination of 7
8 original gauge (L0) Mark 7
The accuracy of the test equipment 9 7
10 test requirements 8
11 Elongation (A) and total hydraulic hose fittings elongation break (A1) Determination of 8
12 most vigorously total elongation (Ag1) and non-proportional elongation at maximum force (Ag) Determination of 9
13 yield point elongation (Ae) Determination of 9
14 Yield strength (ReH) and a lower yield strength (ReH) and a lower yield strength (ReL) Determination of 10
15 non-proportional extension strength (R0) Determination of 10
16 provides a total extension strength (R1) Determination of 11
17 requires the residual extension strength (Rr) authentication methods 11
18 Tensile strength (Rm) Determination of 11
19 Reduction of (Z) Determination of 12
20 Performance measurement results of the repair value of about 14
21 performance measurement accuracy of the results 14
22 test results for 15
23 Test Report 15
Annex A (normative) hydraulic ferrule Thickness 0.1mm ∽ <3 mm Sheet and strip samples used Type 16
Annex B (normative) thickness equal to or greater than 3mm sheet and flat material and diameter or thickness equal to or greater than
4mm wire, bars and sections used in the sample type

bolt tension advantages
Use of pure tension bolt tension elongated bolt directly without twisting force and the lateral force reduction of the contact surface without friction coupling damage, precise control of bolt preload is the best way. Compared to hydraulic torque wrenches, bolt tensioners are the hydraulic adaptors of rapid response, accurate, no torsional stress, friction damage, you can synchronize multiple bolt preload; therefore bolt tension preload in more stringent requirements on the occasion applied more widely. Disadvantage is the need to have sufficient elongation, which narrow space in the axial direction is greatly limited use of occasions.
hydraulic bolt tensioners Classification and Maintenance

 hydraulic bolt tensioners Classification and Maintenance
Hydraulic tensioners total of four categories: ordinary general-purpose, stretching head interchangeable, unipolar and bipolar reset type reset type.
Four kinds of work pressure jic hydraulic fittings tensioners are 150Mpa.
1, ordinary type specification for single bolt tensile, light weight and high accuracy. Small size, compact structure;
2, the first interchangeable stretching versatility, by replacing the tension applied to the plurality of specifications of the first tension bolt;
3, single-stage piston reset automatic reset design, suitable for frequent use;
4, bipolar reset type dual cylinder design for narrow space conditions.
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1, must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of methods and procedures manual operation, can not arbitrarily increase the hydraulic bolt  tensioner bolt input working pressure and stretching the length to avoid damage to seals and associated with components.
2, after work, you should wipe clean safekeeping, especially oil interface can not penetrate into the gray rubbish (after completion of the construction, quick connectors, should be covered with dust cap), to prevent post-injury cylinder into the cylinder and piston.
3, replace the O-ring and other accessories, pay attention to fit, make sure the sealing effect.

WEW Series Screen Display Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
 WEW Series Screen Display hydraulic hose  Universal Testing Machine
First, the product uses:
    WEW Series screen hydraulic fittings jic universal testing machine adopts advanced technology, specifically designed for data acquisition and computer data processing system amplification so that the series has a complete testing machine tensile, compression, bending, shear and many other test capabilities. This series of testing machine easy to operate, especially for industrial and mining materials testing and research institutions trials.
Second, the product features:
 1 is automatically cleared 2 automatic transmission 3 automatic calibration 4. Automatically save
 5 Automatic Test 6 Test Software 7. Display 8. Graph traversal
 9. Curve selection 10. Batch test 11. Automatically print 12. Real-time display
13 limit protection 14. Overload 15. Data processing
16 automatic and manual modes to strike a variety of test results, automatic formation of statements, so that the data analysis process easier
17 samples can be automatically clamped
18 is available online to download the latest software updates.