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National Pipe Thread/ Tapered Thread (NPT) is a U.S. standard for tapered threads used on threaded pipes and fittings. NPT male is for male thread. We offer you excellent npt male hose fittings at competitive low price. If any interest in it, you’re welcome to send enquiry.If you need npt male, please email us.
15613: NPTF 15613 is NPT thread, male thread, used in 6 wire tail.
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Hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly

hydraulic universal testing machine
To tension, compression, bending and other tests of the tube fitting material testing machine. Hydraulic universal testing machine is used for a variety of metal and nonmetal materials tensile, compression, bending and shear tests, as well as some product specific test, trial operation and data processing complies with GB228-2002 "Metallic materials Tensile testing method at room temperature." and other standards.
General purpose

Hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for metal, non-metallic, composite materials and the tensile, compression, bending, shear and other forms of mechanical properties, while according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, and provide users with multi- kinds of standard test and data processing. Widely used in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber, plastics, building materials industry, materials testing and analysis, research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, Hydraulic Adapters technical supervision, inspection and arbitration department of the ideal test equipment.

hydraulic universal testing machine main configuration

1, hydraulic universal testing machine at a station
  Hydraulic universal testing machine accessories bolt drawing aids
2, hydraulic hose assembly universal testing machine oil source set of standards
3, all-digital servo PC controller (including computers) a
4, the test machine a dedicated PC Control Card
5, one printer
6, a servo valve
7, the electrical control box (with integrated oil source) a
8, a pressure sensor
9, an extensometer gauge length 50mm
10, cylinder piston displacement sensor and a set of connections
11, a set of all-digital servo control software
12, multi-functional test data processing software package (including tension and compression tests commonly used software) set
13, a pipeline
14, accompanied by hydraulic flanges(tension, compression, bending and mounting parts) set [1]
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First, this [a] kind of testing machine equipment should avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, pay attention to regular maintenance in order to extend the service life, the use of the procedures are as follows:
1, connect the power cord, press the "Power" button, the indicator lights.
2, according to the sample size selected range, the pendulum rod mount or remove the mound, if necessary, adjust the buffer handwheel.
3, according to the shape and size of the sample, the corresponding upper and lower jaws of the jaw into the seat.
4, in the plotter's drum, the volume pressure is good recording paper (graph paper).
5, start the pump delivery valve unscrew the platen increased by about 10mm, and then close the delivery valve. If the platen is in the raised position, sending oil pump without making a start, only the delivery valve closed can.
6, one end of the sample clip in the upper jaw, for models equipped with hydraulic chuck, then press the control box of the "tightening" button to clamp the specimen.
7, the platen has risen, sending oil return valves are closed the case, adjust the alignment pointer dial 0:00. (Should be operated under conditions not pressurized)
8, start lifting motor to adjust the tensile test space, the sample vertical grip is good. For models equipped with hydraulic chuck, then press the control box "next tight" button, the sample vertical grip is good.
9, the plunger down into the paint pen drawing state.
10, according to test requirements have afterburner speed, hose adapters slowly unscrew the delivery valve for afterburner tests. After specimen fracture closed delivery valve. Follows a group of test interval longer time, you should also stop the pump working.
11, the values ​​recorded paint pen raised.
12, open the return valve unloading force, the needle will move reversed zero.
13, remove the sample after fracture. For models equipped with hydraulic chuck, press the "on the loose" button to release the upper jaw, then "next song" button to release the lower jaw were broken off specimens.

the sequence valve works do
One works:
     According to the principle and structure of the sequence valve direct acting and pilot-operated types; press pressure control mode, the sequence valve with internal and external control of the points. In the sequence valve is equipped with one-way valve, through the reverse flow valve called unidirectional composite sequence valve. In general, these valves use more.
      Two functions and applications:
     The basic function of the valve in order to control the operation of multiple execution sequence of components, according to their different functions, called sequence valve, back pressure valves, unloading valves and balancing valves. Relief sequence valve performance and the same, but because the different functions of the sequence valve as well as its special requirements:
      (1) In order to make the implementation of components in order to achieve an accurate action required sequence valve regulator, high precision, small deviation;
      (2) for the accuracy of the sequence of actions required when the valve is closed within a small amount of leakage;
      (3) For unidirectional sequence valve, requiring reverse pressure loss and pressure loss should be relatively positive school
      The main role of the sequence valve:
      (1) The operation of the control sequence of a plurality of elements;
      (2) used for packing circuit;
      (3) to prevent the cylinder piston caused due to weight while doing balancing valve with free-fall;
      (4) to do with external control sequence valve unloading valve, the pump unloading;
      (5) with the internal sequence valve for back pressure valve.
      3 Production sequence valve Manufacturers:
     Domestic mainly Yuci socketless fitting  Group Ltd., Beijing Howard sae hydraulic fittings Group Ltd., Shanghai Lixin hydraulic bolt Component Factory and so on. Abroad, the United States Vickers, Rexroth, Germany and other manufacturers.
      4 sequence valve selection:
     Sequence valve assembly structure according to the different circuits can achieve different functions, such as relief valve, sequence valve and balancing valve function.
      Sequence valve opening and closing feature if bad, then the flow is high time pressure is too high, circuit efficiency. Opening and closing feature with hysteresis, opening pressure less than closure pressure, load flow changes should be noted. Valve opening pressure is too low, then the pressure below the set pressure before the leak, causing the actuator malfunction. Flow through the valve is far less than the rated flow, vibration or other instability. This time to return to the road to take action.
hydraulic station overview
Hydraulic station, also known as pump stations, mainly for the host and hydraulic devices detachable various hydraulic machinery. It is required by the host oil and hydraulic oil flow direction control, pressure and flow, the user simply hydraulic actuator on the host (hydraulic cylinders Hydraulic Hose Fittings or hydraulic motor) connected with tubing, you can achieve a variety of required actions and duty cycle.
Hydraulic pump station usually has, hydraulic valve, fuel tank, electrical boxes and other combination. Wherein the pump means comprises a motor and a pump, which is a hydraulic power source, the mechanical energy is converted to pressure energy of the hydraulic oil. Hydraulic valve manifold assembly of the hydraulic valves and made it to implement the direction of hydraulic oil, the pressure, flow regulation. Steel plate welded into the tank is half-closed container, fitted with oil filter, air filter, etc., which is used to store, cool and filter oil. Electric box is a hydraulic station and plant power distribution system and electrical control system interface, you can only set the external lead terminal board can also be supporting the full control of electrical appliances.
Traditional hydraulic station generally use open tank, pump may be arranged on the side of the tank, above and below the liquid level inside the tank, thereby forming a side-mounted, on the home horizontal, vertical hydraulic station SRE. Hydraulic station cooling methods can be divided into natural cooling and forced cooling. Natural cooling without additional cooling equipment, relying on natural convection of air and fuel tank for heat exchange. General requirements for the volume of the tank is large enough. Forced cooling methods include air, water, refrigerant refrigeration and other forms. Generally in accordance with the work requirements of hydraulic station reasonable selection, forced cooling can effectively control the fluid temperature, and can reduce the fuel tank volume requirements.
In recent years, in order to meet the requirements of the field device, hydraulic flanges  station in the form of constantly enriched and developed, there has been a lot of configuration more flexible forms, such as micro-hydraulic station, hydraulic power units, hydraulic cabinets, etc., to promote diversification of the hydraulic system, integrated, functional.