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Welcome to our product page of hydraulic hose sleeve, in which you can find detailed information of hydraulic hose sleeve.We have rich experience in manufacturing hydraulic hose sleeve. Equipped with advanced testing machine, we use statistical technical research analysis to ensure the precise quality of the product.
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The so-called thermal cutting, from the way

thermal cutting technology and applicable industry
The so-called thermal cutting, from the way it mainly includes flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting three kinds, according to the market price cutting requirements and different, all three cutting

Methods currently occupy a certain market, and its technical and economic comparison the following analysis:
As pressure flame cutting, cutting nozzle height, and the warm-up time and hydraulic ferrule fittings other factors, the overall cut material deformation scale is large, can not meet the needs of high-precision cutting

, And the cutting speed is low, and because to be preheated before cutting, spending time, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of unmanned operation. Plasma cutting with cutting speed, Fan

Wai width and other characteristics, is suitable for cutting low thickness of sheet metal and nonmetal materials, maximum cutting speed of up to 10m/min, flame cutting is 10 times. In the underwater cutting

Can eliminate noise generated when cutting, dust, harmful gases and arc, environmental protection requirements. With the current high-power plasma cutting technology matures, cutting thickness

Up to 130mm, using water jet cutting technology has made high-power hydraulic quick couplers plasma cutting quality precision laser cutting close to the lower limit (± 0.2mm). As the laser cutting machine price

Expensive and currently only suitable for sheet metal cutting (usually perforated plate a long time), and fine plasma cutting machine laser cutting accuracy up to the lower limit, the cutting surface quality

Amount of similar, but far less than the cost cutting, laser cutting, is about a 1/3, the maximum cutting thickness up to 12mm, so with precision plasma cutting machine to replace expensive

Laser cutting machine, in favor of the most economical way to a larger amount, the sheet speed fine cutting implement. In addition, CNC plasma cutting and automatic nesting programming software

Pieces of material utilization can be improved with 5% to 10%, the reusable hose fittings annual cut 20 million tons total, the annual savings of 100 to 2 million tons of steel, worth billions of dollars. Therefore, in the industrial hair

Of countries have emerged to replace CNC plasma cutting machine flame cutting machines and laser cutting machines trends.

Automatic cutting technical schools is much lower than Windows genre of modern technology

CNC Cutting Machine Buyer's Guide
Currently CNC flame and plasma cutting machines in China's industrial enterprises begin mass popularity, many enterprises in order to improve production efficiency, expand production scale, began to buy and make

With CNC cutting machine, but for lack of basic concepts and knowledge of CNC cutting, in the purchase and use of CNC cutting machine in the process of this or that some of the technical

Problems and difficult to use, and we have compiled a brief summary of this Buyer's Guide CNC cutting machine, cutting machine wish to contribute to corporate procurement and CNC cutting technology


Enterprises to purchase CNC cutting machine will undoubtedly have to achieve three main objectives:

Capable of cutting the material and thickness of a sheet, production and processing of a specific product,
Can improve cutting efficiency and cutting quality,
Can effectively save steel and consumables!
According enterprises to purchase CNC cutting machine three main objectives, procurement can be broadly divided following five steps:

Step one: Select the CNC cutting machine model and specific configuration:

According enterprises to cut material and thickness, as well as cutting efficiency and cutting quality requirements, first determine the type of purchase CNC cutting machine, flame, plasma, laser

Or CNC bevel cutting machine. Secondly, according to the thickness of the material to be cut, to understand flame or plasma CNC cutting machine capacity and effective perforation perforation techniques to select

And to determine the specific configuration of CNC cutting machine, such as plasma power type, flame gun and preheat cutting oxygen configuration, bevel cut, CNC cutting machine configuration to determine

With roughly the price.

Particular attention should be: CNC flame cutting machine cutting thickness depends on the effective capacity and automatic plate perforation perforation technology, through two or three solenoid valve control and CNC

The system automatically perforation process to obtain implementation. CNC plasma cutting machine cutting thickness depends on the effective plasma power efficient perforation thickness, not the maximum cutting thickness


Procurement priorities: procurement personnel must carefully read and remember different manufacturers recommend different power supply effective plasma cutting thickness (internal perforation), is not the largest cut

Cutting thickness (edge ​​starts), CNC plasma cutting machines to ensure effective cutting and perforation thickness. Learn and understand CNC flame cutting machine plate perforation process

And equipment, as well as numerical control system provides automatic perforation process and technology to ensure CNC flame cutting machine has a valid plate perforation process and cutting ability.
Step two: To investigate the CNC cutting machine business manufacturing quality and precision:

In the CNC cutting machine model and configuration is determined, the study focused on the manufacture of CNC cutting machine enterprise quality and cutting accuracy. CNC cutting machine tool structure, rack and pinion

Quality, quality guides and gear box, machine installation grounding and shielding techniques are related to or determines the quality CNC cutting machine and cutting accuracy.

Procurement priorities: procurement officers need to carefully understand and compare different machine CNC cutting machine business structure and machine configuration, understand the business of manufacturing production CNC cutting machine

Equipment, processing quality and cutting accuracy, as well as an optional component parts of a variety of imported brands and features, by configuring the imported products and components critical to ensure that CNC cutting

Machine tool manufacturing quality and precision.

Step 3: Select CNC system

After determining the type and CNC cutting machine configuration selected cutting machine manufacturers, the next step is to choose the CNC system. CNC cutting machine CNC system is the heart,

CNC system CNC system hardware configuration determines the stability of the cutting CNC system control software, especially automatic cutting process, decided to cut quality CNC cutting machine

Volume and cutting efficiency.

Numerical stability of the system is the first important!

The two large-scale development of CNC system Genre:

One is based on the Windows platform genre of modern technology to the United States as the representative of the manufacturer of CNC system; Another is a DOS-based platform for automated cutting technology genre,

In a famous German CNC cutting machine manufacturers use the system to represent, such as ESAB CNC system, Messer CNC system used by the Canadian Lynx, FastCAM NC Department

Systems. Two great schools of different points: First, the stability of hydraulic hose fittings numerical control system, automatic cutting technical schools is much higher than Windows genre of modern technology, and second, CNC system price,

Automatic cutting technical schools is much lower than Windows genre of modern technology, three are CNC system display interface, Windows genre of modern technology is better than the automatic cutting technology flow


Automatic cutting technology genre point of view: an imported CNC system (8 ~ 90,000 yuan) than an ordinary computer (4 to 5 thousand dollars) cost 20 times more expensive CNC cutting machine

The. Obviously, the use of expensive CNC programming, nesting, Internet, communications and document management, resulting in more expensive most of the time at the CNC cutting machine

Pending the CNC programming nesting idle state, is a tremendous waste of resources! The correct way is to programming, nesting, Internet, communications and document management

Such work to low-cost computers and programming nesting software to deal with, so do full-time CNC cutting machine cutting, automatic cutting, efficient cutting.

Procurement priorities: procurement staff need according to their business needs, companies need to choose suitable CNC system. Learn and understand the main cause system instability NC

To improve the stability of the causes and ways to ensure that companies buy CNC cutting machine and CNC systems, long-term, stable, low-cost operation.

Step four: to learn to improve cutting efficiency and cutting quality approach

CNC cutting machine for cutting efficiency and cutting quality is critical to the user, but also the corporate procurement evaluate the success of CNC cutting machine and the only criterion for good or bad.

Of particular note: In the CNC cutting machine is basically the same structure and hardware configuration or similar circumstances, CNC cutting machine cutting efficiency and cutting quality primarily by optimizing nesting

Software and CNC cutting control software decision.

Recent trends: CNC cutting new technology development is to achieve CNC cutting machine of the "full-time cutting, automatic cutting, efficient cutting, cutting and high-quality sets

Expected rate cut. "Guiding ideology of its core philosophy and CNC cutting machine in hardware design and manufacturing technology perfected and the same or similar conditions, through software

Technology, namely CNC cutting optimization nesting programming software, CNC cutting control software, and automatic perforation and automatic cutting process, to further improve the CNC cutting machine

Cutting efficiency and cutting quality, CNC cutting machine to achieve banjo hose fittings "full-time, automatic, efficient, high quality and high nesting rate cut."

Core Techniques and Methods: One full-time cutting, nesting software programming using FastCAM on the computer the whole board and I programmed plate nesting, cutting machine cutting full-time

To avoid programming on CNC nesting, reducing cutting machine productivity. Second, automatic cutting, CNC system using FastCAM automatic cutting process,

Automatic perforation and automatic cutting, replace manual manual cutting. Third, efficient cutting, use FastCAM nesting software programming and CNC systems common edge, and even cut,

By side, bridging efficient cutting process, effectively reducing the warm-up perforation (perforation decrease more than 70%), to improve the cutting efficiency. Four high-quality cutting, use FastCAM

Nesting software programming and CNC system CNC cutting technology to optimize the pretreatment process, removing excess entity, to avoid empty running around and repeat the cutting process, cutting away the compression fitting

Order to ensure a smooth high-speed cutting machine cutting machine to avoid jitter, to ensure the cutting parts closed without deformation.

Procurement priorities: procurement staff need to learn and understand the full-time cutting, automatic cutting, efficient cutting and high-quality cutting ideas and techniques to business leaders and

CNC cutting cutting workers provide a new concept and technical information, to ensure that enterprises in the use of good CNC cutting machine, based on effectively improve cutting efficiency and cutting quality.

Step five: to learn effectively save steel and consumables technologies and methods

Save steel, and supplies the most concern is the enterprise. Enterprises to profit, must be effectively save steel and consumables. Therefore, companies must be able to purchase a CNC cutting machine

Validity save steel and consumables.

The most effective means: saving steel and supplies the most effective means is to use programming software FastCAM optimized nesting, nesting and through the entire board I plate nesting, effective

Improve nesting steel utilization, reduce corners more than expected, so that the remaining plates get reused; through FastCAM efficient cutting nesting software programming, effectively reduce preheating

And piercing passes, reduce the flame preheating perforated supplies loss, reducing loss of plasma cutting nozzle, so as to effectively save steel and consumables.

Simple economic data: According to the official statistics agency specialized in the production process, welding steel cutting, Chinese steel enterprises waste 10% more than in Western countries. A Year

Cutting and welding on steel tons of medium-sized enterprises, are wasted each year there are thousands of tons of steel. If you can use a good nesting optimization similar FastCAM programming software, the annual

For enterprises to save thousands of tons of steel, even at 5% per year for the enterprise to save hundreds of tons of steel, saving tip supplies several hundred thousand dollars a year to restore economic losses for enterprises

Loss, increased corporate profitability hundreds of million. Also, quick coupling fittingsuse a good FastCAM nesting software and CNC cutting machine CNC system to achieve full-time, automatic and efficient cutting, make a

CNC cutting machine capacity becomes two or even three sets, improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

Procurement priorities: procurement staff need to learn and understand FastCAM optimize nesting software for programming the entire board nesting, I plate nesting and cutting edge-connected, such as efficient cutting

Techniques and methods to provide workers with business leaders and cutting optimization nesting FastCAM programming software and effective ways to save steel supplies and technical information, to ensure that enterprises make

CNC cutting machine with a valid save steel and consumables. To learn and understand the CNC cutting of new technology development, implementation CNC cutting machine "full-time cutting, automatic cutting

, Efficient cutting, high-quality cutting, high nesting rate cut ", please continue to refer to" a new CNC cutting technology and methods, "a text.

residual pressure valve works

Residual pressure valve can be used in clean room or clean room, metric hydraulic fittings indoor and outdoor used to maintain positive pressure, excess air from the room to prevent outside air intrusion.
Its working principle: When the clean room air pressure than the standard atmospheric pressure, the valve automatically opens the door, when less than standard atmospheric pressure, the valve is closed restored to balance the pressure effect. Purification internal pressure to prevent extrusion of the room caused by the noise and the possibility of bursting. I have a lot of pressure valve types, different applications have different nuances, please contact us for more information on residual pressure valve.

Residual pressure valve characteristics
1. Installation in the form of wall-mounted, wall thickness 30 ~ 50mm inner can be adjusted.
2. Hammer position can be based air volume, stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings pressure requirements for adjustment.
3. Surface paint or electrostatic spray (spray color is generally white, also specified by the user). If other requirements should be described in the order, according to the user's needs, manufacturing a variety of different specifications. Differential pressure gauge and a generally used. Can be custom made according to size.
4. In order to prevent contamination of clean room, room must maintain a positive pressure, if the pressure is too high clean room, causing the door difficult to switch, thus the use of pressure relief damper to maintain the positive pressure clean room. The air flow rate through the pressure relief damper is generally 100-1200m3 / h hydraulic hose sleeve between the differential pressure maintained between 5-40Pa.

Residual pressure valve effect
◇. Maintain a positive pressure air-conditioned room;
◇ tightly closed, responsive;
◇ positive value adjustment convenient, does not consume energy

CNC flame cutting machine cutting plate inclination operating skills

More than 25mm thick metal cutting CNC flame cutting machines in operation, its cutting quality results compared to plasma cutting has obvious advantages, the main

Manifested in the vertical plane and slotted finish, the other using CNC flame cutting machine can provide for the needs of cutting angle, when the use of flame cutting torch high

Degree of control, the size of the air pressure, cutting speed and cutting thickness is an important factor to consider. Here CNC flame cutting machine torch inclination to be a simple set


According CNC flame cutting machine automatic hydraulic hose cutting machine and semi-automatic cutting different ways to adjust the distance between each of the torch, determined the amount of drag, and consider cutting compensation; after cutting

Cutting process, the size of the torch angle and direction of the thickness of the steel plate mainly when cutting thick cut pieces of <10mm when needed torch inclination backward 10 ° -15 ° to make the cut

Cut to achieve the best; otherwise you will need to torch perpendicular to the plate surface. Also in terms of quantity kerf width is required to remain entirely based on cutting thickness from the line settings, where

We take the two kinds of thickness to a brief description of the relationship between the two, for the <10mm thick plate cutting kerf compensation generally set to 1mm down; 40mm or more in the timber

Material, cutting kerf compensation setting is generally about 3mm.

CNC flame cutting machines during automatic cutting, hanging steel to cutting platform, should be adjusted unilaterally steel rails across the head and distance difference of 5mm range. In

Semi-automatic cutting, should be cut steel rails placed on the plane, and then cutting machine lightly on the rail. So there is the side facing the torch operator, according to the

Selection of cutting nozzle plate thickness, adjusting hose cutting machine  straightness and cutting speed.

It should be noted that, before we are talking about are based CNC flame cutting machine processing as the basis for the use of plasma cutting and processing enterprises, achieving angle cut

Cutting process is the establishment of any course, the key lies in matching plasma cutting power source output can be achieved in the process of cutting machine angle, wear plate thickness changes, such as a

Taiwan LGK-100A plasma power, cutting 8mm thick material, the inclination angle of the cut is relatively limited; while for 10mm thickness of the material is completely impossible dumping

Angle cutting, which is also requested user's attention.