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SAE hydraulic fittings is using American standard, including hose fittings and flanges. We offer you high quality sae hydraulic hose fittings with low price; we ensure that they are high precision according to standard and perfect surface finish.If you need sae hydraulic fittings, please email us.
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SAE Flange L.T Description: the marerial is 45 carbon steel.P87311 is supplied as our 3000PSI hydraulic flanges.
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SAE Flange L.T Description: the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P87341 is supplied as our 3000PSI hydraulic flanges.
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SAE Flange L.T Description: the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P87391 is supplied as our 3000PSI hydraulic flanges.
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SAE Flang H.T. Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P87611 is our 6000PSI hydraulic flange part no .
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the weight of the hydraulic universal testing machine

 the weight of the hydraulic universal testing machine

Currently the largest hydraulic hose cutting machine universal testing machine can do 300 tons, there WAW-2000G servo universal testing machine, WEW-2000G-screen universal testing machine, WAW-2400G servo universal testing machine, WEW-2400G-screen universal testing machine. To solve a big problem do the test specimen, this model weighs 10 tons. npt pipe fittings WAW-2400D computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine technical parameters are as follows:
1 Maximum test force kN 2400
(2) Test force measurement range kN 2% ~ 100% FS
3 Test Force showed the relative error ≤ ± 1% of
4 Test Force Resolution 0.01kN
5 mm 0.01 displacement measurement resolution
6 Deformation measurement accuracy mm 0.01
7 mm 1000 Maximum tensile test space
8 mm 900 Maximum compression space
9 Piston stroke mm 250
10 round specimen clamping jaw diameter mm Φ15-Φ70
11 flat clamping jaw specimen thickness mm 0-50
12 flat sample maximum clamping width mm 80
13 pressure plate size mm 204 × 204
14 Maximum piston speed mm / min 50
15 Clamping automatically step up
16 Overall dimensions mm 1420 × 1180 × 3400
17 Dynamometer cabinet dimensions mm 1000 × 700 × 1400

Hydraulic hose installation Note thing matters
1, the length of the hose assembly to have a certain margin. Due to hose pressure, usually the length of -4 to +2% change, it is straight state installation, the hose should be some relaxation.
2, the installation of the hose bending should maintain the same level, to prevent distortions, so as not to cause leakage in use exception blasting or pipe joints pull off.
3, to avoid sharp bending of the hose in the vicinity of the joints. If this is unavoidable, you must use the accessories to change the angle of installation.
4, both ends of the hose for the relative motion, the hose implementation of the curved portion always remain in the same plane, to prevent the hose twisted and affecting life.
5, to avoid the hose is fixed in the curved parts. Fixed when really necessary, the bending radius should be taken when the location of the hose is pressurized, plus an appropriate margin.
6, if the hose is in use state when the repeated bending, so that the hose fully stretched length, and its radius of the curved parts of the metric hydraulic fittings is greater than a predetermined limit, in order to avoid extreme bending in the vicinity of the fixed joint.
7, the tube in each grazing under the user, the installation should be equipped with suitable clamps to prevent direct hydraulic banjo fittings with the tube.
8, when the both ends of the hose is fixed in different planes, should be in the appropriate parts of the hose is clamped fixed, so as to form the two parts of the respective movement in the same plane.
9, the length of the hose selection and installation layout to be reasonable, to avoid an unnecessary bending, such a phenomenon caused by the bursting of the curved outer tube.
Structure and properties of metal hose connector
DKJ card sets of metal metric hydraulic hose fittings, non-threaded steel pipe and hose can be connected save sets of silk process, simply screw into the can;
Metal connector zinc alloy die-casting, surface galvanized, brushed, or chrome-plated; compact structure, high strength. Pipe with metal stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings is reliable, beautiful appearance;
This metal connector for the card sets, used metal hose connected to the threaded steel pipe;
The metal hose adapter: JS type JSH JSB type JSHG;
Adapter pipe: thin steel wire tube, black iron pipe (water, gas pipes);
Please note that the connection pipe hose specifications, dimensions selection DKJ card sets of metal joints
Valve electric device

The disadvantage is that the structure is complicated, and more difficult to use in a damp place for explosive medium, flameproof measures

. Valve electric device, Z and Q two categories can be divided into different types of brass hydraulic fittings  driven. Z-type valve electric

Mobile device to the output shaft can turn a lot of laps, suitable for driving gate valve Q-type valve electric globe valves, diaphragm valves, etc.;

The output shaft of the apparatus can only be rotated 90. Suitable for driving plug sae hydraulic fittings , ball valves and butterfly valves. According to their type of protection & P

Pass type, flameproof (in B), heat (in R) and triple-type (ie, outdoor, anti-corrosion, flameproof, to the S-meter

Shown). Valve electric device generally by the transmission mechanism (reducer), motor, travel control mechanism, torque limit

System institutions, manual - electric switching mechanism, opening indicator.