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bsp adapter: We offer our client an excellent quality range of Hydraulic BSP Adapter, which are manufactured from high grade quality raw materials. These Hydraulic BSP Adapter can be customized as per our precious customers specifications. These Hydraulic BSP Adapter are widely known for its durability and quality. Our Hydraulic BSP Adapter can be availed at industrial leading price.
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high pressure steel wire braided hose

Product Structure Type:
Steel braided hose structure is composed of liquid-resistant synthetic rubber inner layer, middle layer, Ⅰ or Ⅱ or Ⅲ layer wire braid reinforcement, and weather-resistant synthetic rubber with excellent performance cover.

Product Use:
stainless steel fitting wire reinforced hydraulic rubber hose mainly used for mine hydraulic support, oil exploration, suitable for construction, lifting and transport, metallurgy, forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools and various industrial sectors of mechanization and automation of hydraulic system has a certain pressure and temperature based (such as mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil) liquid, water-based liquid (such as emulsion, oil-water emulsion, water), gas and liquid transmission purposes.
Product Features:
1 Hose special selection made with synthetic rubber with excellent oil resistance, heat aging resistance.
(2) Hose high pressure, pulse performance.
3 tube tightly, use a soft, small deformation under pressure.
4 hose has excellent resistance around the song and fatigue resistance.
5 wire braided hose length is greater, φ32 length of 20 meters or more, φ25 can connect up to ten meters or even less than one hundred meters.

Applicable temperature: Oil -40 ℃ - +100 ℃, air -30 ℃ - +50 ℃, +80 ℃ water emulsion or less, than please choose our specific products.

hydraulic components superimposed Technical Analysis
Stacking manifold ways with a variety of specially designed plate connected to valve according to the ordinary requirements of the system stacked up in the hydraulic system integration methods, collectively known as HMB superimposed integration technology. Integrating in this way a hydraulic system, can be seen, modular valves, valve plate connections and connection blocks. Superimposed valve in the hydraulic fittings jic circuit block shape its structure, named after the name suggests it is a stacked each other hydraulic valves, is to adapt to this integrated approach and special design. Rather, the overlay is superimposed valve connected hydraulic bolt  valves. It is connected to the hydraulic valve plate developed on the basis of integration of new hydraulic components. Which itself contains from 1 to 2 separate valves, its internal structure and general hydraulic valve similar. The valve between the upper and lower surfaces of the joint surface, the valve surface in both imports and exports. In addition, there is for internal connection between the valve channels. Therefore, modular valves in the hydraulic valve play both the role of connecting passage between the valve underway role.
the advantages of hydraulic bolt tensioners

the advantages of hydraulic bolt tensioners
Hydraulic bolt tensioners referred hydraulic testing machine tensioners, its power element is the role of the original motivation of the mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy, refers to the hydraulic system of pumps, hydraulic bolt tensioners to provide power to the mechanical energy of a fluid pump transformation.

Electric power, shipbuilding industry, metallurgical coal, petrochemicals, heavy machinery and other fields
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1, generally use mineral oil as the working medium, relative motion surface can be self-lubrication, long service life.
2, light weight, small size, small inertia, fast response.
3, a variety of sae hydraulic fittings components, as needed easily and flexibly to decorate.
4, automatic overload protection.
5, manipulation easy to control, can be realized simultaneously a plurality of bolts fastening. Saving labor costs.
6, it is easy to achieve linear motion.
7, it is easy to realize automation of the machine, when combined with fluid power control, not only to achieve a higher degree of automatic control process, and can achieve remote control.
8, the interference can be connected as a hydraulic axial force is applied to a device for top pressure installation.

accompanied by conventional hydraulic universal testing machine component parts

 hydraulic couplers universal testing machine bending routine accompanied by nothing more than the pull of mechanical testing, which accompanied the basic components can be divided into four parts, accompanied by trials, samples, accompanied by lower fixed tool composition. Here we take a closer look at the composition between them.
1 accompanied by stretching: upper beam, plugs, tightening bolts, stretching fixture, specimen, move the beams under tensile fixture
(2) accompanied by compression: Next move the beam, plugs, tightening bolts, on the plate, samples, lower platen spherical seat, plugs, table
3 bending accompanied: bending table, ruler, nuts, roller bearings, positioning slightly, plugs, engraved lines, the pressure head, tightening bolts, adapter bolts, screws, upper beam, sample homemade protection net
4 Cut accompanied: table, shear bearing, activities shear block specimens fixed shear block, on the pressure head, fastening screws, move the beams.
In addition, the so-called test is accompanied by the correct installation of the above components is mainly contained in the content, in a certain order or the relationship between the installation, users can easily grasp a little understanding of what can be.