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hydraulic valve manifold
hydraulic valve manifold : HEPEL offers manifolds for hydraulic valves, instrument pressure and flow measuring systems, and heat-pump and air conditioning unit liquid lines. Hydraulic valve manifolds are available from single cartridge valve manifolds to integrated hydraulic circuit manifolds. If you have any interest please contract us.
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Cutting machine to distinguish from the cutting

cutting machine classification range of applications
Cutting Machine Image

Cutting machine to distinguish from the cutting  hydraulic valve manifold material is divided into metal and nonmetal materials cutting machine cutting machine.

Metal cutting machine into flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, waterjet cutting machines;

Nonmetallic material cutting machine cutting machine tools mainly.

Cutter way to distinguish from the control is divided into CNC cutting machine and manual cutting machines.

CNC cutting machine is to use the digital process-driven machine movement, with the machine movement, the cutting tool with a random distribution of the object to be cut. This mechatronic

Of the cutting machine it is called CNC cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine is efficient fastest, highest precision cutting, cutting thickness is generally small. Plasma cutting machine cutting speed quickly, cutting surfaces have a certain slope.

Flame cutting machine for carbon steel in thicknesses greater.

Cutting machine application of metal and nonmetal industry, in general, non-metallic SECTOR rather meticulous cutting stone like a stone cutting machine, water jet cutting machine, serrated cut

Cutting machines, cutting fabric and plastic, chemical products used in laser cutting machine, cutting machine blade, cutting metal materials are flame cutting machines, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting

Machine inside was divided CNC cutting machine, and manual two categories, the categories are manually, small car, semi-automatic, pure manual, CNC there, gantry CNC cutting machine, cantilever CNC

Cutting machine, desktop CNC cutting machine, CNC intersecting line reusable hose fittings cutting machine and so on!

The most expensive laser cutting machine is the highest accuracy and efficiency a high-tech cutting equipment, waterjet cutting machine, followed by flame cutting machine is also relatively cost again bottom

, Plasma cutting machine using the lowest cost (calculated per piece)!

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Generally CNC flame cutting machines, plasma cutting machine holds a large part of the user, and later fine plasma, laser cutting will replace the former, as the main

Stream cutting machines, because they are environmentally friendly, reusable hydraulic fittings cutting speed, cutting quality is good!

To warm the pipe full pipe pressure equipment
to warm the pipe full pipe pressure testing machine
To warm the pipe full pipe pressure equipment is used to test the coil resistance hydraulic flanges to internal pressure test, sufficient to avoid detection of resistance to internal pressure pipe brought incompleteness is an economical and practical, versatile, high degree of automation of the testing machine.
       To warm the pipe full pipe pressure testing machine controlled by a pressure micro part, auto-fill pressure relief and electric components, pressure micro control part adopts the microcomputer MCU control, equipped with a high-resolution, high-speed Σ-△ 16-bit analog-to-digital conversion chips, communications and computers always, you can also be individually controlled by the pressure unit, and according to stressful situations automatically fill pressure and automatic pressure relief. The machine can be achieved in a single step flushing, pressure and emptying tests. With leakage warning, burst identification, real-time monitoring, power holding pressure and other functions. All use the machine CE certification of electronic components, solenoid valves, Germany, Denmark sensor; reliable long-term operation and high stability, grape purple border, decent, dignified and beautiful.
Hydraulic High Speed ​​Cutter
hydraulic pipe fittings High Speed ​​Cutter
Manufacturer Wallenberg (Wohlenberg) and Bowman multiple devices on display at drupa. Between them, the German company demonstrated three stack steering equipment, 5 speed cutter and three have BASA jogger systems, and a variety of wireless perfect binding line. Bowman said they believe that the main topic will be the BASA automatic jogger. Will be on display at the exhibition Wallenberg next generation cutter, including for the first time introduced to the world of Wallenberg High Speed ​​Cutter. This new device has a closed machine units, without groove and closed tape, Wallenberg said thus forming a super cushion cut is extremely easy to carry the stack of paper to make cutting direction of rotation of the paper stack. metric hydraulic fittings  mechanism to move to the center of the machine, press the paper in the bottom to ensure even pressure on both sides, so it can ensure accurate cutting. Other products on display at the exhibition there is a typical universal cutting system plus the new Wallenberg cut 115 and highly automated production line, a machine with the new Wallenberg 132, a machine with the new Warren Berg 225. Binding in paperback, the focus is an important innovation and the basic trend. In the exhibition, there will be the latest Master E 8000. This machine will ConditionPro exhibited alongside (ConditionPro is a real-time monitoring machine condition new system) A CDD cover folding machine feeding machine and a trimming device VSS before the mouth. Featured are Trim-tec 90e, which is a fully automated 90-cycle three-sided knife cutting machine, there are two paperback Binding System.
what is the proportional valve
Electro-hydraulic fittings manufacturers proportional valve is a proportional solenoid valve input voltage signal is generated corresponding action to make it work the valve spool is displaced, the valve orifice size is changed and in order to complete the input voltage into a proportional pressure, flow output components. Spool displacement can also be mechanical, hydraulic fitting or electrical feedback form. Electro-hydraulic proportional valve has a form of species diversity, composition easy to use a variety of electrical and computer controlled electro-hydraulic systems, high control accuracy, installation flexibility and strong anti-pollution, and many other advantages, applications increasingly widened. In recent years, the proportion of R & D cartridge valves and proportional multi-way valve fully into account the characteristics of construction machinery use, with pilot control, load sensing and pressure compensation function. It appears on mobile hydraulic fittings suppliersmachinery to enhance the overall technological level of significance. Especially electronically controlled pilot-operated, wireless remote control and wired remote control and other aspects demonstrated its good application prospects.