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hydraulic hose end fittings
We manufacture best quality Hydraulic End Fittings, which are fitted on either side of the Hydraulic Hoses to catering to specific applications demanded by the customer. Hydraulic Hose End Fittings are widely used in Various Industries. Our company manufactures End Fittings from Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and any other material according to the specifications of customers. We guarantee satisfaction to customers.
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Plastics piping systems for hot and cold water
cold and hot water piping systems Plastic Testing Machine
Plastics piping systems for hot and cold water test machine for hot and cold water with a variety of plastic pipes and fittings (PP, PEX, PVC-C, PB), according to the requirements of assembly and withstand a certain pressure at a temperature after the number of alternating Check pipes and fittings for leaks, the instrument is mainly used for pipe fittings after assembly system tests. Hot and cold water systems for thermoplastic pipe fittings system test requirements. Test device using foreign advanced pressure control device for controlling, preventing the pressure fluctuations with temperature and time, the test pressure circulation pump imported from abroad provided to ensure that the pressure of the long-term effectiveness. reusable hose fitting Temperature conditions under which detection device automatically opens the appropriate return valve, reduce energy consumption, reduce the cost of test. Instrument with a special device greatly eliminates piping noise, are imported refrigeration equipment, power consumption, cooling capacity; reliable security guards and comprehensive level measurement devices to ensure that the high and low liquid level in the tank, When the test fails, the pipeline has ruptured, the time of shutdown; personnel can effectively protect against experimental tests and easy to observe the process of product design fully simulate the real product practical application scenarios, design ideas unique in the country.
) Pressure control range: 0.4MPa ~ 1.0MPa can be arbitrarily set
2) Pressure control precision: the set value ± 0.05MPa (alternating hot and Manifold Block cold water when no water hammer phenomenon)
3) Hot and cold water alternating time: less than 1 minute
4) Hot and cold water, each cycle: 15 minutes
5) cycles: 1 ~ 10000 arbitrarily set between.
6) Temperature indication error: 0.5 ℃
7) thermostatic bath temperature uniformity: ≤ ± 1 ℃
8) Temperature control range: Cold water: 15 ℃ ~ Hot water temperature: room temperature ~ 95 ℃
9) the applicable maximum diameter: Ф63
10) Test Station number: 6 channels (12 channels to be special orders)
11) Power supply: 380VAC/220VAC mix
12) Standard Rated Power: 25kW
13) Instrument Size: 5550mm × 2800mm × 1800mm
14) Instrument Installation size: 8000mm × 7000mm × 1800mm
Hydraulic pipe fittings introduction of hydraulic pipe fittings
Hydraulic pipe fittings introduction of reusable fitting pipe fittings, is one of seamless material, the carbon content of 0.24-0.32%, and the five elemental carbon C, Si Si, Mn Mn, phosphorus P, S, sulfur, high levels of manganese about 1.10-1.40%. Hydraulic pipe fittings and general application of a fluid with seamless steel pipe: GB8163-99 2, boiler seamless steel pipe: GB3087-1999 3, high-pressure boiler seamless pipe: GB5310-95 4, fertilizer equipment, with high : GB6479-1999 5, geological drilling seamless steel: YB235-70 6, oil drilling seamless steel: YB528-65 7, petroleum cracking seamless steel pipe: GB9948-88 8, oil drill collar special seamless: YB691-70 9, automobile axle seamless steel: GB3088-1999 10, ship seamless: GB5312-1999 11, drawing cold rolled precision seamless steel pipe: GB3639-1999 various alloy tube 16Mn, 27SiMn, 15CrMo , 35CrMo, 12CrMov, 20G, 40Cr, 12Cr1MoV, 15CrMo steel by the production process is divided into different types of seamless and welded steel pipe. Seamless is a steel ingot, billet or bar made of seamless steel pipe perforation. Verily, Tiebi copper wall.
functional diversification testing machine
 Hydrostatic testing machine is suitable for all kinds of plastic pipe for fluid transport pipe hydraulic transient burst test and long-term under constant pressure damage resistant thermoplastic pipes - Determination of time. Are various research institutes, quality inspection departments and pipe manufacturer necessary testing equipment. The machine main technical parameters meet GB/T6111-2003 and GB/T15560-1995 standards, is a simple structure, easy operation, functional diversification of the testing machine, and has a power-down protection.
 hydraulic fittings testing machine (pipe pressure burst test machine) using the PC central cluster control. Each channel has a microcomputer for receiving PC control commands to achieve control, while constantly put through the serial bus control information back to the PC, from the PC to complete the test data acquisition and storage capabilities. Test the host can also be controlled independently from the PC. Which has a leakage warning, burst identification, real-time monitoring, work offline, power protection, printing, storage test results and other functions. This series testing machine main technical parameters meet GB/T6111-2003 and GB/T15560-95 standards, can be long-term metric hydraulic hose fittings test tubes or pipe pressure burst test is a scientific structure, convenient operation, functional diversification testing machine.
1 leakage warning, burst identification, real-time monitoring, with PC control interface.
37 all the way to multi-port test high efficiency, low cost, good economic returns.
thermal cutting, plasma cutting in the position

  A kind of thermal cutting method and its application status

Commonly referred to as thermal cutting law mainly refers to cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting. Rely on the traditional cutting of metal cutting oxidation reaction, so its cutting

Speed ​​is limited by the metal oxidation reaction speeds. Plasma cutting is to rely on electricity for molten metal cutting, laser cutting is to rely on light molten metal to be cut, which

Two kinds of cutting methods to increase its cutting power as long as you can to improve their cutting speed. In cutting areas, in addition to the use of oxygen, gas cutting, the recent German research into

Successful use of liquid oxygen, gas hydraulic cutting machine method to achieve high-energy, greatly improved cutting efficiency, but the cutting machine is expensive, even the industrialized countries should be in production

Rarely used. So it comes to cutting specifically refers to the former, and especially automatic cutting machine. In plasma cutting, according to the different types of plasma gas, air can be divided into

Plasma cutting, plasma cutting oxygen, argon, hydrogen plasma cutting. Now air plasma cutting machine cutting current at 120A less, 30 ~ 70A manual operation

Cutter majority. In Japan, air plasma cutting machine cutting machine with automatic number of units sold in the market has been quite [a.

Oxygen plasma cutting machine is mainly used for cutting thick shipyard, its cutting current to 350 ~ 500A based. Such cutters fewer users in Japan, was

Only manufacture more than 100 units [1]. Air plasma cutting machine cutting nitride nitrogen in the air side, directly submerged arc weld prone nitrogen Kong, and oxygen

Plasma cutting machine is to overcome this problem. Argon-hydrogen plasma cutting machine designed for cutting aluminum, stainless steel plate, the cutting current to 500 ~ 1000A based.

    2 plasma cutting technology development status

Development of plasma cutting technology for cutting stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. But the development so far, plasma cutting technology has been used for cutting carbon steel, mainly because other

Plasma cutting speed, easy to set the cutting conditions more suitable for automated, unmanned operation. The cutting of the cutting process often need to adjust the flame, cutting speed is slow, pre-

Thermal time limit cutting productivity, by contrast is not suitable for automated, unmanned operation.

Air or oxygen plasma cutting technology is the key cutting torch consumables life issues. As the air or oxygen oxidation, plasma cutting torch electrode

, The nozzle must be resistant to high temperature oxidizing atmosphere arc. So now hafnium electrode material using a high melting point, and in a special processing method embedded in copper. Nozzle mining

With a double flow structure, the advantage of improving the flow direction, speed, and plasma gas purity and cooling, to protect the nozzle, further compression of the arc. In addition to

A reduced electrode wear, arcing when cutting gas than pure oxygen with nitrogen, oxygen gas mixture, and a smaller flow rate, to be switched to oxygen from the arc. This

Outside the process of cutting nozzle in contact with the material being cut will damage the nozzle, which in the cutting torch height control efforts. Electrode and the short life of the nozzle now than in the past

Greatly improved, with a corresponding oxygen plasma cutting current maximum has been reached 500A. According to the literature [2] introduced, 400A oxygen plasma cutting, each electrode can work 3.5h, each

Nozzles can be operated 4.8h, than the literature [3] presented data has greatly improved.

    3 Comparative Analysis of thermal cutting France

    3.1 cutting efficiency

From cutting productivity perspective, not only depend on its maximum cutting thickness, and depends on its corresponding cutting speeds. Figure 1 summarizes the three kinds of hot-cutting method for cutting speed and cutting

Cutting thickness relationship, cutting material is carbon steel [1].

Contrast, plasma cutting and cutting CO2 laser cutting efficiency, 50A air plasma cutting efficiency is equivalent to 1.5kW laser cutting efficiency, 70A and 150A of the former

The latter is equivalent to 2kW and 6kW. 300A above with oxygen plasma cutting efficiency is very high-power laser cutting machine is not yet listed. Therefore, from the cutting efficiency perspective, cutting

50mm or less carbon steel, plasma cutting most efficient, cutting more than 50mm of carbon steel, maximum cutting efficiency of oxygen gas cutting.

    3.2 cutting quality

Table 1 compares the cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting cutting surface roughness, cutting precision, cutting slit width, heat affected zone size [1], these factors are representative of

The cutting quality. As long as the correct choice of cutting method and cutting conditions, the cutting surface of the rounded edges and the lower edge of the sticky residue phenomenon can be overcome, so that two are not included in the table.On the cutting surface roughness, the general optimal plasma cutting. As long as special attention, not inferior to laser cutting, plasma cutting.

On the cutting accuracy and cutting slit width, the optimal laser cutting. If equipped with a cutting torch to ensure the accuracy and running gear motion characteristics, gas cutting, plasma cutting

Cutting accuracy is guaranteed.

Produced by cutting the width of the heat affected zone, deformation and cutting speed have a great relationship, cutting the cutting speed is slow, the heat-affected zone width, deformation is also large. General kerf

The narrower the cutting speed, the cutting material of the heat input is smaller, cutting the deformation is small. After testing and comparative analysis of the results is that the variation of laser cutting

Shaped minimum, plasma cutting deformation, followed by cutting machine the maximum deformation.

    3.3 Cost Cutting

Cutting equipment purchase costs depend on the production volume, production volume the greater the relative cost of the purchase of equipment smaller. However, cost cutting is proportional to the amount produced. Chart

2 compares the cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting cutting costs, cutting costs, including replacement parts costs, gas, electricity, labor costs. Cutting costs is a single

Bit length cutting costs.