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brass hydraulic hose fittings
brass hydraulic hose fittings: PEHEL is mainly producing two types of brass hydraulic hose fittings (see the picture below) so far. We can also provide customer made fittings with tight, leak proof connection. If you have any interest, please contract us.
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the hydraulic control valve

Hydraulic control valve

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(Referred hydraulic valve) is a hydraulic system control element for controlling the hydraulic testing machine system pressure of the fluid flow and flow direction, so as to meet the various requirements of different actions actuator.

Hydraulic control valves can be divided according to their role in directional control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valves three categories, corresponding by these valves are three basic circuit: direction control loop pressure control loop and speed loop. Press the control of different ways, can be divided into ordinary hydraulic valve hydraulic control valve, servo control valves, proportional control valve. Different forms depending on the installation, hydraulic swivel fittings  valves can be divided into tubular, plate and cartridge type, and so are several.

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 Two-way cartridge valve from the cartridge device, the control cover, pilot control valves, manifold blocks, four-part

1 Cartridge - also known as the felling assembly, which consists of spool and sleeve, springs and seals four kinds of parts. Main function is used to control the direction of the main oil line, pressure and flow.

2 Control cover - from the cover of the embedded micro-pilot control element (throttling plug) as well as other parts and other accessories. It is mainly used to secure and guarantee Cartridge seal; communication control oil and felling the link between the control chamber and implement control.

3 pilot control valve - mounted on the control cover (also can be installed directly on the manifold body), is the implementation of action for felling Cartridge smaller gauge control valve. Mainly pain ¢ 10 ¢ 6 and the standard diameter solenoid valve, proportional valve, adjustable dampers, buffers, etc.. Felling larger size may need to use a smaller two-way cartridge valves for secondary control. Dimensions comply with ISO and national standards solenoid valve can be interchanged with the installation of similar products at home and abroad.

4 manifold blocks - used to install Cartridge, hydraulic adaptors covers and other control valve control, communication and control circuit of the main oil blocks

hydraulic bolt tensioners Industrial Applications

 With industrial hydraulic quick coupling  bolt tensioners pull the bolt installation requirements increase, calculated by the torque force has been unable to meet the accuracy requirements, the use of hydraulic bolt tensioners manual or electric high-pressure pump generates a tensile force of the bolt so that the elastic curved region is elongated bolt diameter micro smaller nut can be easily screwed in the end, after the completion of unloading stretcher fastening work, otherwise you can easily remove the nut and bolt threads from damage, Rally accurate, is a safe, efficient, fast special tools.

    Hydraulic bolt tensioners are widely used in all walks of different types of devices lock bolt split, split bolt for customers to solve the numerous problems the lock side, proved my company's bolt tension to meet customer demand for different working conditions.

   hydraulic hose sleeve bolt tensioners with simple operation, small size, light weight, uniform tensile force output, high accuracy (and multiple simultaneous preload), long life, low maintenance and so on. In the electric power, petroleum, chemical, steel, mining, cement, transportation, machinery, military and other industries has been successfully applied.

electronic universal testing machine in the weldment Applications

Electronic universal testing machine can be configured with different test is accompanied by different materials of different mechanical properties, the type of equipment is widely used, and its accompanied up to the thousands, applicable to all industries mechanical testing of various materials. Today we introduce in weldments several common test, for your reference.
1 meet the standards GB / T 5117-1999 test the mechanical properties of carbon steel electrode
2.GB/T8110-2008 mechanical testing wire for gas shielded arc welding of carbon and low alloy solid wire and filler wire tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and other indicators.
3 weld and weld metal tensile test method GB-T2652-2008, mainly for the weld and weld metal tensile properties.
4.GB/T2651-2008 fusion welding of metal materials mechanical properties of welded joints and pressure hydraulic testing machine , mainly for testing the tensile strength, yield point, elongation, reduction of area and other mechanical properties.
5.GB/T26957-2011 cruciform joints and lap joints mechanical test, the main test the tensile strength of the material.
6.GB/T3351-2005 marine steel welded joint detection, the device through the positive bending and negative bending, lateral bending tests for flexural strength testing.accompanied by conventional hydraulic universal testing machine component parts

Hydraulic universal testing machine bending routine accompanied by nothing more than the pull of mechanical testing, which accompanied the basic components can be divided into four parts, accompanied by trials, samples, accompanied by lower fixed tool composition. Here we take a closer look at the composition between them.
1 accompanied by stretching: upper beam, plugs, tightening bolts, stretching fixture, specimen, move the beams under tensile fixture
(2) accompanied by compression: Next move the beam, plugs, tightening bolts, on the plate, samples, lower platen spherical seat, plugs, table
3 bending accompanied: bending table, ruler, nuts, roller bearings, positioning slightly, plugs, engraved lines, the pressure head, tightening bolts, adapter bolts, screws, upper beam, sample homemade protection net
4 Cut accompanied: table, shear bearing, activities shear block specimens fixed shear block, on the pressure head, fastening screws, move the beams.
In addition, the so-called test is accompanied by the correct installation of the above components is mainly contained in the content, in a certain order or the relationship between the installation, users can easily grasp a little understanding of what can be.

universal testing machine using the operating method

1. Clamping the specimen for tensile specimens, first unscrew the pump delivery valve actuated, so that the working piston rises a short distance, and then close the delivery valve, one end of the sample clip in the upper jaw, dynamometer cleared , and then adjust the lower jaw, the lower end of the specimen holder, you can start the test, gripping the specimen should be carved jaws clamped sample size range. Sample should be caught in the jaws of the length, the two jaw position must be consistent and to be fully aligned with the central fixation.

2, delivery valve and return valve operation

Delivery valve in the raised test sets can be opened a little bigger, so test sets the fastest rise, reducing overhead time trial. When the sample should pay attention to manipulate the Netherlands, according to the sample size must be adjusted for loading speed should not rise too fast, so that the sample is under attack, should not be shut down for no reason, so that the sample suffered a sudden drop in load, thus affecting electronic universal testing machine test data accuracy. If the yield point make the specifications or other special test cases need to repeatedly increase and decrease the load, should also smooth operation.
Jiaheermeng return valve in the sample, it must be closed, not allowed to have the oil to drain back to the specimen fracture, delivery valve should be closed, and then slowly open the oil return valve, remove the load and make hydraulic testing machine machine piston back down to its original position, so that the oil back to the tank, you should note that the delivery valve handwheel Do not overtighten to avoid damage to the tip of the needle oil, oil return valve hand wheel must be tightened, because of the oil has a larger needle tip obtuse So easy to damage