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reusable hose fitting: Reusable Hose Fittings attach to the hose with a threaded connection and can easily be removed should the hose need to be repaired, unlike regular hose barb fittings. The quality of the fitting is essential. Our PEHEL can promise the quality. They are available in brass, electroless nickel, plated brass and stainless steel with male NPT, female NPSM and hose splicer’s options. If you are interest, please contract me.
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Edit this paragraph Instructions for use

cutting machine maintenance

1, the operation is complete studio and stage applications running water surface rock residue and wipe dry.

2, regular cleaning of the carriage and the rail and rail grease on the screw drive, and promptly filling oil.

3, all the work after the end of the blade moves forward 10 centimeters, making the trip switch rocker reset.

4, cutter machine after use if not used within a certain period of time, you should move the blade and fixture parts and machines of some rust coated lithium place butter


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Instructions for use

1, cutting machines installed, check the various parts of machine power reusable hose fittings rotation is flexible, all loose fasteners.

2, power on, press the host button, the blade rotation is consistent with the direction of the arrow. If the reverse immediately adjusted. After checking clamping rock samples can be cut

, Rock-like clamping should choose a reliable gripping points, to prevent the phenomenon of virtual folders and fake clip. Cutting process in order to avoid damage due to shifting of rock cutting tools and rock samples.

3, the clamping irregular rock, the available top-pressure clamping, clamping methods, see Book 1. Clamping step: first rock samples 8 flat on the table, and then the top

Pressure clamp 10 moves along the T-slot 3 inserted, selected and rock samples from the fixture, jig base locking screw and move the mandrel bolts 13, to select a reliable gripping points,

Then move the plunger locking nut 11, followed by rotating plunger until the plunger to top dead rock samples, and tighten the mandrel nut 12 to prevent loosening of mandrel in the cutting process


4, when cutting core samples, such as rocks larger quantities available random length plate attached to the pressure on the number of rock samples, together with the cutting, in order to improve work efficiency, clamping methods, such as

Figure 2 shows, the steps are as follows: The samples were eight flat on the table 6, the pressure plate bolts inserted along the T-slots 3, insert one end of a long table plate 9 square hole in the vertical plane,

Turn the adjusting screw 7 and the pressure plate bolts nut 10 can be pressed rock samples, such as the size of the core diameter slight error in the above plus a rock shaped like thin wood, so long

Plate can be pressed into the rock sample. Clamping and cutting a hydraulic ferrule rectangular cube shaped rock sample, they apply this method.

5, the work, first start the main motor, and then work into the button to start cutting, because the rock with irregular shape, then feed slowly until the blade edge

All rock samples into only after a little faster.

6, cutters and retract automatically when the cutter along the table movement to the terminal, it can automatically back to Qiduan and automatically stops moving. If the work process requires

Back, click Control Panel rewind button. Needs to move forward and rewind, press the forward button can also work feed. Either feed or retraction, press the stop button to stop the cutter can be

Stop movement. Work, such as rock samples found far away from the cutter, press the fast-forward button (press and hold) or jog fast forward until the blade close to the rock sample, that is, release the button.

And then work into the button, the normal cutting. This can shorten feed auxiliary time. The machine feed drive as shown in Fig.

7, cutting the specimen, the hardness of the rock before work can be adjusted according to the feed rate during the cutting process to adjust the feed rate may be marks, according to

Experience cutting of hard stone, the speed is generally 40 mm / min or so.

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Suitable for cutting all kinds of special non-ferrous metals, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, plastic, plexiglass (acrylic) and carbon fiber and other materials. Especially for full self-

Aluminum cutting machine moving parts, heat sinks, audio panels, graphics cards, network cards, CPU, hard shells, MP3 aluminum, U disk aluminum ...... especially for these various materials

Short precision sawing electronic materials.

1, by a programmable PLC program settings, automatic feeding, reusable hydraulic fittings automatic folder feed, automatic sawing. Cycle of work for the automatic cycle. Cutting high precision, small vibration, low noise,

Simple operation, high efficiency, suitable for a lot longer sawing.

2, the floating feeding system, do not hurt the surface, a single feed stroke up to 650mm, continuous 3 times feeding, especially for short-material cutting.

3, the cooling system, so that the workpiece cut clean and accurate, no edges, increase blade life.

the hydraulic valve block, HMB works
orfs hydraulic fittings valve block is not designed to buy lottery tickets, of course, there is a pattern. This design it is both complex and simple, when you say he must first complex to determine which valve to inherit together, and then arranged on the valve block you want to integrate the valve position, plate valve, cartridge valves, sensors, etc. how to layout, then put down on each oil channel according to your design (ie, schematic) connected together, of course, these two steps are often repeated, until you find a suitable component layout and circuit layout, as it relates to your design valve block The technology is good bad (otherwise you design better, to draw up, or yield is too low, it is equal to zero), pressure points are reasonable (not too little to meet the needs of hydraulic valve manifold commissioning and fault detection; too much waste, too much can cause the body pore volume increases, wasted! too much oil pore complex process, the processing cycle is long, wasted!), and component inspection and replacement is easy, and many other issues.
Plastic hose silicone coating simple introduction
Organic silicone modified resin has the original matrix resin possesses the properties, thus greatly broaden the application field of the resin. Silicone acrylic resin is non-toxic, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, standing and wash, the light and colour, stick relay strong characteristics, widely used in concrete, steel structure, aluminum plate, plastic hose, etc material surface. Organic silicon resin catch alkyd resin can be greatly improved alkyd resin heat resistance and weather resistance can and gloss and anti-pulverization properties and color retention. Organic silicone modified epoxy resin, epoxy resin thermal stability and weather resistance and brittleness, etc have been improved obviously, and at the same time, because of the low surface free energy of the mask to gather organic silicon resin surface, and make the epoxy resin waterproof, prevent oil performance will be improved.
(1) silicone coating the performance characteristics of organic silicon coating is the biggest characteristic of heat resistance is strong, pure silicone resin and the preparation of flake aluminium coating can be up to 500 ℃ high temperature, silicon modified resin and temperature resistant pigment with preparation of coating can be up to 200-300 ℃ high temperature. Very good cold resistance, in a fifty ℃ still have good suppleness and impact strength and hydraulic hose and fittings. Dry film boiling water resistance, resistance to superheated steam. Oil resistance not too strong, but the ability of lubricating oil, gasoline, change the tendency of soft. The chemical stability strong pigment distribution into organic silicon resin film, in 100 ℃ with 3% alkali solution soaking under 100 h, the film did not change, resistance to dilute hydrochloric acid and dilute sulphuric acid corrosion is not high, with 5% salt water for 70 h film did not change. In normal temperature, than general organic coating of electricity by good insulation and high temperature and humidity conditions still has good electrical insulation. In the iron and steel, aluminum, glass has good adhesion. Have a very good weather resistance.
Of course silicone coating also has some deficiencies, pure organic silicon resin paint a degree is low, and pigment made enamel easy precipitation; Preparation enamel, if pigment improper selection will affect storage stability, cause enamel gel; Most of the organic silicon resin paint need high temperature baking; Solvent resistance difference; The price is more expensive. The good performance of silicone coating, make its more for heat resistant coatings, electrical insulating coating and hydraulic hose assembly, weather resistant coating, etc., are widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, electronics, etc.
(2) organic silicon weather resistant paint organic silicon resin silica key bond energy (443: kj/mol) is very big, general uv irradiation is difficult to destroy them, therefore organic silicone resin coating has good resistance to high temperature resistance and weatherability. But use organic silicon resin coating to the underlying generally poor adhesion, resistance to organic solvent is poor, the higher temperature film mechanical strength is bad, the price is more expensive. In order to improve the adhesion, curing performance, construction performance, use contain active group of organic silicon resin and has a good weathering resistance and excellent physical properties, including active group of acrylic resin condensation modification, and choose the suitable crosslinking curing agent and pigments and fillers, preparation of a kind of convenient construction, good physical properties and it has strong weathering of protective coating.
The LiZhen, containing active group of organic silicon resin containing active group of acrylic resin for condensation modification, make full use of organic silicon resin of high weather resistance and acrylic resin of high adhesion, and adopting appropriate weathering good curing agent, adding proper additives and pigments and fillers match into coating. Through the control of its physical properties to adjust formula, the development of get weathering resistance and corrosion resistance performance coatings. The coating artificial accelerated aging light 3000 h not pulverization, no crack, no bubbles, rusty, salt spray test 2000 h coating without change, xu material can be outdoor use 10 years.
(3) high temperature resistant silicone coating silicone polymer has a unique physical and chemical properties, high temperature resistant organic silicone coating is one of the important organic silicon varieties, along with the science and technology, especially the development of national defense and advanced technology, products people heat resistance put forward higher request. At present the production of high temperature resistant resin for under high temperature will oxidation cracking, already cannot satisfy special high temperature requirements. And organic silicon polymer for main chain by Si - O - Si link composition, side chain with organic groups, both inorganic and organic polymer, the double properties at high temperatures only occur side chain organic group of fracture, the main chain of silica key little damage, so has the high thermal stability, and other packing fit, can be made into high temperature resistant silicone coating and adhesive cat agent.
All characteristics of the hydraulic block and Hydraulic block manufacturing requirements

hydraulic block design and manufacturing requirements: (1) the through hole must pass, and to meet the minimum flow area requirements. (2) should not pass the hole can not pass, and to ensure that the minimum security wall thickness. But the traditional way to design the trial technicians expressed plane view three-dimensional solid, when all kinds of channels is more complex, it is difficult to judge from the plan view out the holes off and may produce the book wall, sometimes using a wooden mold to confirm the design intent. The resulting rework greatly extend the design cycle. The subsequent development of 2D and 3D CAD / CAM-based combination, or three-dimensional modeling, design methods have improved significantly, but there is still insufficient and hydraulic hose crimping machine.

In order to simplify the feature library, all the characteristics of the Manifold root its characteristics is divided into levels: system features, assembly features, components, features, hole surface characteristics. ① system features in the feature library is the most advanced, because the entire hydraulic power system contains many loop: control the pressure, flow, and power. It is TFeature a sub-feature can get a variety of variables such as component name, type, function parameters, and all components of the system from.
    ② assembly features includes standard parts and a variety of non-standard parts. The assembly is characterized by a sub-feature of the advanced features of the system features. The assembly is characterized by the definition of "TAssembly", but it required information is obtained from the "TSystem", such as the relationship between the various components, size, production standards, materials and so on. Shown in Figure 8, the manifold block is connected to the hydraulic pumps, actuators, oil Road. He is a non-standard, so there is no "standard" variable value, the variable "size" is the size of the display Manifold.
    The Manifold TAssembly in Figure 8
    ③ components characterized in order to describe the standard parts in the hydraulic power system. For example, a standard cartridge valves V1 is a component characteristics. It is by Tfeature child features Tpart defined, and the own variables: size, standard position. Figure 9 is described a hydraulic valve V1
    The 9 Tpart structure
    ④ hole surface characteristics in the design and manufacture of hydraulic manifold block is a basic feature of its information from Thole_Face, shown in Figure 10. All of the holes, surface these information can be used to express clear: size, roughness, processing methods.
    The 10 Thole_Face structure