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bsp hydraulic fittings PEHEL produce many kinds of bsp hydraulic fittings with different materials, such as steel, stainless steel, brass, etc. We can also plate the surface with various treatments, white galvanization, yellow galvanization, nickel. If you have any interest, please contract us.
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Commonly referred to as thermal cutting law mainly refers to cutting

A kind of thermal cutting method and its application status

Commonly referred to as thermal cutting law mainly refers to cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting. Rely on the traditional cutting of metal cutting oxidation reaction, so its cutting

Speed ​​is limited by the metal oxidation reaction speeds. Plasma cutting is to rely on electricity for molten metal cutting, laser cutting is to rely on light molten metal to be cut, which

Two kinds of cutting methods to increase its cutting power as hydraulic valve manifold long as you can to improve their cutting speed. In cutting areas, in addition to the use of oxygen, gas cutting, the recent German research into

Successful use of liquid oxygen, gas cutting method to achieve high-energy, greatly improved cutting efficiency, but the cutting machine is expensive, even the industrialized countries should be in production

Rarely used. So it comes to cutting specifically refers to the former, and especially automatic cutting machine. In plasma cutting, according to the different types of plasma gas, air can be divided into

Plasma cutting, plasma cutting oxygen, argon, hydrogen plasma cutting. Now air plasma cutting machine cutting current at 120A less, 30 ~ 70A manual operation

Cutter majority. In Japan, air plasma cutting machine cutting machine with automatic number of units sold in the market has been quite [a.

Oxygen plasma cutting machine is mainly used for cutting thick shipyard, its cutting current to 350 ~ 500A based. Such cutters fewer users in Japan, was

Only manufacture more than 100 units [1]. Air plasma hydraulic couplersmachine cutting nitride nitrogen in the air side, directly submerged arc weld prone nitrogen Kong, and oxygen

Plasma cutting machine is to overcome this problem. Argon-hydrogen plasma cutting machine designed for cutting aluminum, stainless steel plate, the cutting current to 500 ~ 1000A based.

    2 plasma cutting technology development status

Development of plasma cutting technology for cutting stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. But the development so far, plasma cutting technology has been used for cutting carbon steel, mainly because other

Plasma cutting speed, easy to set the cutting conditions more suitable for automated, unmanned operation. The cutting of the cutting process often need to adjust the flame, cutting speed is slow, pre-

Thermal time limit cutting productivity, by contrast is not suitable for automated, unmanned operation.

Air or oxygen plasma cutting technology is the key cutting torch consumables life issues. As the air or oxygen oxidation, plasma cutting torch electrode

, The nozzle must be resistant to high temperature oxidizing atmosphere arc. So now hafnium electrode material using a high melting point, and in a special processing method embedded in copper. Nozzle mining

With a double flow structure, the advantage of improving the flow direction, speed, and plasma gas purity and cooling, to protect the nozzle, further compression of the arc. In addition to

A reduced electrode wear, arcing when cutting gas than pure oxygen with nitrogen, oxygen gas mixture, and a smaller flow rate, to be switched to oxygen from the arc. This

Outside the process of cutting nozzle in contact with the material being cut will damage the nozzle, which in the cutting torch height control efforts. Electrode and the short life of the nozzle now than in the past

Greatly improved, with a corresponding oxygen plasma cutting current maximum has been reached 500A. According to the literature [2] introduced, 400A oxygen plasma cutting, each electrode can work 3.5h, each

Nozzles can be operated 4.8h, than the literature [3] presented data has greatly improved.

    3 Comparative Analysis of thermal cutting France

    3.1 cutting efficiency

From cutting productivity perspective, not only depend on its maximum cutting thickness, and depends on its corresponding cutting speeds. Figure 1 summarizes the three kinds of hot-cutting method for cutting speed and cutting

Cutting thickness relationship, cutting material is carbon steel [1].

Contrast, plasma cutting and cutting CO2 laser cutting efficiency, 50A air plasma cutting efficiency is equivalent to 1.5kW laser cutting efficiency, 70A and 150A of the former

The latter is equivalent to 2kW and 6kW. 300A above with oxygen plasma cutting efficiency is very high-power laser cutting machine is not yet listed. Therefore, from the cutting efficiency perspective, cutting

50mm or less carbon steel, plasma cutting most efficient, cutting more than 50mm of carbon steel, maximum cutting efficiency of oxygen gas cutting.

    3.2 cutting quality

Table 1 compares the cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting cutting surface roughness, cutting precision, cutting slit width, heat affected zone size [1], these factors are representative of

The cutting quality. As long as the correct choice of cutting method and cutting conditions, the cutting surface of the rounded edges and the lower edge of the sticky residue phenomenon can be overcome, so that two are not included in the table


On the cutting surface roughness, the general optimal plasma cutting. As long as special attention, not inferior to laser cutting, plasma cutting.

On the cutting accuracy and cutting slit width, the optimal laser cutting. If equipped with a cutting torch to ensure the accuracy and running gear motion characteristics, gas cutting, plasma cutting

Cutting accuracy is guaranteed.

Produced by cutting the width of the heat affected zone, deformation and cutting speed have a great relationship, cutting the cutting speed is slow, the heat-affected zone width, deformation is also large. General kerf

The narrower the cutting speed, the cutting material of the reusable hydraulic fittings heat input is smaller, cutting the deformation is small. After testing and comparative analysis of the results is that the variation of laser cutting

Shaped minimum, plasma cutting deformation, followed by cutting the maximum deformation.

    3.3 Cost Cutting

Cutting equipment purchase costs depend on the production volume, production volume the greater the relative cost of the purchase of equipment smaller. However, cost cutting is proportional to the amount produced. Chart

2 compares the cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting cutting costs, cutting costs, including replacement parts costs, gas, electricity, labor costs. Cutting costs is a single

Bit length cutting costs.

reciprocating hydraulic cylinder applications
Hydraulic systems are widely used in various industries for various mechanical devices. As a transmission technology, hydraulic way than traditional mechanical means, has the following advantages:
1, can have a great power, and control is easy;
2, in a continuously variable over a wide range;
3, it is easy to prevent overload, a large safety;
4, small size, large output, the freedom to choose the installation location;
5, simple and accurate control of the output power can be remote controlled.
Although the hydraulic system has the above advantages, but its system of automatic hydraulic adaptors reciprocating problem has not been effective and reliable solution. Much of the equipment in many industries, such as geological drilling equipment in the mud, seawater desalination equipment in the high-pressure pump, high-rise building fire pumps, etc., these devices require continuous output pressure, high flow fluid medium, because there is no solution hydraulic system of automatic reciprocating problem still using the traditional mechanical means, leading to its bulky equipment, energy consumption, low efficiency.
The project "hydraulic power unit" for the national utility model patents, successfully resolved the problem of automatic reciprocating hydraulic system, making the above equipment with hydraulic technology to become a reality. This technology is the main hydraulic system actuator - cylinder redesign, aided by external control valve to achieve automatic reciprocating hydraulic cylinder, and reliable operation, simple structure and low cost.
1, geological drilling mud pump hydraulic
Existing mud pump is driven by a motor crankshaft, connecting rod, push the piston output mud. This structure used for many years, backward technology, making mud bulky output mud pressure fluctuations, flow instability and mud maximum power is limited, general pressure can only reach 3 ~ 4Mpa, traffic is not easy to do much. The application of the patented technology and manufacture of hydraulic mud pump, mud pump output power at the same volume as the existing mud only 1/2 to 1/3 of the energy consumption is about 80% of the existing mud. Although manufacturing costs increased slightly, but the design of hydraulic mud without power constraints, the output pressure can reach tens Mpa, flow can be infinitely extended, and the output pressure, flow stability.
2, high-pressure hydraulic pump seawater desalination
Using reverse osmosis technology is an efficient, easy-to large-scale use of desalination metric hydraulic fittings technology, water shortage today, has broad application prospects. High-pressure pump is a reverse osmosis desalination technology is a key device. Existing high-pressure pump is a mechanical basic structure. Common types of pumps are single stage, high-speed centrifugal pumps, piston pumps and multi-stage centrifugal pump. Typically, the least efficient single-stage centrifugal pumps, piston highest efficiency in the use of the system in a large multi-stage centrifugal pump. In China, there was no established manufacturer of high-pressure pump seawater desalination. The main reason is that: in order to achieve higher efficiency of the high pressure pump, to make a number of important parts to achieve high precision, which requires very specialized and expensive processing equipment and a lot of processing costs. Thus the price of imported high pressure pump.
Automatic reciprocating hydraulic oil cylinder high-pressure pump with mechanical pressure pumps, piston pumps work efficiency is greatly improved compared to high power very easy to implement. Compared with similar imported products, the greater the power of the pump, lower production costs compared to its price the decrease is greater.
3, high-pressure cleaning equipment
4, high-rise building water supply (fire pump)
In short, the automatic reciprocating hydraulic system, broadening the scope of hydraulic pipe fittings application of the hydraulic system, making the hydraulic system in an efficient, flexible, high-power, low-cost advantage to play a greater, the application will bring huge economic benefits for businesses and social benefits.
analyze future CNC laser cutting machine industry focus direction

At present, the international representative of the laser cutting manufacturer mainly German Trumpf, Bystronic, Italy Prima, etc., domestic Shenzhen Han, Wuhan Chutian

, Shanghai Unity Prima, etc., the market demand for laser banjo fittings increasing year by year.

CNC laser brass hose fittings machine industry's future development, from the application of industry and enterprise point of view, focusing on the development of CNC laser cutting machine range will focus on the following aspects:

1, high-speed, precision CNC lathes, turning centers class and four-axis machine tool linked above. Mainly to meet the aerospace, aviation, instruments, meters, electronic letter

Information and biological engineering industry needs.

2, high-speed, high-precision CNC milling and boring machine and high-speed, high-precision horizontal machining center. Mainly to meet the automotive engine cylinder head and aerospace, high-tech

Other industries large and complex structural support, housing, cabinet, light metals parts and precision parts machining requirements.

3, heavy, super heavy-duty CNC machine tools: CNC Boring and Milling Machine, Heavy Duty CNC gantry milling machine and machining center, CNC horizontal lathes and vertical heavy-duty vehicles

Bed, CNC hobbing and other heavy-duty, these products meet energy, aerospace, military, ship master manufacturing, heavy machinery manufacturing, large mold machining, turbine cylinder

Body parts processing industry needs.

4, CNC grinding machines: CNC ultra-precision grinding machines, high-speed precision grinding crankshaft and camshaft grinding machines, all kinds of high-precision high-speed dedicated grinder, etc., to meet the precision ultra-precision

Processing needs.

5, CNC metal forming machine tools (forging equipment): High-speed precision CNC sheet metal stamping equipment, laser cutting complex machine, CNC power spinning machines, mainly full

Foot automobile, motorcycle, electronic information industry, household appliances and other industries demand for efficient production batch sheet metal and automotive wheels and a variety of military industry walled, high-strength, high-precision back

Transition parts processing requirements. 6 CNC EDM categories: large-scale precision CNC EDM, CNC EDM wire cutting machine  machine to go slow, precise holes electricity plus

Working machine tools, mainly to meet the large-scale and precision tooling, precision machining parts, cone-shaped holes or hole machining and aerospace, aviation and other industries special needs.

7, CNC machine tools and production lines: flexible manufacturing automatic production line FMS / FMC) and a variety of special machine tools, such production lines for the automotive, appliance and other lines

Processing industry block, cylinder heads, gearbox housing, etc., and many varieties of variable volume housing box parts processing requirements.

commonly used in the daily classification and standards elbow
Elbow classification methods, according to its radius of curvature can be divided into long radius elbows and short radius elbows. According to the angle of the elbow, there is 45o elbows, bends and 180o with 90o elbow. In terms of pressure levels to points, there are about seventeen kinds, and the American standard pipe is the same, there are: Sch5s, Sch10s, Sch10, Sch20, Sch30, Sch40s, STD, Sch40, Sch60, Sch80s, XS; Sch80, Sch100, Sch120, Sch140, Sch160, XXS, hydraulic hose which is the most commonly used two kinds of STD and XS.
Daily elbow can be divided into: carbon steel elbow / stainless steel elbow / alloy steel elbow / welded elbow / weld elbow / seamless elbow / thick-walled elbow / high elbow / GB elbow / day Standard elbow / American Standard elbow / German standard elbow / non-standard elbow / non-models Elbow / Reducer Elbow / Equal Elbow / Elbow 45 degree / 90 degree elbow / 180 Elbow / 1D bend head / 1.5D elbow / 2 times the elbow / 4 times elbow (Big Bend) and so on.