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hydraulic tube fittings
hydraulic tube fittings: since Tube fittings are essential to hydraulic systems, connecting tubing and hose to pumps, valves, cylinders, and other components, the quality of the hydraulic tube fittings our provide are quite high. Besides, we offer a wide variety of tube diameters with multiple bend configurations in a variety of metals. If you have any interest, please contract us.
15613: NPTF 15613 is NPT thread, male thread, used in 6 wire tail.
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13013: it is BSPT thread, male thread hose fitting, metric flat seal hose fitting.
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12613: it is male bsp thread, usded for 6 wire tail in hydraulic hose fitting.
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22613: it is femail thread, bsp thread with 6 wire tail.
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22643: it is 45 degree elbow hydraulic hose fitting, we elbow fittings with advanced technology.
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the hydraulic system operating pressure
the hydraulic system operating pressure
Hydraulic system working pressure is generally 20 to 25 MPa. Construction machinery china hydraulic hose pump shaft at common failure is due to wear caused by leakage or displacement decreases. Whether a gear pump or a piston, which 80% of internal leakage due to axial sealing surface wear caused by grinding can be solved. The failure of the hydraulic cylinder connected more performance for leakage or internal leakage. After being brushed hydraulic cylinder piston rod, cylinder head seals at the soon to be wear and tear resulting leakage; guide sleeve eccentric wear out of round, when it exceeds 0.20mm roundness error will also lead to leakage; seals aging also lead One reason for leakage. Maintenance of the metric hydraulic fittings cylinder in addition to replacement of seals, special attention to piston ring wear on bearing, large amount of wear should be replaced. If emergency treatment, between the support ring and the piston padded thin material, so as to avoid direct contact with the piston and cylinder causing the cylinder. To avoid straining the cylinder, the support ring and the guide sleeve preferably non-metallic materials. Easy to handle compared to the piston rod. If it is a large area of ​​galling, will be available in cylindrical grinder rod polished, and then plated with hard chrome .05 thick. Possible to reduce the diameter of nearly 1mm, this time can be set corresponding to the thickness of the guide increases, the rest of the structure size of the cylinder head even without change, will have a good sealing effect. If it is localized bumps or hardened layer peeling, you can use ordinary carbon steel welding electrode filled lesion. Specific approach is: first electrode drying; when using intermittent spot welding, spot welding time per 1-1.5s. Arc length must be properly controlled to avoid "undercut." After welding, grinding smooth it can be.
proportional valve load sensing and pressure compensation technology
Save energy, reduce oil temperature and improve the control precision, but also to hydraulic adapters make synchronous actions interfere with each other when several actuator movement is now more advanced construction machinery have adopted the load sensing and pressure compensation technology. Load sensing and pressure compensation is a very similar concept is the use of load changes caused by pressure changes in the pump or valve to regulate the pressure and flow to accommodate the system work requirements. Load sensing pump system for quantitative in terms of the load pressure is directed to a remote load sensing oil pressure relief valve on the regulator when the load is small, the relief valve set pressure is also small; heavy load, set pressure is also large, quick couplings but is always kept a certain overflow losses. Variable pump system is a load sensing variable pump oil into institutions so that the pump output pressure with load pressure temperature increased (always smaller fixed pressure), the pump output flow and flow rate equal to the actual needs of the system, no overflow losses, to achieve energy saving.
Pressure compensation is to improve performance while hydraulic ferrule taking a valve control assurance measures. After the load pressure of the valve opening pressure compensating valve into the pressure compensating valve before the valve opening pressure before and after adjusting the valve opening pressure is constant, so that the orifice flow control characteristics of flow through the valve port size of the valve port only For the opening, regardless of load pressure.
various types of cutting machine features

Desktop engraving machine cutting machine consists evolved shape resembling the work bench fitted with a miniature gantry cutting machines, sheet cutting in areas such equipment has a great advantage,

Is widely used in advertising and automotive sheet metal industries.

Gantry CNC cutting machine that is the traditional double bottom frame teflon hose beams and medium-sized machine tool holder vertical structure, span and vertical walking distance, suitable for large sheet metal processing.

Cantilever CNC Cutting Machine is a classic mechanical structure, a single base at one end connected with the beam, the beam torch lateral movement, such devices suitable for

Small sheet metal processing.

Robot cutting machine is developed abroad in recent years, a new type of cutting machine, its installation in a robotic arm torch, there are operations to achieve multi-axis CNC system can process three-dimensional

Shaped workpiece, to achieve 3D cutting, such equipment technical complexity, high cost, domestic equipment mainly from imports.

CNC intersection Cutting belongs to special cutting machine, its socketless fitting special structure dedicated to cutting pipes and cylindrical shapes, the current domestic production factory itself is not much, nor demand


Portable cutting machine is a semi-automatic cutting machine car evolved, in the car on the installation of cutting machine CNC system and transmission, the basic shape and Trolley

Semi-automatic cutting machine similar to such models, low cost, lightweight structure, particularly suitable for small and medium sized sheet metal processing.

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Machine price, laser cutting machine offer.

hydraulic bolt tensioners detailed installation steps

Hydraulic bolt tensioners installation steps tutorial

1, to ensure that the flange is secured as close together, bolts and nuts are also fixed. Top flange mounting sO% in the number of stretcher. Tighten the nut role, so that the sum tensioners tighten.

2, sure to install at least a stretcher after a threaded bolt sticking out.

3, to ensure that the flange has been tight-po and close together, bolts and nuts are also tightened. In the long bolts to install another 50% on the number of stretcher. Tighten the nut role, so that the sum tensioners tighten.

4, check the tension surrounding the bottom to make sure the role of vertical and horizontal stretcher in the contact plane.

5, spaced as the first half of the bolt group, mounted on the support ring and the cylinder, so that the opening direction of the support ring flange to extend the radial direction can be.

6, check the support ring around the base to ensure that the role has been in tension perpendicular plane. By adjusting the load of the lower part of the screw sae hydraulic fittings  cylinder support ring can rotate relative to the cylinder.

7, 50% by number of the load support ring nut after tightening the cap will usually be a fine pipe connecting the center outward flange placement. Begin installing the hydraulic bolt  cylinder.

8, installed on each stretcher stretching head 9 and the nut is screwed into the top stretch head protruding bolts. Ensure stretch head thread diameter, tooth type, fully consistent with the bolt pitch. Stick with matching dial until the tension on the cylinder head contact surface.

9, open one pair of quick connector plastic protective cover, connectivity, push back the elastic ring female. Is connected appropriate. The pump with tubing and gently pulled a stretcher in order to determine what tubing connectors.

10, the tandem installed to all of the tensioners are connected with tubing can continue to operate, and the system must last stretch with special plug.

11, can not be connected to the quick connector unpaired pressurization.