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stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings
stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings : We have rich experience in manufacturing stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings. Equipped with advanced testing machine, we use statistical technical research analysis to ensure the precise quality of the product. we can produce the fittings according to the requirements of the customers. If you have any interest, please contract me.
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hydraulic bolt tensioners (2) principles and characteristics
hydraulic bolt tensioners (2) principles and characteristics
A. Working principle of brass hydraulic fittings  bolt tensioners
Hydraulic stretching device is mainly used for all kinds of fastening bolts of setting and removal. The operating principle of the hydraulic tension is the use of hydraulic force is applied directly to the bolt, the bolt force is applied on the elastic deformation region is elongated bolt diameter trace deformed so easily loosen the nut.
      Stretching axis of mounting bolts in position for use with the bolt axial tension, the tension required to achieve the amount of the bolt, the bolt is determined by the amount of this tension bolt clamping force required. The bolt is stretched, the nut may be separated from the flange contact surface, the lower end of hydraulic bolt stretching device has an opening for the operator to manually turn the nut, the rotation of the nut is usually a metal dial hex nut to stick to toggle Reversal of a circle to achieve (or direct toggle round nut). Remove the oil pressure in the hydraulic tensioners, the nut and joints close to the axial deformation of the bolt lock, which is the remaining load of the lock bolt in the nut.
      Load applied on the bolts and the oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder is proportional, this design can be very accurately retain payload. As load is applied directly on the bolt, and all forces are elongated for the bolts, thus creating the necessary space for the load to a minimum.
B. Hydraulic stretching Features
● tension bolts are not affected by the lubricating effect of the size and thread friction can be obtained more accurate bolt loads.
● You can synchronize multiple bolts stretching, so that the whole circle bolt force uniform, get a balanced load.
● As a result of the most advanced ultra-high pressure technology that can be completed in a small space bolt disassembly.
● stretching means for tightening the bolt load resulting residual method and payload larger than the torque.
● stretching method is more suitable for joining the fastening applications requiring high accuracy, which enables the flange to achieve uniform force engagement actually prevent leakage
Ultra-high pressure hose quick connector
Ultra-high pressure quick connector
Quick connector; A No tools are required to be able to achieve the pipe connected or disconnected connector.
Including a female connector of the mother, the mother of a through-hole, a ball embedded in the through-hole; one male connector has a groove in the cylinder, the cylinder surface; card sets; said female connector maternal and male connector cylinder sealing engagement a steel ball on the mother card into the recess of the cylinder surface; said card condom precursor outer surface in the female connector, characterized in further comprising: a pull cap, the pull-up condom is provided on the cylinder surface of the male connector, and its threaded female connector ferrule connection.
By end-use form can be divided into:
Quick connectors for air, oxygen-fuel gas with quick connector, gas liquids share quick connector, hydraulic quick connector, inert gas quick connector, cooling water temperature oil with a quick connector, quick connector semiconductor.
Ultra-high pressure sae hydraulic fittings.
The company can also be designed according to customer demand and the manufacture of conventional and non-standard high voltage test equipment: The power unit (0-700MPA), static pressure / the the blasting test rig (0-700MPA), hydraulic / hydrostatic testing machine (0-500MPa) cylinder pressure vessel test (0-500MPA), pressure test system (0-500MPA) instrumentation test bench (500 MPa) and the pipe pressure burst test (400 MPa), air tightness test bench and systems (0-270MPa), pressure gauge hydraulic manifold block, CNG car modification detection, pulse test stand and a variety of valve performance test bed control system testing equipment.
ariable speed fluid coupling should be the main fault
(1) bearing damage; (2) speed control system failure; (lubrication system failure; 3) oil, (4) the impeller damage; (5) outside the serious oil spills; (6) output speed does not drop down; (7) off-axis; (8) vibration. The failure reasons specific analysis is as follows: (bearing damage long-term use of lubricants, physical and chemical indicators 1) deterioration or temperature lubricants, lubrication performance deterioration factors; cooler leakage, oil and water mixing, resulting in rust installation accuracy is not high to cause vibration and damage; thus resulting in bearing damage. (2) speed control system failure due to the scoop tube sleeve wear long spoon the gap increases caused by the scoop tube jitter or stuck; tube wear oriented key with spoon, scoop tube positioning instability caused by the hydraulic flanges; actuator The damage caused by the speed control system failure. (Oil lubrication system failure due to oil pump rotor wear caused three) pump backlash too large, causing reduced hydraulic flow and hydraulic lowering; the pump drive the gear pairs damage the pump does not work; tank oil level is too low to enable the pump suction not oil; oil pipeline leak causing hydraulic reduced; cooler leakage caused by the oil-water mixture, resulting in the performance of the coupler and an oil lubrication performance destruction. (Damage to the impeller, the pump wheel, the worm gear is a core part of quick couplings4) pieces given enough attention in the design and processing, and therefore rarely serious failure, but it does have impeller serious damage occurs examples. Mainly caused by several reasons, the first foreign matter entering the work round lead in the case of high-speed rotating job rotation impeller broken; Second, castings, forgings internal defects the scoop tube moves too fast when the governor, so that the liquid-filled surge, on the one hand, the great moment of inertia of the blade acts on the other hand, the working chamber flow big loop with small loops of the transition occurs, the blade acts on the force point also changes. So that when the internal and external factors overlap to a certain probability, it will cause damage to the blade. (Oil spills are common faults of variable speed hydraulic coupling, oil spills) affecting the appearance quality and pollution of the environment, there are varying degrees of impact for coupler normal running. Oil spills is mainly due to the oil seal failure of aging; improperly installed oil seal; mechanical seal gap is not installed correctly; installation accuracy is not high the resulting oil seal rapid wear; couplings produce oil-absorbing effect. (Output speed does not drop down spoon head direction incorrect; 6) spoon head breakdown;
The main factors affecting the sealing performance of the hydraulic valve

    The damage to the sealing element of the main factors is the impurities in the working fluid. These impurities grinding, between the sealing element and the valve to leak. Abroad have the appropriate level of hydraulic components, corresponding precision filter should be used. They

That the The 5μm pump sealing element, if using a filtration accuracy of a 3/μM the filter, with 10μm of life than 10-fold increase.

    But the hydraulic valve manifold, the working environment is very harsh. In the coalface, tubing total length of over 1000 meters, the joint socket up to over 4000, tank special dust-proof facilities. Emulsion have a large number of floating impurities in the column cylinder

Bottom and the valve chamber, leaving more of the pulverized coal, rock particles and iron filings. Inlet valve plug and seat, shut down more frequently, the liquid flow rate is high due to open, the seal will soon lapse. Practice has proved that to reduce the contamination of the hydraulic system liquid impurities

Very difficult, it was once envisaged high pressure filter in the emulsion pump station, the increase in the each bracket imports at a small filter. But at work soon be blocked, to form a cutout.

On the other hand, with the development of the technology of hydraulic fittings. Valve performance and valve life put forward higher requirements. Currently, when equipped with a 120 mesh filter and the conditions of the magnetic filter device, used by the test valve milk

Of total flow of the liquid and the valve opening and closing times, the life of the metering valve. But in fact the indoor type test and the actual results of the work of underground big difference. Now many countries in the form of experimental anti-pollution requirements, some emulsion

Mixed with pulverized coal, some added mechanical impurities.

    To this end, we need to use new anti-pollution ability, sealing vice suitable for underground working conditions.