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hydraulic nut
The hydraulic nut is a permanent fixture, replacing the conventional nut and retaining the high bolt load and extension in small space envelopes where there may not be sufficient space to use tensioners. The nut can be retrofitted to existing plant and is a simple and accurate solution to mechanical jointing problems. We are capable of making high quality of hydraulic nut and offer them at market leading prices.
PRS cutting ring: it is heavy model for hose fitting, and it is component for fitting.
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PRL cutting ring: it is light model and is component for fitting, carbon steel material.
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PNL: it is retaining nut, light model in hose fitting, and is component for fitting and adaptor, DIN3870 standard.
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PNS: it is retaining nut, heavy model and is component for fitting and adaptor, DIN3870 standard.
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China CNC cutting machine transition from extensive

China CNC cutting machine transition from extensive to intensive management
Although China's CNC cutting machine start over, but by the downstream machinery processing and other related industries, demand for support, the rapid development of the industry as a whole, the scale is also growing. But

For now, although the strength of many companies has american fittings improved, but still in the extensive type of business model. Due to excessive competition, product homogeneity serious, resulting in profits empty

Cramped, but also to the development of many companies fettered.

Price competition in the adverse market environment, a large number of domestic manufacturers and brands is not prominent, the lack of technological innovation, heavily dependent on foreign advanced technology, lack of core

Competitiveness. Meanwhile, rising labor costs, coupled with the rise in raw materials also greatly increased the number of corporate cost pressures. From the above phenomena can be predicted, intensive hair

Exhibition mode will certainly be a lot of CNC cutting machine tool enterprises in the future development direction.

Transition from extensive to intensive, low-technology that is changing hydraulic valve manifold the content, low management level, low-cost-effective manner, to the high-tech, high capital levels,

High level of management, high economic quality, high cost of operation.

A CNC cutting machine tool industry demand "strength training"

Walking intensive development path, you first need to do is to change their concepts, and establish long-term development of the concept and to develop a viable goals and plans.

Meanwhile, CNC cutting machine tools companies need to come out from the price competition, steering practicing internal strength. "Focuses on the optimization of product structure, product quality improvement, the core technology

Technique mastery and innovation, and the growing influence of corporate brand. Of course, this series of shift requires more capital investment enterprises, which, CNC cutting machine tool enterprises

Industry also needs according to their own circumstances, input-output ratio in the future to make a scientific estimate, so as to selectively invest for a gradual transition.

Second, multiple channels to improve operational efficiency

Intensive management in order to improve efficiency as the ultimate goal, take intensive development path, be sure would like to "low-input, high-yield" business goals, which requires NC

Cutting machine tool companies from many aspects change is undertaken.

On the one hand, companies need to constantly improve enterprise management level, to improve the overall performance management, optimize departmental structure, human resources and avoid waste of time,

While optimizing internal competition mechanism, improve the professional quality of employees.

On the other hand, CNC cutting machine tool enterprises may wish to try reusable hydraulic fittings high-tech business, to develop computer network engineering, office tools through improved operational efficiency and enhance


Third, the development of CNC cutting machine tool enterprises centralization

Strengthen the supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises with close ties to form a strong competitive centralized district of CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine for some merchants

And enterprises, enhance their competitiveness and expand market share, has important significance.

Good industrial plan to promote industrial upgrading

Ring stiffness testing machine
ring stiffness test machine
 Ring stiffness testing machine, for having an annular cross-section of thermoplastic pipe ring quick coupling fittings stiffness determination. Also applies to flat test, ring flexibility tests. Meet PE double wall corrugated pipe, Pipe and various plastic pipe testing requirements of the standard is that all research institutes, quality inspection departments and pipe manufacturer the necessary testing equipment, in addition to support the expansion of function creep ratio test for the determination of Large diameter plastic pipe buried simulate its long buried case, the ring stiffness attenuation over time. Users may need additional pipe creep ratio tests.
    This series of ring stiffness test machine has passed the European CE certification.
    Instrument features:
    ◇ gantry type high rigidity frame structure, hydraulic hose assembly wide speed control range, sealed vertical axis bracket, super rigid, without gaps ball, the instrument of high precision, good stability.
    ◇ advanced maintenance-free AC servo loop control system, high precision, high reliability; imported reducer and ball screws and improve the control precision and stability. Using high-speed high-resolution AD sampling circuit to ensure peak test data is not lost, using piecewise linear correction method to ensure force value detecting section high precision and high stability.
    ◇ multi-sensor bridge structure only force value, enhanced anti-bias for large pipe, reducing the chance of damage to the sensor.
    ◇ unique cable-diameter measuring system, without any intermediate links, sample installation more convenient, more direct and accurate measurement can accurately measure the diameter of the pipe changes.
    ◇ PC control software for easy operation to achieve the creep ratio test curve drawing, test process control, test monitoring, sample data analysis, test report printing and other functions; using non-equidistant cutting regression algorithm automatically loading the standard requirements , hydraulic manifold block loaded high success rate, greatly reducing the test difficulty; static long-term exploration algorithm ensures constant load and constant load quickly loaded stable.
    ◇ with overload, overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection, with mechanical, electrical, software and other security features safe and reliable operation of the test.
Diesel Dedicated Heat oil hose

I. Diesel Dedicated Heat oil hose:


Hose has a small diameter tolerance, oil, heat resistance, soft tube, and so on.
Purpose: minimum burst pressure hose is four times the reusable hose fitting working pressure. Diesel for transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and other mineral oils to use, and can be conveyed below 100 ℃ oil. Hose ambient temperature not lower than -30 ℃.
Two of fiber braided high pressure oil hose:

               Uses: Suitable for handling machinery, machine tools, molding machinery, mining machinery, forging machinery and other hydraulic transmission system.

               Features: Hose has a light, soft, high bearing capacity and good bending properties, hose burst pressure of not less than three times the working pressure.

Card sets of pipe fittings manufacturing standards
Card sets of pipe joints Applicable medium: oil, water, gas and other non-corrosive or corrosive media, sealing fittings, equipped with aluminum pipe specifications more flexible, and pipeline connection, having a solid connection, good sealing performance characteristics, which in the refining, chemical, light industry, textile, defense, metallurgy, aviation, shipbuilding and other systems are widely used; also applies to a variety of mechanical engineering, machine tools and other reusable fitting transmission lines.
Card sets of pipe fittings manufacturing standards:
1, straight sleeve type end fittings (GB / T 3733-2008)
2, card sets straight tapered thread fittings (GB / T 3734-2008)
3, long straight sleeve type end fittings (GB / T 3735-2008)
4, long sleeve type tapered thread fittings (GB / T 3736-2008)
5, the card sets straight couplings (GB / T 3737-2008)
6, flared elbow fittings (GB / T 5630-2008)
7, flaring adjustable elbow to the end fittings (GB / T 5631-2008)
8, flared combination of bending pipe fittings (GB / T 5632-2008)
9, flared toward the end tee adjustable (GB / T 5633-2008)
10, flared combination of bending tube fittings (GB / T 5634-2008)
11, sleeve ends adjustable elbow to the tee (GB / T 3743-2008)
12, sleeve type taper threaded elbow tube fittings (GB / T 3744-2008)
13, ferrule tube fittings (GB / T 3745-2008)
14, sleeve type tube fittings (GB / T 3746-2008)
15, ferrule tube fittings (GB / T 3747-2008)