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hydraulic banjo hose fittings
hydraulic banjo hose fittings: our PEHEL have concentrated on producing hydraulic banjo hose fittings with the serial ‘METRIC BANJO DIN7642’. Whatever the quantity, we will keep our quality. If you are interest, please contract us.
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Due to space limitations only conventional equipment

the main parameters of hydraulic universal testing machine

Due to space limitations only conventional equipment in Jinan Branch species 600KN-type testing machine, for example, the general common as a precision equipment will be able to meet the relevant national standards, there are several other metric hydraulic fittings manufacturers may require a higher level, such as 0.5 Accuracy also meet. Other custom products due to different requirements of various industries here temporarily example of [1]
1, the maximum test force: 600kN;
2, the test force measurement range: 2% -100% FS;
3, showing the value of the test force accuracy: Indication accuracy ± 1%;
4, the largest stretch of space: 500mm;
5, the maximum compression space: 400mm;
6, the flat plate specimen thickness :0-15;
7, round specimen diameter: Φ13-Φ40;
8, bending bearing maximum spacing: 400mm;
9, column spacing: 460mm;
10, the piston displacement indication accuracy: ± 0.5% FS.;
11, deformation measurement resolution: 0.001 mm;
12, deformation measurement accuracy: ± 1%;
13, the sensor: oil pressure sensor, photoelectric sensors, extensometers;
14, control: servo loop control, the control mode can be switched smoothly;
15, display: computer screen test force, piston displacement, quick coupling fittings the specimen deformation measurements, the screen displays test curve, the screen zero, calibration;
16, the host size: about 730mm × 570mm × 1845mm;
17, the control cabinet size: 620mm × 480mm × 1135mm;
18, Weight: about 2200kg;
19, the total power: 3kW.

Telescopic hydraulic cylinder piston having

1, according to the institutional forms pump device, the installation location can be divided into:

1) SRE Vertical: Vertical pump device mounted on the tank cover, mainly for the quantitative pump system.

2) SRE Horizontal: Horizontal pump device mounted on the tank cover, mainly for the variable displacement pump system in order to regulate the flow.

3) side-mounted: pump device horizontally mounted beside the tank on an individual basis, can be equipped with side-mounted spare pump is mainly used for fuel tank capacity 250 liters, motor power 7.5 kW system.

2, according to the cooling station can be divided into:

1) Natural cooling: by the tank itself and the air-cooled heat exchanger, generally used for fuel tank hydraulic valve block capacity of less than 250 liters of the system.

2) Forced cooling: Take cooler forced cooling, generally used for fuel tank capacity greater than 250 liters of the system. Hydraulic station with fuel storage tank level and the effective motor power as the main technical parameters. Fuel tank capacity total of 18 kinds of specifications (Unit: L / L): 25,40,63,100,160,250,400,630,800,1000,1250,1600,2000,2500,3200, 4000,5000,6000 this Series hydraulic station according to user requirements and the conditions of use in accordance with conditions that can be done: ① Press the System Configuration manifold, or not with the manifold; ② can be set coolers, heaters, accumulators; ③ can be set to the electrical control equipment, or not with electrical control devices.

3, according to the tank can be divided into:

A) ordinary steel: Box with 5MM-6MM steel welding, steel panel with 10-12MM, may be appropriate if the hole too thick or add ribs.

2) Stainless steel: 304 stainless steel cabinet selection, thickness 2-3MM, the panel is made of 304 stainless steel plate thickness 3-5MM, increased load-bearing parts of the ribs.

3) ordinary steel tank internal rust treatment difficult to achieve, rust into the oil circulation system will cause a lot of trouble, all-stainless steel fuel tank is designed to solve the industry's problems.

4, according to the structure of the cylinder used can be divided into:

1) Piston

Single rod hydraulic cylinder piston rod at one end only. As shown is a single-cylinder hydraulic valve manifold piston. Import and export of its ends ports A and B can pass pressure oil or oil return, in order to achieve two-way movement, so called double-acting cylinder.

2) Piston ① plunger hydraulic cylinder is a single-acting hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pressure can only be achieved by a direction of movement of the plunger or plunger return depends on the weight of other external forces; ② rely cylinder plunger not in contact with the cylinder liner support, so easy processing cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder suitable for making a long stroke; ③ total piston working pressure, so it must have sufficient rigidity; ④ often large piston weight, placed horizontally easy due to weight and drooping, causing unilateral seals and guide wear, so the vertical use of more favorable.

3) telescopic

 Telescopic hydraulic cylinder piston having two or more stages, telescopic hydraulic valve manifold cylinder piston out of style in descending order, and the order load retracted it is generally small to large. Telescopic cylinders can achieve a longer stroke, the retracted length is short, more compact structure. Such cylinders commonly used in construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

4) Swing

Swing is the output torque of the hydraulic cylinder and achieve reciprocating actuator, also known as swing-type hydraulic motors. A single blade and double blade forms. A stator fixed to the cylinder block, while the blades and the rotor are connected together. According to the inlet direction, will drive the rotor blades for reciprocating swing.

hydraulic components superimposed Technical Analysis
 hydraulic components superimposed Technical Analysis
Stacking manifold ways with a variety of specially designed plate connected to valve according to the ordinary requirements of the system stacked up in the hydraulic system integration methods, collectively known as HMB superimposed integration technology. Integrating in this way a hydraulic manifold block system, can be seen, modular valves, valve plate connections and connection blocks. Superimposed valve in the hydraulic circuit block shape its structure, named after the name suggests it is a stacked each other hydraulic valves, is to adapt to this integrated approach and special design. Rather, the overlay is superimposed valve connected hydraulic valves. It is connected to the hydraulics fittings valve plate developed on the basis of integration of new hydraulic valve block components. Which itself contains from 1 to 2 separate valves, its internal structure and general hydraulic valve similar. The valve between the upper and lower surfaces of the joint surface, the valve surface in both imports and exports. In addition, there is for internal connection between the valve channels. Therefore, modular valves in the hydraulic valve play both the role of connecting passage between the valve underway role.
tensile testing machine, tensile testing machine

tensile testing machine, tensile testing machine

    Tensile testing machine, also known as tensile hydraulic hose crimping machine , mainly used in plastic sheet, pipe, profile, plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, waterproofing membrane, metal wire material

Part of the tension and compression, bending test, Kim Construction Company for each model tensile testing hydraulic hose cutting machine  is working mining, commodity inspection, arbitration, research institutes, universities, engineering quality supervision station unit

Door ideal testing equipment.
XLD-20 electronic tensile testing machine

The main technical parameters: Maximum test force: 20kN; maximum tensile space: 900mm; Test speed: 0.05mm/min ~ 500mm/min
The series description: Chinese LCD, micro-printer
1 Configuration tensile, compressive, bending fixtures.
(2) Optional large deformation biaxial extensometer and bidirectional follower chuck.