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This hose skiving machines can skive hydraulic wire braided or spiral hoses on the outside in a single step. It is very convenient to skive hoses.If you need skiving machine, please email us.
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focusing on ultra-high pressure water cutting machine

  Nanjing earth Waterjet Corporation is a leader in ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine industry enterprises, mainly engaged in ultra-high pressure water cutting

Cutting, cleaning equipment and spare parts, development, production and sales. High-tech enterprises, built in Jiangsu Province ultra-high

Pressurized water jet Engineering Research Center, Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and teaching base and Jiangsu University of Singapore, and East

Southern University, Jiangsu University to build graduate student workstations, with leading domestic 1000Mpa EHV laboratory and CNC water cut

hydraulic fittings suppliers  and testing equipment.

Earth waterjet in the early development of the ultra-high pressure water cutting technology applied to the stone ceramic and glass deep-processing tradition

Fields, has accumulated more experience in industrial applications. For example, the puzzle of the ceramic art in the field of deep processing of ceramic processing workers

Arts, hydraulic hose machine can take advantage of the ceramic scrap and waste materials a reasonable set of cutting, stitching processing a beautiful Art Deco

Products, the results of this application has now been ceramic deep processing market in general the adoption and promotion; and if, before large-scale high-speed locomotive

Glass block, the size of large, high precision, and then grinding the edge of the workpiece after the cutting, this large-scale glass products

In the process of handling, re-positioning is very difficult; this developed product of waterjet machining centers, large glass

Cutting and edge grinding, polishing rough clamping time completion of the processing, eliminating the handling and repositioning

Cheng, robot automatic loading and unloading, high precision, saving time and significant effect.

2011 years of global numerical control cutting machine industry

   The world economy is in recovery phase after the financial crisis in 2011, the rate of economic growth will gradually recover. According to the International Monetary

Fund predicts that in 2011 the GDP of developed economies will grow 2.4 percent, developing countries, GDP will grow by 6.6% left

Right. 2011 the international economic environment conducive to China hydraulic hose cutting machine tool industry, foreign trade, stable and rapid development.


hydraulic fittings manufacturers in the first quarter increased by 40%


The first quarter of 2011, China CNC cutting machine tool industry has shown double-digit growth trend, and realized a total industrial output value

144.9 billion yuan, up 40 percent; sales output value of 1,415 billion yuan, an increase of about 40%; production and marketing rate of 97%



According to reports, in March of this year, CNC cutting machine tool industry in total industrial output value of nearly 60 billion yuan (Unit: RMB

The same below), an increase of about 40%, an increase of three percent; the sales value of more than 55 billion yuan, and the output value of the basic hold

Level, an increase of about 40%, growth, refrain; production and sales of more than 97%.


From the segments in the first quarter, total industrial output value of 10 sub-industry of CNC cutting machine tool industry under the

Industrial sales output value showing a trend of double-digit growth, the growth rate of 50% of the sub-sectors in more than 40%, such as metal forming CNC cut

Cutting machine manufacturing industry, casting machinery manufacturing, and other special equipment manufacturing. Which, CNC cutting machine attachments manufacturing

The growth rate of 61%.


U.S. metalworking CNC cutting machine in the first quarter of substantial growth in exports


The first quarter of 2011, U.S. total exports of metal working CNC cutting machine $ 750 million, 453 million in the same period in 2010, the United States

Yuan increased by 65.5%, imports of metal working CNC cutting machine of $ 838 million, more than $ 498 million for the same period in 2010 growth



In March 2011, U.S. exports of metal working CNC cutting machine $ 286 million, of which exports CNC CNC cutting machine, 117 million

U.S. dollars, up 21.4%. The first quarter, U.S. exports CNC CNC cutting machine of $ 327 million, an increase of 67.5%

. The first quarter, U.S. exports to total exports of the CNC numerical control cutting machine 43.65%.


From the product type, in March, U.S. exports of metal-cutting CNC cutting machine $ 196 million, growth of 37.5%; out

Mouth Metal Forming CNC cutting machine, $ 86.8 million, an increase of 8.3%. The first quarter, U.S. total exports of the metal cutting

Controlled cutting machine for $ 499 million, an increase of 65.8%; total exports of Metal Forming CNC cutting machine, $ 251 million, up

An increase of 65%.


From the export market of CNC cutting machine, in March, China remains for the U.S. metal processing, CNC cutting machine's largest export market

And exports growth of 31.1% to $ 54.8 million. The second largest export market is Mexico, the export value of $ 31.4 million

, Growth of 17.7%. The rest of the top five markets are: Canada ($ 31.4 million), Germany (15.4 million

Dollars) and China Taiwan ($ 15,000,000).


German CNC cutting machine orders in the first quarter three-digit growth


The first quarter of 2011, the orders of the German industry of CNC cutting machine presents a three-digit growth rate. Compared to 2010

Period January-March, the German CNC cutting machine orders rose 130%. The development momentum of domestic demand and exports are almost the same

: Domestic demand, orders rose by 127 percent, and overseas orders increased by 132%.


German CNC cutting machine industry is among one of the five mechanical engineering business. For all industrial sectors of metal

Processing provides the necessary production technology, and improve industrial productivity level has made important contributions. Because it is in the industrial

Critical role in the production output, and its development is one of the important indicators of the economic vitality of the entire industrial sector. 2010

Years, the German CNC cutting machine, industrial products and services output value reached 9.9 billion euros and employs 64,100 people (more than 20 people

Company). Compared to 2009, which is equivalent in terms of industrial output decreased by 3 percentage points.


Italian CNC cutting machine orders index in the first quarter of double-digit growth


According to the latest data released by the Italian CNC cutting machine and automation manufacturers Association (UCIMU) in the first quarter of 2011

Degree, Italy, CNC cutting machine, the amount of orders increased by 19.1% compared to the first quarter of 2010.


After the recession of the 2009 financial crisis, overseas markets of Italy, CNC cutting machine was recovering. However, compared to

CNC cutting machine needs in Italy decreased by 1.3% in the first quarter of 2010, the domestic market recovery is still slow

Laser cutting machine in the apparel industry

Laser cutting machine processing as a new processing method, processing of accurate, fast, simple operation, high degree of automation, gradually has been widely used in the leather, textile and garment industry.
Laser cutting machine compared with the traditional cutting is not only low prices, low consumption and laser processing is mechanical pressure on the workpiece, so cutting out the effects of the product, precision and cutting speed are very good and also with the safe operation, simple maintenance characteristics can be 24 consecutive hours of work.
Laser machine to cut out of clean cloth, non-woven side yellow, automatic closing edge ghost edge, no distortion, not hard, consistent and accurate size; any complex shape can be cut; high efficiency, low cost, computer design graphics, can be cut into any shape to any of the various sizes of lace. The combination of laser and computer technology, computer design, laser engraving output can and can transform at any time carving edge design products.
The leather industry in updates, special leather laser cutting machine to break the traditional manual and electric scissors speed slow and difficult layout to adequately address the efficiency of less and waste material problems. Laser cutting machine is fast, simple operation, just to cut graphics and size of the input to a computer, machinery, the whole of the material cut into the finished product you need, no knives, no mold, the use of laser non-contact processing, simple and fast.
For leather, bags and shoes enterprises, shoe manufacturers, laser hydraulic cutting machine, set of cutting, carving and hollow in one, suitable for a variety of leather materials processing: high-end shoe, bags, leather cutting special shapes, no flash, standard size, small error (± 0.1mm), the effect of soft, high frequency, or the sense of blunt knife cutting pressure. Another to portray the special effects or patterns on the leather so that the finished product even more fine and creative

Hydraulic roller Fault
Roller is composed mainly by walking system, vibration and steering systems, and its design according to the layout of different products from different manufacturers design concept will be different, but the same principle. Here some trouble walking and vibration often appear to give analysis and judgment in order for the exchange.
First, the walking system is divided into two, a single drive type, a dual-drive type. But the two walking systems in the course of the main failure of weakness (or after working long hours to walk along with the temperature rise, weakness), or a sudden lack of walking, only the slow no fast and other reasons for walking in here We analyzed separately.
One, suddenly no walking required in the following aspects to judge
First, check the hydraulic fitting tank oil bit is normal, as normal, measuring walking pump up the oil pressure, depending on the use of the hydraulic pump, set up the oil pressure values ??will be different to its normal pressure is 18-24KG . Up the oil can be classified according to the system design, remote fill oil and oil pump comes with fill pump up the oil. Up the oil pressure relief valve is normal under the premise, such as remote up the oil pressure value is zero or fill low oil pressure value, then the remote fill pump damage; such as comes to fill the pump to fill the oil pressure value is zero or very low, To consider the pump power input damage or charge pump damage.
If the normal pressure value of more than make up the oil the need to pump high pressure oil port output side closed die, while the output termination 600KG of high voltage meter to measure the walking state of high pressure reading, the pressure range between 350-420KG, such as pressure value zero, then the oil pump control mechanism damage; So when the pressure is normal, it is damage to the drive motor.
2 unable to walk unable to walk or prolonged temperature rise, and its judgment in the method similar to the same as above.
First up the oil pressure measurement, such as normal put the oil pump high-pressure port side close to death, while increasing the throttle in a walking state measurement of high pressure oil port and fill the oil pressure, the high-pressure measurement values ??should be between 350-420KG, and up the oil pressure is 18-24KG within. Such as pressure values ??is not normal then pump damage; So when the pressure is normal, one by one according to the number of walking motor connected to the motor oil, the system pressure drop, the motor is normal, on the contrary, the motor damage.
Walking speed change speed change mechanism of its roller divided into two types, a variable speed by a variable motor, the other is to rely on quantitative motor and gearbox to achieve variable speed.
(1) variable motor agencies can not be variable-speed variable motor displacement control mechanism can not be normally open or failure, we must first check the travel speed control switch is good, variable-speed solenoid valve is normal, and the measuring circuit in the solenoid valve parts is smooth to ensure that the solenoid valve can be smoothly opened and connected to variable speed control circuit to ensure its normal pressure (the pressure to make up the oil pressure). If the above is good, the motor is damaged.
(2) quantitative motor gearbox institutions can not be variable speed, its judgment is relatively simple, such as normal quantitative motor working pressure, gearbox damaged, recovery can be achieved variable speed.
Second, the vibration system failure analysis of its failures mainly to vibration or vibration of weakness (often enough, the vehicle resonance), its system in the form of the pump motor is divided into: a system composed of columns of the gear pump / gear motor  start valve piston pump  piston motor system.

Gear pump, first check the tank oil level is normal, then check start valve, start-up valve in two ways, a mechanical PULL control overflow stop valve, another electromagnetic control overflow stop valve. PULL control overflow check the mechanical stop valve, depending on the control PULL is connected properly, relief valve and the valve body whether there are impurities, the formation of the cassette phenomenon. For the control should be checked by the electromagnetic vibration switch and the circuit is normal, the electromagnet is working properly, the valve body spool with relief valve is normal. Above check from the vibration valve, the motor inlet pipe closed die, closed die before the pipeline, the installation of the pressure measurement device, the gauge measuring range is 0-400KG, open the vibration, then measured have the pressure peak (according to the rated working pressure of the pump) does not exceed the pump rated pressure. Pressure is normal, connect the motor to open the vibration, such as the motor is normal, the pressure of open vibration peak pressure should be measured before, and with the increase of vibration wheel speed, the pressure drop (pressure according to the job site will be different but remained stable), the vehicle no resonance. So when the measured pressure reach the peak, and the wheel vibration frequency less than the vehicle resonance motor damage, so when the wheel vibration does not work, compared to motor and wheel vibration eccentric shaft with sleeve damage; in the measured when the peak does not drop, vibration wheel to skiving machine, compared with vibratory drum eccentric shaft killed.

Piston pump / motor vibration system, and its judgment that the system failure is similar to walking with the judge. First, you should check whether it is normal oil tank, pump oil into the system, the filter is clogged, above normal, installed in vibration pump up the oil pressure taps range of 0-40KG gauge, measure up the oil pressure, the pressure at this time The value should be between 18-24KG, such as pressure is low or no pressure, compared to the charge pump is damaged or vibration pump power input. Pressure is normal, check the vibration pump solenoid valve is intact, while the vibration pump two high-pressure port closed die, and install a pressure gauge 0-600KG, turn on the vibration, measured by high-pressure peak pressure of 350-420KG, and up the oil pressure dropped to normal. Connected motor oil, and then repeat the measurement of peak pressure in the vibration is turned on and up the oil pressure, the peak pressure transient peak, and decline with the vibration of the wheel speed increase pressure and maintain stability, make up the oil pressure is not reduced to normal. So, the measured vibration pressure of less than peak, and up the oil pressure drops, vehicle resonance is motor damage, such vibration wheel does not move, compared to motor and wheel vibration eccentric shaft with sleeve damage. So, the measured vibration pressure peak, and the pressure did not fall, the vibration of the whe