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hydraulic bolt
These bolts are manufactured with thread metric and bsp, using high grade raw material and are constructed with precision, so as to ensure optimal performance and extended service life. Owing to such utility, our bolts are welcomed by worldwide customers.
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water use grout plugs series

First, use
1, connecting all piping systems, tighten all threaded, connected to the gas source (or hydraulic pump), the grout plug on the orifice (or closed-end steel pipe) pressure test, check connections for leaks, put hole spare.
2, opening the cylinder valve or hydraulic pump, so gradually filling the expansion plug, attention must be greater than the filling pressure of air pressure to 2/3, to a predetermined pressure to grouting.
3, grouting begins, there is a lot to be back to the pulp slurry benefit out of the mouth, and then fractionated slowly pressurized to a predetermined pressure grouting, or easily form a large pressure differential. reusable fitting Grout should always check the gas cylinder valve pressure gauge, such as the reduction should immediately add fill.
4, filling a long time, you must check whether the channeling pulp, around the plug back plasma phenomena, if any, should stop filling, release the pressure, loosen the upper and lower inflatable plugs, inflatable plugs is to prevent the consolidation and difficult to remove.
5, the end of the grout, you must first let go of grouting pressure, inflation pressure and then let go, do not let go of the first inflation pressure to prevent grout plug injection, resulting in accidents.
6, after filling, simply plug into the filling tube closed at one end, the inflatable around 0.5Mpa, rinse cycle can be carried out.
7, grout plug after removing the hose into the plasma tube, respectively, back to the slurry pipe connection rinse.
8, together with the porous grout, all piping must be parallel to the line, and not twist and tangle together, to prevent a Fasheng security incidents affecting the other hole.
9, after prolonged use, you should plug the bottom apart for cleaning grout, on the butter.
10, drilling discovered over a longer cracks or broken, hydraulic bolt it may happen channeling pulp, around the plug, return pulp, shall also put an upper end of the trachea to the grout plug, if channeling pulp, around the plug, return pulp, washed with high-pressure gas discharge, can prevent jams.

hose Caution
Since hose species complex, structural diversity, coupled with the conditions of use differ, so hose length of life, not only on their quality, but also depends on the proper use and maintenance. So even if the product has high quality, such as not properly use and maintenance, could seriously affect the quality and longevity of its use, even a serious accident should not have occurred, causing damage to property. Now offers the following Caution:
1, hose and hose assembly can only be designed for conveying materials, otherwise it will reduce its useful life or lapsed.
2, the correct length of brass hose fittings, high pressure hose to change the length (-4% - 2%) and the change in length caused by mechanical movement.
3, hose and hose assembly should not exceed the design working pressure (including shock pressure) is used.
4, hose and hose assembly the transmission medium temperature under normal circumstances, should not exceed -40 ℃ - +120 ℃, otherwise it will reduce its useful life.
5, hose and hose assembly should not be less than the minimum bend radius of the hose is used, to avoid near pipe joints are bent or folded, otherwise it will hinder the hydraulic transmission and delivery of materials or damage to the hose assembly.
6, hose and hose assemblies, should not reverse the state.
7, hose and hose assembly should be handled with care, and should not be sharp drag on rough surfaces and should not be bent and squashed.
8, hose and hose assembly should be kept clean, inside should rinse (especially lose acid tubes, spray tube, mortar tubes). Prevent foreign objects into the lumen, impeding the transmission fluid, damage to equipment.
9, more than service period or shelf life of the teflon hose  and hose assembly to be identified before it can continue to experiment with.
hydraulic clamp operating procedures
Pre-operational preparation
A work must wear PPE, enter the plant to wear helmets. Two stations must be kept clean and tidy, ground, and all equipment had to oil, good equipment "five" work.
Off on jobs
hydraulic banjo fittings open the pump should be checked within the range of hydraulic system, open the valve gate is open. Each of the two open pumps should regularly check whether the automatic device reaches the specified value, whether the action and to achieve technology and complete testing requirements. Limited ability to automatically stop to take a pump should immediately check the system pressure rose to the electric contact pressure gauge.
Normal operation
1 accumulators are only allowed to fill nitrogen must not be filling the other gases. 2 hydraulic station on the system safety valves, relief valves, electric contact pressure gauge, pressure the sender by it is set not free to mobilize tone value, if any error and always shall be the responsible person on duty to make adjustments and reported to the workshop responsible person, in principle, the value of staff are not free to adjust. 3 power in the production process to meet the premise is not allowed to open two pumps, and to prohibit the close back to the oil switch.
An emergency, when you need to shut send liquid, hydraulic station off to send the liquid operating requirements should be strictly implemented to avoid equipment and personal accident. 2 stops working oil pressure not less than 4.8Mpa, the upper and lower storage tank liquid level shall not be less than 600mm standard scale, or should be inflated or rehydration. 3 shutdown, the solenoid valve of each action should be to need.
Maintenance safety
1 in the maintenance of hydraulic hose clamps, hydraulic components, cylinders, piping catch the leakage, we must stop the pump, and the need to diffuse the pressure to zero in order to carry out maintenance to avoid accidents. In co-ordination with other types of work, should strictly comply with the safe operation of other types of work. Three hydraulic station addition to the duty personnel and full-time staff, other personnel will be allowed to enter, are not allowed to tamper with the equipment, in order to avoid dangerous if maintenance tasks should be attendant accompanied by, and make entry and exit time of registration. Four hydraulic station is a device powerhouse, the sources of danger are not allowed to pile up the inflammable and explosive materials, open flame operations must take safety precautions, and equipped with appropriate fire fighting equipment. Refining furnace, continuous casting machine hydraulic system with reference to these procedures. May not stay in the tanker track.
Emergency measures
Experiencing loss of pressure, the first contact with the blast furnace, the ban on all cylinder moving body, and then press the procedures of customs fluid off the liquid handling things. 2 encountered a power outage, notify the stove, then close all valves.
an integral part of the hydraulic station

The hydraulic station is made by the pump device, a combination of the manifold or the valve, fuel tank, electrical box combination, the various components function as follows: the pump device - equipped with a motor and pump, it is the power source of the hydraulic hose manufacturers, the mechanical energy into hydraulic quick couplingThe power can be.
 Manifold - is a combination of hydraulic valves and channel body. Its hydraulic oil to implement the direction, pressure, flow regulator.
 Valve combination - plate valve installed in the stand-board, board after the pipe connection, the same as the Manifold function.
 - Fuel tank semi-closed container is a welded steel plate, is also equipped with oil filter network, air filter, which is used oil storage, oil cooling and filtering.
 Electric Box - divided into two forms: one set external lead terminal board; one is the installation of full control of electrical appliances.