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hydraulic hose cutting machine
Hydraulic hose cutting machine: PEHEL have start and concentrate on producing hydraulic hose cutting machine for many years. We have professional technical team produce the machines. And the machines have been sold to many counties. The quality and safety of our hydraulic hose cutting machine can be promised. If you have any interest about the machine we list below, please contract us.
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NC20: Crimping nut I.D: ø4-ø51 mm;Max oil pressure: 31.5Mpa;Open and close range: +/-4mm;Motor power: 3KW.
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cutter rail classification Daquan

Bed makers are most concerned than the accuracy of machine tools, rigidity and service life, little attention to the rail system. But the realization of rail laying machine functions as a reliable

Foundation. The working parts of the machine types are specified by the control shaft moving on rails, the machine tool of the designer to select the various types and uses

In the form of rail systems, are used more widely the following three; namely flat rails, linear motion guides and recirculating roller guide with a combination of flat rolling posed


First, the rail functions
Although the rail system in the form of varied, but the nature of work is the same, the machine working parts move in the specified rail system, just like the train along the rail

Track traveling in the specified direction. hydraulic ferrule Mainly the following three basic functions:
(A) the movement of the guide for the carrier;
(2) for the carrier to provide a smooth moving surface;
(3) the tool cutting force generated spread foundation or bed body, to reduce the impact of processing of parts of the passive. Movement along the rail system, most

Number of linear motion, there are a small number of arc movement. Many linear guide technology can be applied directly curved rails.

Second, the classification of rail
Machine-tool factory in the utmost effort to ensure that rail mounting accuracy. Guide is processed before the working parts are rails and after aging treatment, to remove

Internal stress. To ensure accuracy and extend the life of the rail, is a common scraping process method.
    1, linear guides
The new rail system so that the machine get fast feed rate, spindle speed is the same in the case of rapid traverse is linear guide features. Linear guide rail and plane

Rails, will have two basic components; as a guide for a fixed element, the other is moving element. In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, bed, or a small amount of column

Scraping is essential, in general, the installation is relatively simple.
Linear guide between the moving element and the fixed element without intermediate medium, but with rolling balls. Because rolling balls adapted to high-speed movement, low friction, and spirit

High sensitivity to meet the work requirements of the moving parts, such as the machine tool turret, carriage and so on.
Long working hours, the ball begins to wear, the role of preload on the ball began to weaken, causing the machine working parts of the motion accuracy decreases. If you want to maintain the initial

Precision, rail brackets must be replaced, or even replace rails. If the rail system is already pre-load effect. System accuracy has been lost, the only way is to replace the rolling elements

   2, linear roller guide
Linear roller guide system is planar and linear roller guide rail combination with a roller mounted on parallel rails with ball bearing rollers on behalf of the moving parts of the machine

. Advantage is that contact area, large load, and high sensitivity. See from the end of the bed, the roller holder on a flat top surface and the side guide, in order to obtain high-precision

, On the machine frame member and the inner surface is disposed between a wedge, the pre-load acting on the bracket side. Wedge works with wedges similar work department

Weight of the role of the top surface of the stent. Acting on the rail system, the pre-load is adjustable, for compensation for the loss of wedge, this feature is widely used

In the medium or large bed, because it CNC instruction hydraulic hose adapters responsive to withstand load, linear roller guide system performance than traditional flat guide to withstand high-speed operation,

Improve the performance of the machine.
    3, inlaid steel rails
The most commonly used on the machine is fitted with steel guide rails form, its use has a long history. Inlaid steel guide rail system is a fixed element rectangular cross-section.

It can be horizontally mounted on the machine bed body, but also can be molded integrally with the bed, are called inlaid steel or integral. Inlaid steel rails are made of steel, hardened and

Grinding. Rockwell hardness of 60 degrees or more, the inlaid steel rails with screws or adhesive (epoxy) attached to the machine bed or by scraping the surface of the column with, indeed

Paul rails for optimum flatness. This form, maintenance and replacement easy, simple and very popular with maintenance workers welcome.
    4, slide rail
Traditional development of rail, first in the form of the sliding element and the rail, characterized by the slide rail between the rail and the slider of the medium used, the different forms of

Is to choose a different media.
Hydraulic systems are widely used in many rail. Hydrostatic guide is one of them, hydraulic oil under pressure into the groove sliding element, the guide rails and slide

The oil film between the elements, the spaced rails and the moving element, which reduces the friction of the moving element. Hydrostatic guideway for large loads are extremely effective for eccentric

Load a compensation effect. For example: a large sand box in the processing, the machine just went to the end of the trip, the load can be increased hydraulic rail, the rail accurately

To maintain the level of the load state. Some horizontal boring and milling machining using this technique, the spindle speed compensation deep decline.
The use of oil as a medium in the form of another guide rail is the dynamic pressure, dynamic pressure and static pressure guide rail is the difference: the pressure oil is not functioning, it uses

The viscosity of the oil to avoid the moving element and direct contact between the rails, the advantage of saving hydraulic pump.
The air moving elements can also be used between the media and the guide rail, it also has two forms, pneumatic and pneumatic dynamic pressure hydrostatic guide rail, the working principle of the hydraulic rail

    5, other forms of rails
Another commonly used on the machine guide Dovetail form, generally used for positioning the moving parts of the machine. For example: tailstock turning centers, rail system

The tailstock moves above or to the requested position to the supporting parts to be processed, and then quickly clamped. Many machine tool accessories, such as positioning table, rotary table or

Rotating shaft, also used as a positioning element Dovetail. hydraulic quick couplers Then clamped in the required position. If the machine reciprocating stroke is longer, then use a soft V-shaped guide, such as flat

Surface grinder and planer. Advantage is V-shaped guide rail system-oriented, able to withstand gravity cutting. Some use of V-shaped guide rail and plane combined form, V-rail

As a guide, a flat rail as a support body.

To ensure the rail system life. Maintenance is critical. Rail is one of the components of precision machine tools, it is impossible to protect 100% of dust, dust pollution. Because

Here, users should regularly check and maintain. Linear guides and linear roller guide posts require periodic lubrication, a lot of the ball linear guide systems and roller parts are installed grease

Connector is connected to the bracket. No matter what form of guide rail system, maintaining good lubrication of rolling elements, can reduce the rail system wear and prolong machine precision

Hold time.

Valve block simply means that the work
the valve block
Valve block simply means that the work of a hose adapters control box. Wherein the valve block manufacturing enterprises are representative Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tong Yang
The role of a valve block system
Electro-hydraulic servo control system, TRT devices, systems belonging to one of the eight subsystems. According to the instruction control room, to achieve opening of TRT, stop, speed control, power control, top pressure detection system, and process control system functions to achieve the above control will eventually be reflected in the speed control of the turbine , we must control the degree of opening leaf through calm and quiet vane opening control means is electro-hydraulic servo system. Control system accuracy, error, TRT system directly affects the control of the process stages. Thus, the system's status in the TRT, the role is very important.
2 valve block structure of the system
  Valve block
System consists of hydraulic control unit, servo cylinder, power petrol station three major components.
hydraulic block control unit includes a control valve control unit and control through calm leaves two units, each unit by the electro-hydraulic servo valve, electric solenoid valve, quick closing solenoid valves, manifold block and base composition.
Servo cylinder is double rod structure, low friction, good sealing performance. Powered by a petrol station fuel tank, variable oil pump, oil filter, cooler, pipeline valves, detectors tables and other components.
Three valve block system principles
After program design, determined by the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic servo control system together constitute its control box shown in Figure
Oil source
Hydraulic lock
Servo controller
Crank mechanism
Valve plate
Position sensor
The automatic control system sends a command signal, the servo controller with the cylinder compared to the actual position signal, as the error signal is amplified, into the servo valve, the servo valve according to a certain percentage of the electrical signal into a metric hydraulic hose fittings oil flow to promote cylinder movement, by the position sensor sends a feedback signal is continuously changing until it is equal to the command signal, the cylinder stop motion, which stops at the specified position, the leaf through calm stable at this opening degree.
Linear movement of the cylinder, through a crank into a rotational movement of the valve plate, the valve plate or stator change the operating angle.
Through the above analysis shows that, with the changing system signals, through calm leaf opening will also be changing, and through changes in the static vane opening, to control the number of revolutions, controlling gas flow control turbine output purposes.
proportional valve pilot control and the remote control
Electro-hydraulic proportional valve and other special construction vehicle device technology advances gear, steering, braking and other work equipment electrical control systems become a reality. Institutions generally require displacement output similar to Figure 1 can be used to manually scale multi-valve servo control drive is complete. Electrical operation with fast response, flexible wiring, control and integration can be achieved easily with the computer interface, etc., modern engineering machinery hydraulic manifolds  valve has been an increasing use of electronically controlled electro-hydraulic proportional pilot control valve (or electro-hydraulic switching valve) instead of manually direct hydraulic manifolds pilot control operation or multi-way valve. steel hose fittings proportional valve (or electro-hydraulic switching valve) Another significant advantage is that construction vehicles can greatly reduce the number of operating handle, which makes the cab simply furnished, can effectively reduce operational complexity, to improve the quality and efficiency of operations have important practical significance. Figure 2 is a TECNORD company JMF type control joystick (joystick), you can use a joystick on Figure 2 multi-chip electro-hydraulic proportional valve and shut-off valve for effective control. The rocker X-axis and Y-axis directions can achieve proportional control or switch control, the application is very convenient.
Digital wireless technology rapid development, the emergence of stable, reliable, suitable for engineering machinery wireless remote control system, remote control layout on mobile machinery receiver receives radio signals can be converted to electro-hydraulic proportional valve control signal and control electro-hydraulic proportional off valve switching signal, and a control signal corresponding to other devices, so that the original manual operation of each component can accept remote commands and the corresponding electrical signal action, this time engineering machinery has actually become a remote control type of construction machinery.
Wireless remote control transmitter and receiver system has been successfully applied to a variety of engineering machinery remote control transformation. From a security point of view, it launched the digital data for each instruction has a set of special system address code, address code that manufacturers used only once. Each receiver only to have the same response address code transmitted signal, the other radio signal is the same frequency signal receiving apparatus be affected. Plus other security measures adopted to make the system fully guaranteed reliability. Loaders, drilling machines, concrete pumps, truck and bridge maintenance vehicles and other mobile machinery remote control transformation success. Industrial remote control device with electro-hydraulic proportional valve with synergetic, electro-hydraulic proportional valve for construction machinery has provided a workable interface, remote control, remote control also allows electro-hydraulic proportional valve in order to play a greater role.
electro-hydraulic proportional valve construction machinery application examples
A certain type of truck crane hydraulic system schematic hydraulic hose and fittings diagram drawn only with electro-hydraulic proportional valve related parts. The machine uses a three TECNORD TDV-4/3 LM-LS/PC type proportional multi-way valve, load sensing circuit in the three shuttle valve will be three workloads maximum pressure regulator elected to a remote overflow valve remote control port, adjust the pressure relief valve overflow, the output pressure of the hydraulic pump needs to happen to meet system load, up to a certain energy projects. Pressure compensated flow valve oil so that each one is only related to the valve opening, which is subject to independent of the load, which bear the load of the valve plate does not matter, hydraulic couplings to any load can freely control the load speed projects.
A bulldozer dozer manual and electro-hydraulic proportional pilot control instance. When the two-way solenoid valve is not energized, the pilot pressure and manual vacuum type pilot valve connected, shuttle valve choose from a manual pilot valve pressure hydraulic valve control; hydraulic hose sleeve when two way solenoid valve is energized, the pilot control Proportional pressure leading to three pressure oil type pilot valve, shuttle valve on the hydraulic valve control.