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Welcome to our product page of hydraulic adapter fittings, in which you can find detailed information of hydraulic adapter fittings.We have rich experience in manufacturing hydraulic adapter fittings. Equipped with advanced testing machine, we use statistical technical research analysis to ensure the precise quality of the product.
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hydraulic universal testing machine

hydraulic universal testing machine
To tension, compression, bending and other tests of the hydraulic material testing machine. Hydraulic universal testing hydraulic cutting machine  is used for a variety of metal and nonmetal materials tensile, compression, bending

And shear tests, as well as some product specific test, trial operation and data processing complies with GB228-2002 "Metallic materials Tensile testing method at room temperature," and other standards

General purpose

Hydraulic universal testing cutting machine  is mainly used for metal, non-metallic, composite materials and the tensile, compression, bending, shear and other forms of mechanical properties, while according to

GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, and provides a variety of standard tests and data processing. Widely used in aerospace, machinery, wire and cable, rubber

Rubber plastic, building materials and other industries of material tests and analysis, research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, inspection and arbitration department of the ideal test equipment.

Note when the valve is installed

(1) The valve should generally be positioned before the installation of pipelines. (2) cryogenic valves before positioning should be in the cold

Under (in liquid nitrogen) for the opening and closing test. (3) the liquidhydraulic valve manifoldshould be configured into the stem and the horizontal to 10 ° tilt angle, avoidance

Free liquid along the stem outflows cold loss increased; more important is to avoid that the the liquid touches filler sealing surface, so chilled lose

Sealing effect and causing a leak. (4) The safety valve connection should elbow, to avoid a direct impact on the valve, the other

Guarantee the safety valve is not frosted, in order to avoid failure when working. (5) the date of installation of the valve should be on medium flow and read body

Arrow mark the same, so that the valve closure of team pressure is applied to the cone of the valve entry to the filler, no load. But without

Often open and close and need to strictly ensure no leakage in the closed state of the valve (heating valve), and can be consciously anti-loaded to borrow

Help medium pressure closed. (6) the large size of thehydraulic adapter fittings, pneumatic regulating valve should be vertical loading to avoid spool

Bai larger bias party increased mechanical wear between the spool and bushing, causing leaks. (7) In the Tighten

The valve compression screw Ding is ajar state to avoid crushing the sealing surface of the valve top. (8) All valves both bit

Should once again open and close flexible jams qualified.

hydraulic parts manufacturing project of Shandong Ming Tak Point City foundation stone laying ceremony held


  The first working day after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Sunshine City Machinery Co., Ltd. hydraulic fittings manufacturers manufacturing project foundation laying ceremony

Was held. As a key investment projects of any city economic development zone, Mingde Sunshine City to commence preparations by the municipal

District leadership attention and support. Municipal Committee, secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Li Jianhua, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Secretary-General Biguan Feng, District

The leadership of Wang Baohai, Zheng Yanqiu deposit Yan Jia, Wang into van der Yang Lixin attended the ceremony. Total investment of 220 million yuan

The Ming Tak Point City engineering machinery hydraulic hose manufacturers projects, covering an area of ??85 mu, building area of ??420,000 square meters. Expected completion of the project

Put into production, annual output of various types of construction machinery structure of hydraulic parts more than 500 species, the total reached 12,000 tons, the annual sales revenue

480 million yuan, profits and taxes 70 million yuan. Bound to any city of Jining, to win a new development and competitive advantages, enhance the development

Coordination and persistent rise to any city is to accelerate the transition to inject new impetus to the the Jining rapid development by leaps and bounds.

the voltage adapter problems and precautions

   A power adapter (hereinafter referred to as power) of the nominal voltage and current mean? First of all, most power supply nominal voltage refers to the open-circuit output voltage is outside do not take any load, no current output when the voltage, so it can be understood as this voltage is the upper limit of the power supply output voltage. Power used within the active regulated component of the case, even if the mains voltage to fluctuate, the output is also a constant value as the market of small transformer, such as the Walkman and the like with the power, if the power fluctuations the output of the power supply will fluctuate. True no-load voltage of the general terms of hydraulic hose adapters is not necessarily the nominal voltage exactly the same, because the characteristics of electronic components can not be exactly the same, so there is some error, the smaller the error, the more the consistency of requirements for electronic components high production costs, so the price is also expensive some. In addition, the nominal current value, regardless of any power supply has some internal resistance, so when the power supply output current when the internal pressure drop, resulting in two things, one is to generate heat, so the power will be hot, and the other One is lead to lower output voltage, which is equivalent to the internal consumption. Second, are the same nominal voltage of the power, output current, can be used in the same books? Supply voltage, output current, can be used in the same books. The basic principle is the power of large nominal current of the power supply can replace the small nominal current. Estimated that some people will think, feel the power of the nominal current will burn books, because the current big thing. Actually depends on the current much in the same voltage, load, think about the physics of the junior high school will know.
Switching power supply (2) When the books of high load operation, the current larger books go into standby when the current is smaller, the power of the nominal current enough current margin. Conversely, someone with power 56w instead of 72w with up no problem, because usually the design of hydraulic hose fittings to leave a margin, load power must be less than the power supply power, so this place is feasible in the general use of , but the remaining power headroom few, once your books picked up a lot of peripherals, such as two usb hard drive, and then cpu is running at full speed, and then have a base, above, to drive at full speed to read the disk, coupled with to charge the battery at the same time, it is estimated that dangerous, at any time to feel the power can boil eggs. So it is best not to use low current power supply instead of the high-current power. Exactly the same machine, someone else's power warmer, I am always very hot, why? Do not doubt your power, take a look at your books are doing, is not like the above said two USB hard drives, CPU running at full speed, crazy hard to read and write to CD-ROM drive at full speed to read the disk, at the same time charging the battery, loud put music, screen brightness, wireless LAN has been in the detection signal, to make good use of power management, according to the task of rationally adjust the books of the state is very important.