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hydraulic testing machine
This machine is manufactured using superior quality raw material and is used for destructive testing of high pressure oil tube or rubber tube. We offer customers precision designed and engineered hydraulic testing machines that are designed to meet customer's need for compact as well as high efficiency material life tester and we offer this product to at the most reasonable prices in order to meet the budgetary requirements of our clients. If you need it/them, please email us.
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CO2 laser cutting machine with fiber laser cutting machine comparison

CO2 laser cutting machine with fiber laser cutting machine comparison
From the modern laser cutting, welding machine applications and the technical requirements of the user point of view, laser cutting, welding is undoubtedly the future direction of development of high power, large format

, High efficiency, a molding, high intelligence.
HGLaser Fali Lai has been committed to high power laser and hydraulic valve manifold plasma technology applications. The primary focus here is CO2 and fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting machine processing

The difference:
First, as the mainstream of traditional laser cutting, welding equipment are used CO2 laser, can be stabilized within 20mm cutting carbon steel, 10mm stainless steel within, 8mm

The following aluminum alloys. Fiber laser cutting of thin plate 4mm or less obvious advantages, by the impact of solid-state laser wavelength when it is of poor quality in the cutting plate. Laser cutting

Cutting machine is not a panacea, CO2 laser wavelength of 10.6um, solid state lasers such as YAG or fiber laser has a wavelength of 1.06um, the former is more likely to be non-metallic

Absorption can be high quality for cutting wood, acrylic, PP, glass and other non-metallic materials, which are not easily absorbed non-metallic, non-metallic materials, it can not be cut

However, when confronted with two lasers copper, silver, aluminum high reflective materials when they do nothing.
Secondly, because of both the CO2 and fiber laser wavelength difference of one order of magnitude, the former can not be used in optical fiber transmission, optical fiber transmission which can be used, greatly increasing the

The degree of processing flexibility. Early in the fiber laser market before, in order to achieve three-dimensional processing, we use highly sophisticated optical technology through the joint action with the

States combined CO2 laser reflector system will lead to a three-dimensional surface surface to achieve a three-dimensional CO2 laser machining, precision machining of this technology because of the technical limitations of domestic primary

Rests in the hands of very few European and American countries,expensive, high maintenance requirements, the fiber laser market share gradually expanding at the same time has been gradually losing its market.

The fiber laser because it can be transmitted through the fiber, the degree of flexibility than ever before, especially for the automotive industry, because basically about 1mm thin surface

Processing, fiber laser with the same flexible robotic systems, low cost, neodym magnete less point of failure, easy maintenance, fast and doing my part to firmly occupied this city

Again, the fiber laser photoelectric conversion rate of up to 25%, while the CO2 laser photoelectric conversion rate of only about 10% in electricity consumption, cooling systems and other aspects of supporting light

Advantages of fiber lasers is fairly obvious, if the fiber laser manufacturers some more, and then right price point, and solve the plate cutting process, CO2 laser subjected

Threat will be large. However, the fiber laser as a new laser technology, penetration is far less CO2 laser, its stability and reliability, after-sales service

Convenience market's long-term remains to be seen.
It is worth mentioning that, according to international safety standards, hazard rating of 4 laser, CO2 laser is the least harmful one, while the fiber laser wave length due to the human body by the

So great damage to the eyes, are the most harmful one, for security reasons, fiber laser processing needs fully enclosed environment.
In addition, the fiber laser with a robotic flexible manufacturing systems in the automotive industry and supporting industries, high-status a long time, used to be monopolized by foreign integrators, nearly

Years as the financial crisis and the automotive industry production technology continues to improve, especially in the domestic high-end manufacturers such as laser technology HGLaser Fali Lai in support of national policy

On technology research, many foreign car brands and high-end national brand gleaned crabs, the share of foreign high price arrogant and secretive veil has been lifted, tearing, laborers

Laser Farleylaserlab car users in recent years to provide automotive BIW welding, magnetic welding holder laser weakening car dashboard, airbag laser welding, car bumpers, car

Doors, columns and other robots in flexible cutting, laser welding car bumpers, car exhaust pipe line welding system, car gearshift sleeve automatic laser cutting equipment, etc., in a

Households live 24 hours a stable and efficient production, allowing users praised the laborers Fali Lai also let foreign integrators shouted, "wolf"!
In summary, laser applications should be directed towards the application of high-power CO2 laser in a more stable, more large-format, faster machine. 2mm below the surface for processing

Fiber laser is an advantage.

CNC flame cutting machine cutting plate inclination

CNC flame cutting machine cutting plate inclination operating skills
More than 25mm thick metal cutting CNC flame cutting machines in operation, its cutting quality results compared to plasma cutting has obvious advantages, the main

Manifested in the vertical plane and slotted finish, the other using CNC flame cutting machine can provide for the needs of cutting angle, when the use of flame cutting torch high

Degree of control, the size of the air pressure, cutting speed and hydraulic flanges cutting thickness is an important factor to consider. Here CNC flame cutting machine torch inclination to be a simple set


According CNC flame cutting machine automatic cutting and semi-automatic cutting different ways to adjust the distance between each of the torch, determined the amount of drag, and consider cutting compensation; after cutting

Cutting process, the size of the torch angle and direction of the thickness of the steel plate mainly when cutting thick cut pieces of <10mm when needed torch inclination backward 10 ° -15 ° to make the cut

Cut to achieve the best; otherwise you will need to torch perpendicular to the plate surface. Also in terms of quantity kerf width is required to remain entirely based on cutting thickness from the line settings, where

We take the two kinds of thickness to a brief description of the relationship between the two, for the <10mm thick plate cutting kerf compensation generally set to 1mm down; 40mm or more in the timber

Material, cutting kerf compensation setting is generally about 3mm.

CNC flame cutting machines during automatic cutting, hanging steel to hose crimping machine cutting platform, should be adjusted unilaterally steel rails across the head and distance difference of 5mm range. In

Semi-automatic cutting, should be cut steel rails placed on the plane, and then cutting machine lightly on the rail. So there is the side facing the torch operator, according to the

Selection of cutting nozzle plate thickness, adjusting cutting straightness and cutting speed.

It should be noted that, before we are talking about are based CNC flame cutting machine processing as the basis for the use of plasma cutting and processing enterprises, achieving angle cut

Cutting process is the establishment of any course, the key lies in matching plasma reusable hose fitting cutting power source output can be achieved in the process of cutting angle, wear plate thickness changes, such as a

Taiwan LGK-100A plasma power, cutting 8mm thick material, the inclination angle of the cut is relatively limited; while for 10mm thickness of the material is completely impossible dumping

Angle cutting, which is also requested user's attention.

the hydraulic cylinder full range of products
Hydraulic cylinders are mainly the following products: construction machinery and machine tool equipment hydraulic cylinder (mostly single-pole double-acting hydraulic cylinder), the vehicle hydraulic cylinder (mostly single rod double acting hydraulic testing machine cylinder), metallurgical hydraulic cylinders (mostly double acting single rod type), marine hydraulic cylinder (double acting and single-acting piston hydraulic cylinder two kinds), multi-stage hydraulic cylinders and other products. Currently many manufacturers produce hydraulic cylinders, many foreign manufacturers have opened factories.
I plant the production of hydraulic cylinders series engineering hydraulic cylinder series (HSG type), metallurgical equipment with standard hydraulic cylinder series (YHG type, ZQ type, JB type, YG-type, UY-type), vehicle hydraulic cylinder series (DG type, G-type), heavy hydraulic cylinder (CD type, CG-type), light load rod hydraulic cylinder (SD type, CA-based, CB type, FC type, FD type, TA-type, TC type) with proximity switch rod hydraulic cylinders, telescopic hydraulic cylinder sleeve (TG type), sensors built-in hydraulic pipe fittings cylinder (former Wuhan truck crane plant hydraulic plant in heavy hydraulic cylinders based on the design, development of the hydraulic cylinder with a displacement sensor can be used in the The travel range anywhere precise output control signal line can be applied to a variety of program-controlled hydraulic cylinders).
I plant to professional service, competitive price, customer as God, manufacturing a variety of standard and non-standard stainless steel hydraulic fittings cylinders.
cutting machine features and considerations

1 sawblade. Low noise. Safety;

2 foot switch, automatic pressure and cutting operations;

3 Use the 12mm rubber block binder, not damaged;

4 can be single or multiple sections with saws;

5.800mm long feed channel plate can improve sawing accuracy;

6 automatic side injection, oil can be adjusted separately. Cut no edges, the blade is more durable;

7 This machine was computer machining, sawing accuracy.

Edit this paragraph

1) Move the table or spindle, according to the near or far with the workpiece correctly selected speed, moving too fast to prevent a collision.

2) When programming according to the actual situation to determine the proper processing and processing route, to eliminate the position due to inadequate processing or take the side of the workpiece caused by insufficient strength scrapped

Or early fall off.

3) wire hydraulic hose cutting machineprograms and must be confirmed before the amount of compensation is correct.

4) Check the wire tension is adequate. In cutting taper, the tension should be adjusted down to the usual half.

5) Check the electrode wire feeding speed is appropriate.

6) to be processed according to the actual situation of open selection process or adhesion process, under the premise of avoiding interference to shorten the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece. Adhesion plus

Hours of work, the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece generally take 0.05 ~ 0.1mm.

7) Check the jet stream selection is reasonable, high pressure jet roughing, finishing with a low pressure jet.

8) from the cutting process stability should observe judge found that adverse timely adjustments.

9) process, should regularly inspect and supervise the hose cutting machine conditions and found the problem immediately.