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This banjo fitting can be used with the metric banjo bolt with different sizes, we can produce with material carbon steel and stainless steel, and also they can meet different customers’ requirements. We will offer you high quality and a pretty competitive price.
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the whole industry transformation and upgrading services
hydraulic equipment manufacturing exhibition
Earlier this month, the second session of China (Fuxin) hydraulic hose manufacturers equipment manufacturing exhibition in Fuxin, Liaoning closed. The exhibition of 344 booths, attracting more than 500 national exhibitors related to international and domestic host equipment manufacturing, hydraulic and supporting enterprises and scientific research institutes and efficient new products, new technologies provide a platform to display the results.
Fuxin is the first trial to transform a resource-exhausted cities, was a coal of all, ten years ago and a single industry, because coal and Xing, but also because of the decline of coal. Transformation ten years, Fuxin City to nurture hydraulic equipment manufacturing as a new growth point, has become a pillar industry in Fuxin, China Fuxin Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Expo gradually establish a brand in the industry. It is reported that the national Fuxin Hydraulic industrial base listing the past three years, quick coupling fittings the cumulative contracted projects 397, 889 industrial base total enterprises, including 436 industrial enterprises above designated size industrial enterprises 119.
According to the Fuxin Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Deputy Minister Sun Yupeng introduced, compared with the previous session, the exhibition presents many highlights. Especially in the booth design, booth layout will research university institutes in the most prominent position. This Fuxin Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Expo highlights the meaning of technology to lead and guide enterprises in the next step of the investment process, the formation of the production from the parts to the system, stainless steel hydraulic fittings the whole of a complete industrial chain, hydraulic testing equipment and some financial and service also included in the exhibition, for the whole industry transformation and upgrading services.
the working principle of the hydraulic cylinder cylinder
the working principle of the hydraulic cylinder cylinder
Basic hydraulic cylinder 5 components: 1 - cylinder and hydraulic manifold block cylinder head 2 - piston and piston rod 3 - sealing device 4 - buffer device 5 - exhaust. Each
The working principle of hydraulic cylinders are almost similar, take a manual jack, the jack in fact, is the most simple cylinder it. By manually pressurized stalk (hydraulic hand pump) so that the hydraulic oil into the cylinder through a check valve, then the hydraulic oil into the cylinder because of the reason is no longer single valve backwards back, metric hydraulic hose fittings forcing the cylinder rod upward, and then continue to make the hydraulic oil in the work continuously into the cylinder, so keep on rising, hydraulic hose cutting machine when it opened to drop the hydraulic valve, hydraulic oil back to the tank, this is the most simple working principle, the other is based on the improvement in the cylinder with the cylinder basically the same principle.
promote all kinds of hydraulic mechanical work
hydraulic station works
Hydraulic station, also known as pump stations, is independent hydraulic fittings manufacturers of the hydraulic device, which by drive means (hosts) requires oil, and controls the direction of the oil flow, pressure and flow for the host and hydraulic devices detachable Under the various hydraulic machinery .
After purchase as long as the user on the host hydraulic actuator (cylinder and motor oil) connected with tubing, hydraulic machinery can achieve various provisions of the action, the work cycle.
Motor driven rotary pump, the pump oil from the tank after the Dayou, the mechanical energy is converted to pressure energy of the hydraulic oil, stainless steel fitting  oil through the manifold (or a valve combination) is the hydraulic valve to achieve the direction of pressure and flow regulation after the external hydraulic hose cutting machine transmission line to the hydraulic cylinder or motor oil machinery, thereby controlling the direction of the fluid transformation motivation, strength and speed of the size, and promote all kinds of hydraulic mechanical work.
and hydraulic technology to improve mechanical processes
and hydraulic technology to improve mechanical processes
Hydraulic valve block only for customers repair, replace, upgrade equipment to provide more choice, but as a business can have a huge economic and environmental benefits. "We want to continue to learn as a member of APEC, we improve the process of how to make seniors remanufactured products can be detected through a comprehensive, to ensure they meet or exceed the safety and reliability of the scales. Manifold in line with our continuous development of sustainable technologies concept, hydraulic hose clamps which again use of resources, reduce downtime and accompanying products extravagant. "Caterpillar remanufacturing and components responsible for the global business unit vice president Greg Folley representation. From the 21 APEC economies, industry and government experts on this further understand how the product of scrap remanufacturing reached via the old as new. We must continue to change for remanufacturing misinterpreted, that remanufactured parts are 'used' or 'old', "Greg Folley said additions fact, Caterpillar Remanufacturing products in terms of durability, life cycle and functional aspects can be comparable with the new products made in less than a year, the plant re-use the 2,000,000 pounds of iron scrap maturity, compared to re-produce the same parts saving 85% -90% of the energy When the high-value resources to extend the life cycle, customers in savings from natural capital for HMB customers, stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings using remanufactured products can improve equipment operating time, so there is more output and economic benefits. "continuous innovation is the cornerstone of Wan Li Hai industry to ensure that we will be better than conventional turbocharger maintenance, repair and testing methods to create more value. To further promote the advantages of hydraulic manifold block operations, Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) in Singapore recently in its latest remanufacturing facility received a delegation of the APEC economies, the delegation participated in the APEC market access in Singapore group meetings hydraulic valve manifold during the visit remanufacturing facility. Wan Li Hai industry in the manifold and turbocharger repair research and development has 35 years of history, is the industry's leading companies. APEC region remanufactured product demand is also growing rapidly. Caterpillar has been calling to update and re-manufacturing-related business rules, allowing customers to benefit from it. The company is currently based in the maintenance, repair and testing methods core competencies, as well as proprietary testing process to ensure that re-manufactured parts to match the original manufacturer's specifications.