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Welcome to our product page of stainless hydraulic fittings, in which you can find detailed information of stainless hydraulic fittings.We have rich experience in manufacturing stainless hydraulic fittings. Equipped with advanced testing machine, we use statistical technical research analysis to ensure the precise quality of the product.
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SAE Flang H.T. Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. PFS is our 6000PSI hydraulic flange part no .
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SAE Flange L.T Description: the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P87341 is supplied as our 3000PSI hydraulic flanges.
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SAE Flange L.T Description: the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P87391 is supplied as our 3000PSI hydraulic flanges.
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SAE Flang H.T. Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P87611 is our 6000PSI hydraulic flange part no .
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SAE Flang H.T. Description:the marerial is 45 carbon steel. P87691 is our 6000PSI hydraulic flange part no .
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Hydraulic trajectory control and time control Comparative

The the traditional NC controller calculates the displacement curve is a function of time, however, this calculation is not used for the characteristic curve of the hydraulic actuator. Time control object can be observed to have a strong velocity fluctuation, overshoot or slimy vibration. The economic program of hydraulic servo valve, but need to generate a displacement curve. For these tracks, compared with high drive speed, precise positioning and target curve accuracy is not so important. Displacement related motion control during exercise does not perform a displacement control; decided to generate a curve of the control variables remaining distance, not time. Reaches the target position is achieved through the braking mode, for example starting after a root function.

The hydraulic fittings manufacturers axis usually used in the conversion to a pressure regulator device, for example, presses, injection molding machine or molding machine from the speed control. The XFC combined hydraulic function library, with a response time and high time resolution of the input signal, it provides the ideal solution for these applications. Thus, the injection movement is guided by the displacement; subsequent pressure regulator in a closed loop manner to achieve a high resolution depending on the specific process.

Press and bending machine applications requiring multiple hydraulic machines shaft drive at the same time; pressure this will force the synchronization of movement and non-lateral force increased. In practical applications, the use of the hydraulic functions of the library can be achieved with less than 10 or the drive pressure of the large number of tonnes of driving up to 20 synchronized axis. According to the specific needs of the hydraulic functions of the library supports master / slave axis or virtual spindle way. To build a high closing force, linear hydraulic actuators must be combined with the nonlinear gear, such as connecting rod or crank mechanism; hydraulic function library can also be to provide the appropriate conversion function.

Mixed hydraulic and servo drive technology result in higher energy efficiency

In recent years, the electronic drive technology applications in the growing, but the hydraulic drive in many applications is still an integral part. General hydraulic control systems require high-performance, appropriate control program, in the past, people generally use proprietary control solutions, but now, Beckhoff offers a PC-based control solution, compared to more powerful function, programming and maintenance work easier. Through the use of the the EtherCAT bus and TwinCAT hydraulic fittings manufacturers functions library, able to meet the high performance requirements. TwinCAT hydraulic function library grounds hybrid drive mechanism of the hydraulic drive shaft and electric shaft provides optimum energy efficiency.

Hydrostatic drive has a large market share in the field of mechanical engineering still accounts. Perform the high power density and the linear motion of the bodies to achieve a simple and low cost, so that a compact system design has become possible. As a result of the hydraulic hose assembly accumulator and servo valve technology, it is possible to use a high dynamic, high precision drive, e.g., the application of the injection molding machine. At the same time, hydraulic drive shaft also has the disadvantage that can not be ignored: the low energy efficiency, environmental noise and pollution of hydraulic oil. Nevertheless, the hydraulic is not completely substituted, for many applications because it provides a larger force and torque.

What is the essential difference between tube card with pipe clamps

Pipe card:

Tube card is fixed tube (commonly known as the saddle card) for ground fixed (Note the location of the pipeline in the geothermal ground or ground drill can not be fixed) live line not take the plaster inside. Leveling the ground first tube to be fixed.

Tube clip:

1, pipe clamps range of applications

The Light series pipe clamp the ordinary mechanical pressure tubes used in 6 sizes series, tube outer diameter 6-57mm.

The double contact column hose clamp the mechanical pressure tubes used in 5 sizes series, tube outer diameter 6-42mm.

Heavy series pipe clamp applied to the eight kinds of size series of high mechanical pressure pipe, tubing OD 8-273mm.

2, tube clamp material properties

Density, bending strength, impact toughness, compressive strength, elastic modulus, tensile strength, heat resistance, color

3, pipe clamps installer

Assembly welding board before assembly to determine the direction of the clip, it is recommended to first in fixed at marked after welding on welding, embedded on the tube clip the lower half of the body, put the tube to be fixed. And put on the other half hose fittings body and cover with screws tightened. Should not be soldered directly mounted the good pipe clamp base plate.

Installed ground rail, rail welding based on, or attached with screws, followed by rail nut pushed orbit and turn 90 degrees to the lower half of the pipe clamp body embedded nut, put the tube to be fixed, and put folder on the half pipe on the body and cover with screws.

Stacked assembly, the rails can be welded to the foundation, or screws first installed the upper and lower half pipe clamp body, put the required fixed tube sprinkle on half pipe clamp body, fixed with screws, locking cover to prevent it from rotating. Folder and then install the second pipe, as above.

The elbow assembly, the assembly Bend, should be directly in front and rear portions of the elbow with Caster tube clamp. Suggest such a support point for a fixed position.

Therefore, the difference between pipe clamps and pipe card is no different, they use the same, only the name of the product is not the same, and some called him the hose clamps, and some called him a pipe card.