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Welcome to our product page of metric fittings, in which you can find detailed information of metric fittings.We have rich experience in manufacturing metric fittings. Equipped with advanced testing machine, we use statistical technical research analysis to ensure the precise quality of the product.
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CNC plasma cutting machine cutting process has cut fast

CNC plasma cutting machine analysis of various aspects of
CNC plasma cutting machine cutting process has cut fast, slotted small features, but many users tend to enterprises in the actual operation of a variety of problems occur

, Resulting in actual cutting speed is limited, slotted too large, reusable hydraulic fittings cut surface is not the whole phenomenon, excluding CNC plasma cutting machine itself mechanical failures and other factors, the user enterprises in the operation

Is not set correctly for CNC plasma cutting machine related parameters will also affect the actual cutting results, the following will be the Blue Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan actual shadow Experience

Rang CNC plasma cutting machine cutting effect of various factors, and users exchange about business:

A no-load voltage and the arc column voltage

Plasma cutting power, must have a sufficiently high no-load voltage, in order to easy the plasma arc ignition and stable combustion. No-load voltage is typically 120-600V, while

Arc column voltage is typically no-load voltage of the half. Arc column hydraulic ferrule voltage increase, can significantly increase the power of the plasma arc, which can improve the cutting speed and cutting of greater thickness

Sheet metal. Arc column voltage tends to increase by adjusting the gas flow and shrinkage does not reach the inner electrode, but the arc column voltage can not exceed 65% of the no-load voltage, otherwise it would be, etc.

Plasma arc instability.

(2) Cutting current

The same can be improved to increase cutting current plasma arc power, but it is limited by the maximum allowable current, otherwise it would be thicker plasma arc column, kerf width increases

, Electrode life decline.

3 gas flow

Increased gas flow both to improve the arc column voltage, but also enhance the arc column compression leaving the role of the plasma arc energy is more concentrated, jet stronger, thus improving

Cutting speed and quality. However, excessive gas flow, but will make the arc column shorter heat loss increases, so that the cutting diminished capacity until the cutting process can not be normal


4 pipette shrinkage

Within the so-called shrinkage refers to the tip end of the electrode distance, a suitable distance so that the arc within the torch tip to get good compression, access to energy concentration, high temperature

The effective plasma arc cutting. Distance is too large or too small, will make the electrode severe burning, cutting tip burn and cutting ability. Within shrinkage generally take 8-11mm.

5 cutting nozzle height

Cutting nozzle tip height is the end to be cut from the workpiece surface. The distance is generally 4 ~ 10mm. It is the same with the electrode within the shrinkage, the distance to the right in order to give full

Waving plasma arc cutting efficiency, otherwise it would cutting efficiency and cutting quality or the torch burn.

6. Cutting speed

All of the above factors directly affect the compression effect of the plasma arc, hydraulic valve manifold  that is, the temperature affect the plasma arc and the energy density, and high-temperature plasma arc, high energy resolution

Set the cutting speed, so the above factors were associated with the cutting speed. Ensure the cutting quality of the premise, should be possible to improve the cutting speed. This is not only mention

High productivity, and can reduce the amount of deformation of parts cut kerf area and heat affected zones. If the cutting speed is inappropriate, the opposite effect, but will also increase the sticky residue,

Cutting quality.

Plasma arc cutting machine cutting quality directly

plasma arc cutting machine unstable fault analysis
Plasma arc cutting machine cutting quality directly affects the stability of the plasma arc instability will lead to cuts uneven buildup and other defects, can lead to

The control system related to reduced life components, nozzles, frequent replacement of the electrode. For this phenomenon, analyze and propose solutions.

1 pressure is too low

Plasma cutting machine work, such as working pressure is far below the hydraulic valve manifold required specification pressure, which means that the ejection velocity plasma arc weakened, input air flow

Is less than the predetermined value, this time can not form a high energy, high speed plasma arc, resulting in poor cut quality, not cut through, cut buildup phenomenon. Insufficient air pressure of the original

Due to: lack of input air compressor, air regulator valve regulator cutting machine is too low, the solenoid valve within the oil, gas path is not smooth and so on.

The workaround is to use the former to observe compressor output pressure display, if not met, adjust the pressure or compressor overhaul. If the input air pressure has reached the required

, You should check the air filter regulator adjusted correctly, gauge display can meet the cutting requirements. Otherwise deal with air filter regulator routine maintenance, indeed

Paul input air dry, no oil. If you enter the air quality is poor, it will cause the solenoid valve to generate oil, valve open difficulties valve port can not be fully opened. Furthermore,

Torch nozzle pressure is too low, the need to replace the solenoid valve; pneumatic smaller cross-section can also cause pressure is too low, according to the specification requirements replace the trachea.

2 pressure is too high

If the input air pressure far exceeds 0.45MPa, in the form of plasma-arc, excessive concentration of air being blown arc column, so that the arc column energy dispersion, weakened

Intensity of the plasma arc cutting. Caused by excessive pressure causes: improper input air regulator, air filter regulator is too high or the air filter regulator failure


The workaround is to check whether the right to adjust the pressure air compressor, air compressor and air filter regulator whether the pressure imbalance. Boot, such as a rotary air filters Less

Pressure valve adjustment switch, gauge unchanged, indicating that the air filter regulator failure, need of replacement.

3 burning torch nozzle and electrode

Due to improper installation nozzles, such as threaded not tighten the hydraulic couplers device to adjust the gear properly, need water cooled torch at work, did not seek to pass into the flow of cooling water to the

And frequent arcing will cause premature failure of the nozzle.

The solution is cutting the workpiece in accordance with the technical requirements of the gear equipment properly adjusted, check the torch nozzle is installed securely imprison, need to pass cooling water nozzles should provide

Before the cooling water circulation up. Cutting, adjust the thickness of the workpiece between the torch and the workpiece distance.

4 AC input voltage is too low

The use of plasma cutting machine has a large field of electricity facilities, cutting internal main circuit component failures, etc., causes the input AC voltage is too low.

The workaround is to check plasma cutting machines connected to the grid have sufficient carrying capacity, power cord specifications meet the requirements. Plasma cutting machine installation site

Point, you should stay away from large-scale electrical equipment and often have electrical interference. Use, should be cleaned regularly cutting machine dust and dirt on the component, check the wires are

Whether the aging phenomena.

5 Ground poor contact with the workpiece

Grounding is an essential preparation before cutting work. Dedicated ground unused tool, the surface with an insulating material and the long-term use of the ground so serious aging,

Will cause poor contact with the workpiece ground.

The use of specialized tools to be ground, and check the ground insulation effect surface contact with the workpiece, to avoid aging ground.

6 does not automatically break arc sparker

Plasma cutting machine work, we must first plasma arc ignition by high-frequency oscillator excitation electrode and between the inner wall of the gas nozzle to produce high-frequency discharge, the gas

Local ionization of the formation of small arc, this small arc by action of compressed air, ejected from the nozzle to ignite a plasma arc, which is the main task sparker. Normal

, The spark generator working time is only 0.5 ~ 1s, the reason is reusable hydraulic fittings not automatically broken arc is generally offset control circuit board components, discharge electrode spark gap generator


Sparker should always check the discharge electrode, so that the surface remains flat discharge adjust sparker electrode gap (0.8 ~ 1.2mm), if need be,

Change control board.

7 Other

In addition to these reasons, the cutting speed is too slow, cutting torch and the workpiece verticality, as well as the operator of the plasma cutting machine familiarity, operational level, etc.

All affect the stability of the plasma arc, the user should pay attention to these areas.

water hammer test machine
plastic pipe circulating pressure impact test machine (water hammer test machine)
 Plastic pipe circulating pressure impact testing machine, metric hydraulic fittingsalso known as water hammer test machine for testing pipe, fittings or piping system in the case of alternating load fatigue and stress tolerance pulse peak stress. For a variety of hot and cold water piping system with rigid plastic pipes and flexible pipe systems, such as: PP-R, PP-H, PE, PEX and aluminum-plastic composite pipe and other pipes, pipe fittings.
This instrument uses a microcomputer control, LED digital display, a simple, clear display, automatic alarm and other functions, various research institutes, national quality inspection institutions, large pipe manufacturers the necessary testing equipment.
Standard GB/T18991, hydraulic pipe fittings GB/T18992, GB/T18997, ISO10508, ISO15875, ASTM F1281, ASTM F1282, ASTM F1335, etc.
A) pressure cycles per minute, 30 ± 5 times (low voltage 0.1 ± 0.05Mpa, pressure 1.5 ± 0.05Mpa)
2) Timing accuracy: 1s
3) counting error: ± 1 ‰
4) Pressure accuracy: 0.05Mpa
5) the number of cycles set arbitrarily set :0-10000
6) Temperature range: 23 ± 2 ℃
7) Power supply: 380VAC/220VAC mix 50HZ 3kW
the hydraulic valve block works

Hydraulic control valve

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(Referred hydraulic valve) is a stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings system control element for controlling the hydraulic system pressure of the fluid flow and flow direction, so as to meet the various requirements of different actions actuator.

Hydraulic control valves can be divided according to their role in directional control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valves three categories, corresponding by these valves are three basic circuit: direction control loop pressure control loop and speed loop. Press the control of different ways, can be divided into ordinary sae hydraulic fittings valve hydraulic control valve, servo control valves, proportional control valve. Different forms depending on the installation, hydraulic testing machine valves can be divided into tubular, plate and cartridge type, and so are several.


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 Two-way cartridge valve from the cartridge device, the control cover, pilot control valves, manifold blocks, four-part

1 Cartridge - also known as the felling assembly, which consists of spool and sleeve, springs and seals four kinds of parts. Main function is used to control the direction of the main oil line, pressure and flow.

2 Control cover - from the cover of the embedded micro-pilot control element (throttling plug) as well as other parts and other accessories. It is mainly used to secure and guarantee Cartridge seal; communication control oil and felling the link between the control chamber and implement control.

3 pilot control valve - mounted on the control cover (also can be installed directly on the manifold body), is the implementation of action for felling Cartridge smaller gauge control valve. Mainly pain ¢ 10 ¢ 6 and the standard diameter solenoid valve, proportional valve, adjustable dampers, buffers, etc.. Felling larger size may need to use a smaller two-way cartridge valves for secondary control. Dimensions comply with ISO and national standards solenoid valve can be interchanged with the installation of similar products at home and abroad.

4 manifold blocks - used to install Cartridge, covers and other control valve control, communication and control circuit of the main oil blocks